Monday, August 25, 2008

some baby bump pics :)

i'm not so big on taking pregnant pics, but i want them so that i can see my growth and such too. i had my sis take some pics for me the other day, and some of them turned out ok. so, here are some prego pics of me and my little guy at 24 weeks along (5 1/2 months)...........

kait wanted to get in on the action and decided that she could push out a bigger prego tummy than me - looks like she was right! haha i guess us hill girls were made to grow babies in these tummies of ours :)

ok....the zoo.....

i'm going to admit something that is quite embarrassing to tell you the truth. until august 4th of this year, i had never ever been to any sort of zoo before. i know that's hard to imagine, and i blame it fully on my parents of course, but it's true! i went with my in-laws on the august long weekend, and i felt like a little kid again. i loved every single second of it, sore feet and all, and i'm soooo happy that i finally experienced the calgary zoo!
here are some of the pics:)

here we are just before the main doors - sooo excited!

the giraffes were probably my favorite, and we got to see the new little baby - so cute, and they're just a very fun and intriguing animal :) loved them!


here's the fam just eating some lunch and taking a break from walking - it felt so good!

here's the baby elephant, and he was so cute too. check out that hair on top eh?!

and here's the baby gorilla. the picture was taken through the glass, so it's a little blurry, but the mom was just dragging this little guy around all covered in hay from its sleep - so little and so fun!

not sure why we took this one, but it turned out cute! here's me and lacey - my sis in law posing with the elephant statue....

and finally, the bear picture. i seem to see bears quite often on our waterton trips, but we don't usually pose sitting on top of them, so good times at the zoo!

come on computer - work with me!

so, once again, i have no pictures with this post, and i'm really getting sick of it! my computer won't connect to the internet for some reason, so i can go and look at all of my cute pictures from the zoo and from fun summer times, but no one else can see them at this point :(

you know, sometimes computers frustrate me more than anything else ever could! i wish that there was an easier way at times, but when they're working, everything is so easy and ya....i just like when my computer works with me which it usually does, and so i'm now frustrated as it's been weeks since my little toshiba would agree to connecting to the internet! and that's my little rant for the day folks :) i will figure it out in the near future (or i'll just order that new computer we've been talking about for forever), so stay tuned and smile cuz i bet your computer is working!

Monday, August 11, 2008

no more road trips!

so....we went to edmonton this weekend with aaron and lacey and aj to visit the in-laws, and it was such a fun trip, but more road trips for the pregnant version of me! my back was so sore by the time we got there, and my butt was killing me, and my baby was saying stop the insanity!!! haha i never realized how much your body really changes when you're pregnant, and i never imagined that riding in a car could be so uncomfortable~

thankfully, we had some really good times with steele, cindy, and alaina up there to make up for the sore back :) we did some hanging out, and the boys went golfing while us girls did some shopping (and we did some damage at those lovely edmonton outlet stores!). the 4 of us red robin lovers went for lunch there while aj had a nap, and the bottomless fries didn't let us down! then, steele made us the most delicious ribs ever, and cindy made such a good dinner to go along with them - hmmm so yummy! then, we played some of our favorite games and headed home a few days after arriving. the trip home was a little more bearable, but why didn't anyone tell me to steer myself away from road trips now that there's a baby growing in me!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

garage sale time! mom decided to have her 1st garage sale and combined with the tollestrup family for a massive junk collection day in our driveway :) me and dust had to come out to check it out, and it was quite a fun day actually! we sold a few of our things, and my mom sold lots of hers. mostly, i was just entertained with who came to the garage sale and with what was bought. it's amazing how some people's junk is other people's treasures! it's also amazing how many people shop in the dark - we put the leftovers on the front of our lawn, and the junk was decreased by at least half when we woke up the next morning! thankfully, the town picked up whatever was left, and we had fun giving stuff away and visiting with random strangers. dust mostly loved sitting in the recliner enjoying the shade... love the garage sale life :) haha

packing, moving, cleaning.....blah

well, about 2 weeks ago, i started packing for our big move to raymond :) we decided to move in with my parents to save some moola and be closer to the fam before our 4 year adventure to portland starting in january~ we both felt happy with our decision, but wow - i do not like packing or cleaning or moving for that matter! with a hard working husband, i was left with the packing duties - all of them! i didn't mind, but i didn't realize how much work it was either. i had to pack to move to raymond but also mark every box with all of its contents because those boxes will stay packed until our move in january - whew! are some pics of how i felt during the packing and sadly enough....i had to set the camera on timer and take the pics myself cuz i was home alone with all of those boxes, and i had to capture the atmosphere i created.

and here are the cleaning ones.....kait helped me and she was my favorite person that day! i felt very overwhelmed with all of the cleaning to do, so kait and i turned the ipod on and sang and danced and laughed and had some fun along the way if possible :) we worked hard all day and got everything done but the carpets - woohoo! i got so hot - hence the fan picture. fans are my favorite things these days. this pregnancy has increased my body temperature for sure, and i was already hot blooded - bleh!

finally - after 2 longs weeks of packing, moving, and then cleaning, we bid our farewell to #2 harvard cres! dust and i had such good times in this house. it was our 1st place together, and we loved it despite the fridge that froze our food and the lack of heat in the winter and the fact that we had to park 1/2 way around the block! haha - we really did love it though, and even though we are excited to be closer to the families, it's sad to leave our 1st place and our own place. good-bye #2!!!