Tuesday, September 30, 2008

shout to working pregos and moms!

so....i have just returned from 2 days back at work in taber helping out the new counsellor with some check-ins with the students out there, and it was quite enjoyable! i loved visiting with the kids, and i loved seeing my coworkers and catching up with them, and i was just reminded how much i enjoy what i do :) there is a BUT though.....i am soooo happy that i chose not to go back to work this fall!

i'm not sleeping all that well these days, and my little guy seems to be sucking up a lot of my energy as well, and i am completely and totally pooped! working full days has just tuckered me right out, and that may make me a totally wuss, but i have come to really and truly appreciate all of you working pregos and moms out there. how do you do it?!?! my hat is off to you today! so, good on ya, and keep up the good work girlies!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

the dark hair plunge

for a few years now, i have been wanting to take the plunge and try something different with my hair color. my little sis went dark, and she looks so good and even better than she did blond i think. me and kris have played it safe and stayed with our blond roots pretty much our whole lives though. i feel like my hair keeps getting darker and darker the older i get, and i've been wanting to try something a little different for a while now. it always seems, though, that my hair dresser convinces me that blond is best, so i stick with different colors of blond to satisfy my desire for something new. for the most part, i would say that i've been super duper happy with my blond hair - i love it, and i never thought i'd actually stray from what i know best and what i like. well.....yesterday i did!

here is a closer up pic of the last hair color a month or so after the actual color. we were going for some more low lights to make a darker transition easier if i ever decided to take the plunge. as you can see, i'm still blond :)

and here.....is the new me! i'm not gonna lie and say this is exactly what i was going for when i said i was ready to take the plunge yesterday, but it's what i got! i wanted a little more blond i think, but i'm already getting used to it and enjoying the change that i've been wanting to try for a while now :) i have to do a double take every time i pass a mirror, and i keep asking my family and dust if they really like it to confirm that this was a good plunge taking experience, and i think they're getting used to it too! anyway, there ya go - i'm a brunette for heaven's sake! who'd have ever guessed - not me! a big thanks goes out to elise for being such a top notch hair dresser and for helping me take the plunge instead of talking me out of it. i had to at least try it :)

p.s. i hate taking pictures of myself, and what the heck am i supposed to do with my face when i'm just trying to show people my new hair! don't mind the cheesy poses! haha

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

happy birthday kris :)

well, here i a little post dedicated to my sis, kris! it was her 23rd birthday yesterday, and it was a gooder :) we had my dad's famous chimichaungas at her request, and the dessert she wanted and always wants is pumpkin pie. it was mmm mmm good, and if the presents didn't make her smile, the food most certainly did! we always get our favorite food on our bday around these parts, and i think that's a great tradition, especially when we all love chimichaungas! haha

kris, i love you tons and tons and hope you had a great magic birthday - 23 on the 23rd! my sis is such an amazing example to me, and i love our closeness and the way she always makes me smile when she walks into a room. in fact, i was just thankful for her in my journal because she makes it so much easier to be happy, and i love when she comes home to visit :) i love her choice of birthday dinner, and i love her style and her dedication to her and friends and family. she's pretty much amazing, and this blog goes out to her! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS!

Monday, September 22, 2008

the prego breakdown...

so....it's saturday morning (well, not now but it was), and i eat breakfast as usual and watch some tv with my husband before he takes off to study (that's normal too). i talk to my mom and sis like i do on a daily basis, and then i realize i'm still kinda tired and head downstairs to just lay in my bed for a few minutes before i get ready for the day. that is all pretty normal i think, but i tell ya that the hormones that pregnancy introduces into your body took me for a whirl next in a very abnormal lyndsey kinda way!

dust came into the room for something and asked if i was ok and what i was doing laying in bed. you'd think that i would just tell him that i was a little tired still, and that would be it, but no.....instead i start bawling like someone had just died or something! he kinda laughed at me, and i giggled a little too along with the tears because for the life of me, i could not explain why i was crying or what my problem was! dust was awesome and just laid there with me trying to figure out the issue comforting me along the way. i cried off and on for a good 20 minutes, but at the end of it, we weren't one bit closer to figuring out the problem.

haha - i just think it's so funny now looking back at it cuz i'm not a crier, and there was no freaking problem! oh...the life of a prego...always good times! i feel bad for my husband who was soo confused, but i'm glad we both got a laugh out of it :) you gotta make the best of those situations i guess!


so....my social life is hit and miss like many of you i'm sure, but the one consistent socialization that i always counted on was with my sis-in-law, lacey and my cutest nephew ever, aj. sometimes, the husbands would join us, but it was mostly just us, and we found fun wherever we went - the spray park, the mall, costco, the parents, the park, or wherever! the nice thing is that we talked every day and usually saw each other almost that much, especially over the summer and since we both moved home to our parents in stirling for her and raymond for me. we didn't have to hang out every day, but i loved knowing she was there in case i got stir crazy with this no work no reponsibility life i'm sporting these days, and i think she liked knowing i was here too in case she needed a break from aj or gus and zoe.

