Saturday, June 28, 2014

let the good times roll

can't forget these gooders! mak was going through a phase where she either totally hated or was completely terrified of getting her nails painted, but mom wanted it done, and i was the mean aunt who tried to get the job done! poor little makie!

dust went to Philadelphia for an exam and brought goodies home for the boys!

when the "spring" weather isn't living up to its name, you have to come up with indoor fun, and shaving cream painting is one of our favs!

love it when mads can't quite make it through book time before bed :)

nana is everyone's favorite, but these 2 especially love to fight over her!

happy 5th miles daniel! these 2 make me smile :)

beckam taking the july 1st family fun run seriously! just getting his training in :)

lace was the best nun ever in her play, nunsense :)

this squishy face and this girl! so incredibly thankful for my little girlie - every mom needs a daughter, and i'm just so lucky she's mine!

loves his nuggets!

beckam did his first flip off the diving board and it was perfection! no fear, that kid!

pool time with uncle cars! it takes some work to convince cars to come to the pool but when he does, everyone has fun :)

we watched 8 seconds the other day, and this kid decided to get his cowboy on! haha love my beckam boo!

Friday, June 27, 2014

just singin in the rain

we don't get many good rain storms where we live, and whenever we do, the boys ask to run outside and play. thankfully, grandpa offered $1 to anyone who would stand on the front lawn and sing a song, and he even joined in the fun :)

then, nana did the puddle jumping with them after it was over :) i have the best parents!

best. day. ever.

flip flops floated away, and these boys had some splashing good fun, and the next day was pretty awesome too - worms were everywhere!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

baseball boys

baseball was a little less official in raymond than in az, but beckam was just as intense and loved playing another season with his friends :)

mads helped out here and there - or at least pretended to!

the final game ended in some water balloon baseball, and the boys were in heaven!

thanks coach michel of a great season - go grey!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

cousins are the best

coming home is always fun, but coming home to cousins is extra special! we were soooo excited to meet baby brigs and play with mak and see aunt kris - the anticipation was killing them!

yay for cousin reunions!!!!

baby brigs did not disappoint! such a cutie :)

let the summer fun with cousins begin!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

worm king

there are so many things to love about our little maddie boy, but one of our favorites is his love for bugs, especially worms!

i'm not sure when it happened or if just in his genetic make up, but he loves all things squishy and squirmy and grandma digging in the garden means worm heaven for this boy!

he was so excited to create his own little worm world in his bug container :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

cuteness overload

ready for another cuteness overload?!?! starting with these handsome sunday boys being goofy and then posing for mom :)

oh and this girl too - love me some flowery headband cuteness!

haha oh man this little "cheese" face has my heart these days!

we couldn't go the whole summer without some allen love! thank goodness for FaceTime :)

these 2 have no choice but to be besties!

licking the beaters and chasing down chalk and trying to sneak some "black poison" :) yummy!!!

stink i just love this girl!

we stopped by the elementary school track meet, and the boys found some friends to try their own at the 100m sprint! hayes for the win!

like father like son! studying and riding in the car is hard work!

the bees are a buzzing!

and there isn't a weekday morning that goes by without nana making her smoothie with her special smoothie helper!