Sunday, October 26, 2008

pumpkin carving

dust prides himself in being a good pumpkin carver, and he quite enjoys getting different designs off the internet and trying out his halloween skill every year. so, when some junior high kids came to our door selling $5 pumpkins that were really big, he happily bought one for us! so, we had some friends over last night - alex and elise - and we carved pumpkins! i'm not the biggest fan of halloween and dressing up and such, but i do enjoy some good carvage, and we had lots of fun :)

here it the goopy guts of our little pumpkin - so fun!

and here is alex and elise drawing up their design to get ready for the carving part of the process :)

here are the finished products! we went with a cat design that was kinda hard and quite intricate for our every day steak knives but turned out fun, and the elise and alex decided on a spider web that worked out great - good times!

us with our pumpkins all carved up and ready for some trick or treaters :) it was lots of fun, and dust is already planning his design for next year!

cookie man

so, i found out very early in mine and dust's relationship that his very favorite dessert of all time and the way to his heart and the way to cheer him up and his favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner is....cookie man. now, if you're like me, you might ask "What the heck is cookie man?"

well, THIS is cookie man. it's the easiest thing in the world to make, and i don't know who dreamed up this simple but delicious idea, but i wanted to thank them today. i got dust a few presents for our anniversary last week, but nothing has been more used or enjoyed than his sweet cookie man :) you can make it in any shape that you want - usually a man - but i went with the i heart u for our special occasion, and it's justy mr.christie chocolate wafers with whipped cream in between each one. you put some cream under the rows of chocolatey creamy goodness and make sure they're good and mostly covered in white and then crunch up some extra wafers and sprinkle them on top! it's better if you leave it in the fridge to chill for a few hours cuz the wafers get soft, and that's it! i have come to love cookie man as dust and his family call this dessert, and i just thought i'd share this unique idea (or maybe it's super popular, and i was just out of the loop) with my fellow bloggers - yummy goodness!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

minor heart attack i'm not an overly girly kinda girl in general, but when it comes to insects and rodents and super amazingly scary things like that, i'm a total baby! haha
when we moved into my parents house and into carson's old room down in the basement, dust quickly found this out and came to love and appreciate my girliness in the scary thing department :) i found a few big and gross and disgusting spiders that he would have to come and kill for me while i stood a few safe feet away to make sure that they didn't hide from him cuz then i wouldn't be able to sleep. supposedly, we eat an average of 7 of those sick little things per year, and i was determined that not of my 7 would be ones that i had the chance to kill - well the chance for dust to kill! anyway.....

spiders are gross and not cool at all for this girly girl, but nothing prepared me for what i found in our bathroom the other night. i know we live in the basement, and i should have been prepared or at least open to the option of possible rodents making our home their home, but i wasn't. i went into the bathroom and was about to pull down my pants when i saw something brown and little in the corner. it's all a complete blur to me now, but i screamed, it ran at me cuz that was the only way out of the corner where he was, i jumped all over the place horrified that i might step on it and high tailed it outta there. i ran into the bedroom high kicking it the whole way screaming my head off and couldn't even talk to tell dust what i had found. i climbed up on the bed and screamed in a pillow til i could speak and then told the story. i seriously think i suffered a minor heart attack! it was so stinkin scary - and i know that's lame cuz as my mom, dad, and dust pointed out to me and as i already know, what was that little mouse gonna do to me?!? nothing! anyway, dust told me to get a cup so he could trap it, but then it was gone of course. we set up a trap, but it still sits there empty after 5 days have passed. needless to say, i had to use the upstairs bathroom for my middle of the night pee runs for a while, and now i just have to turn the light on, make some noise, look around, and then i'm good to go! haha mice are soooo disgusting, and this girly girl is not a fan at all!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 years!

so, me and dust got married on this day exactly 2 years ago - october 21, 2006 :) it's so hard to believe that we have been married for 2 years already! time has really flown by, but i think that we've made the best of every minute we've had together. i love our story so much, and i'm just so thankful every day that we ended up together and that everything worked out. it all started back in 2003.....