aren't they cute! well...the title of this is withdrawal for a reason, and that reason is that the only consistent part of my social life is gone! lace and aj and aaron are all moved to portland now for aaron to start chiropractic school in a couple of weeks, and i'm missing them soooo much! we talked to them on skype yesterday, and it was so good to see them and talk to them, but it's not the same as lace being just a 7 minute drive away. she is one of my bestest friends and is always there for me, and i just miss ya lace! we can't wait to join them in portland in january, and until then...i'm thankful for skype so that this part of my social life can at least continue online :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

full of love

so...i just can't seem to stop thinking about my "friend" lately, and i thought it was high time that he got a post dedicated just to him! my "friend" as we call each other is just that.

i married my dust on oct 21st almost 2 years ago, and our marriage rocks. we have ups and downs just like every other one, but he just amazes me with how he handles those ups and downs and how he handles me more importantly. he is one of the most patient people i have ever met, and he is always striving to be better in that area although i'm not sure how he could be any better. i am a typical girl in lots of ways and require that patience on almost a daily basis i'm sure, and he never runs out. here is an example....anyone who knows me knows i'm all about taking pictures, and i love the self portrait type. i'm not sure how many of these we have, but he never fails to cooperate with me when i'm ready for another one :) what a great guy...

my hubby is also such a crazy hard worker and so incredibly dedicated. he's in school right now finishing up his last semester at the u of l before we head down to portland for at least 3 more years of intense schooling for him. lately, he comes home after being at the school all, gives me a kiss and asks about my day, and then goes right back to studying for most of the night, and he still manages to be positive and in a good mood :) he amazes me, and he also makes me laugh when he falls asleep hard at work like he has on many occasions! how much cuter can you get! haha

family....when it comes to family, my friend is a family kinda guy, and how much easier does that make life on my when my family is my everything! he loves his family so much, and he is always there for them. he also loves my family and has become an important part of the hill clan:) of course, we are our own little family too, and he always puts me 1st in everything. he is the most perfect husband when it comes to checking with his wife and when it comes to including me in every decision he makes and in everything he does, and i sooo appreciate that! we are a team, and for the most part, i follow his lead as my trusty patriarch of our family, and i trust him with my life.

i think that when dust reads this, he will be most impressed that i noted that he's rather funny. i always said that i wanted to marry someone with some geek potential cuz it's way more fun to be geeky than to be cool. well, i got just what i asked for, and this guy makes me laugh on a daily basis! he loves cracking jokes, and i catch him talking to himself and singing made up songs, and he just has a love for life that makes it easy for him to smile and to not hold back, and i love it!!!

really, i could write a whole epistle on why i love my friend and how important he is to me, but the best way to sum it up is that he is just that....my friend. he is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and he is a true friend. he is always there for me. he loves me no matter what. he works hard for his family. he loves his family. he is patient and dedicated and strong in the gospel, and he has his priorities straight. i love him and am thankful every day that we ended up together after a few longs years of working out the kinks ;)
love you forever and ever friend and thanks for being the one who has brought me "much joy and happiness!"

Friday, September 12, 2008

skeet shooting

my computer has been such a pain for a while now, so i'm catching up on some good times out in raytown! we are living my family and actually quite enjoy it so far :) we went out with my mom and dad the other evening to shoot some clay pigeons. i was a little tired to begin with, and dust is fairly new in the whole hunting/gun/shooting world, but we had sooo much fun! we both crushed some of those pigeons (although i have to say that i hit more than he did....shhh!) and had fun watching my mom and dad enjoy themselves too. nash (our lab) was lovin life chasing down each and every pigeon that fell, and we just really loved being outside enjoying nature and some quality time with the parents! here are some pics.....


butterhorn making :)

my grandma is one of the best cooks around (as i'm sure everyone else's grandma is too), but she seriously amazes me with her perfection in the kitchen. she makes the yummiest things known to man - orange rolls, chocolates, macadamia nut cookies, and butterhorns just to name a few! us girls decided that it was high time that she share her skills and decided on a butterhorn making day :) here are some pics from the lady in action and her little understudy (me) following her every move so that i can make them as good as her one day! it was a blast, and hopefully i'll spread the goodness when i decide to take the plunge and try them out myself!

here's me kneading the dough, and she showed me exactly how to do it and is inspecting it as i go as you can see!

and here's my grams! she's so darned cute but hates the camera, so we get to see her doughy hand instead :)

rollin the dough....

oh and here's kris chillin with the cat and dog - she wasn't so much into the cooking process, but she loved the eating thing!

here are the butterhorns just before cookin up in the oven!

the butterhorn makers (and watchers) and the finished product all iced up and sprinkled with walnuts...yummmmm!

so proud :)