dust had just gotten off his mission - and i mean just - when we met at the lcc/u of l annual basketball game. steve hubbard introduced us, and i think we were both interested right off the bat! it took us a week or so to actually "hook up," and he took the advice of many mission presidents and got into a relationship quick like. we held hands, and he kissed me at the door and THEN asked for my number - haha. he was really cute, and we had lots of fun dating. sadly, i was so not ready for commitment, and my actions proved it as i was back and forth and all around in my feelings about our relationship. he took it cuz he liked me and didn't want to ruin anything, but we eventually broke up after 5 months of dating. we both bawled like babies, and it wasn't easy cuz i think we both felt like it could have been right if it weren't for the timing. as we look back now, we sooo weren't ready for marriage, and the growth we both experienced over the next few years individually prepared us for the super awesome marriage we have right now :)

i wanted dust back within a few weeks of breaking up, but he had moved on already and realized how not ready i truly was, so he didn't buy my "i'm sorry, i want you back" line. he continued to date around (and some close friends of mine to boot!) while i wished things were different and that i had another chance. we both did our own thing for the rest of 2004, but i continued to want another chance with "my dust" as i liked to call him. he was such an amazing boyfriend, and i knew that if i could just get ready and if we could work the timing in our favor, we could have something special. he teased me everything once in a while and would call or stop by in between girlfriends, but i didn't exactly earn any favors during our relationship, so that's all i got. it was hard for me but so good in the long run.

in 2005, i decided to be adventurous and do some growing of my own, so i went to south korea and taught english for the year. i would get updates on how dust was doing from friends and still had a secret hope that he'd be around when i got back. so, it wasn't exactly good news when i heard he was engaged to another one of my close friends - haha. no, i was happy for him but a little sad that i really did have to find another dust. i followed their wedding plans through my friend, but then the wedding was called off 2 weeks before it was supposed to happen - crazy! my heart stopped when he told me over msn in korea, and i instantly felt so bad for him and for her - not an easy situation. i didn't think at all about us but was happy that he called it off if it wasn't meant to be. he continued to date while i continued to mature 1/2 way across the world. i loved korea so much and pretty much abandoned the idea of dust and lynz while i was there. i came back happy and excited about whatever life held for me back at home in canada.

dust was dating someone when i got back, and i was having fun getting to know new people and socializing with my new found zest for life. i was up in edmonton visiting a friend when i got a strange text from dust asking what i was up to. i totally freaked out when he told me that he broke up with his girlfriend because he couldn't stop thinking about me!!! we reminisced over msn about our 1st relationship, and we set up a time to hang out the day i got back. we were totally in like right away, and i knew the timing was right this time. we tried to take our time to actually start dating with everyone telling us to take it slow, but within a month, we were dating for the 2nd time :) we spend every waking minute together, and although i had some proving to do about my commitment to him, we had lots of fun and both had a feeling early that this was it. he proposed on june 30 right before my birthday, and it was one of the best days of my life! i was so excited and just so amazed at our story and that we got a 2nd chance and that it actually worked out like i had hoped.

dating was awesome, but marriage has been even better, and we are both so happy :) we have had so much fun during the last 2 years moving here and there and figuring out his schooling and changing jobs and hangin with family and friends and just being together. i love "my dust" soooo much, and he truly is my bestest friend! we can't wait for the next phase of parenthood coming up, and i can safely say that the last 2 years have been the best years of my life. 2 years down and eternity to go - i can't wait!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

cutest nephew ever!

so...i pretty much have the cutest nephew ever, and i just had to post some pics of him cuz him and lacey were here visiting this past weekend. it was soooo fun to have them around again, and thankfully aj remembered us and felt comfortable being his usual goofy self :) lacey is such an awesome mom, and aj is such a super cute and adorable kid, and having them here again just made me all that much more excited to live close to them again in portland in january. of course, i'm sad to leave my family, but i'm lucky enough to move to where there is more family waiting for us!

playin on the love sac and lovin the staticy hair!

aj LOVES talking on the phone, and he takes it so seriously :)

this is aj's "show me your teeth" pose, and it comes whenever the camera is pointed in his direction!

he was loving uncle dust throwing him in the air, and he even managed to look in the camera's direction.

lace and aj - love you guys!

a wedding and a funeral and turkey dinner

well, my weekend seemed a little bit crazy busy with a wedding on saturday, thanksgiving on sunday/monday, and a funeral on tuesday, so i figured it was worth a blog :) after dust's grams passed away early saturday morning, we got to go to the temple for his cousin josh's wedding. he married shayla steed from raymond, and it was a really nice day for them and for the family. it's always good to have something to smile about after the death of a loved one, and i think we all enjoyed time with the family and the happy couple.

sunday was our thanksgiving feast, and wow - was that ever something to smile about too! my mom is one of the best cooks around and with her girls' help, we made up a delicious smorgasbord of food. we had some of the tollestrups over and lacey and aj joined us too, and it was good times! i don't think we did the token go around the table and say what you're thankful for, but i was thankful for a lot this thanksgiving, especially family. i love my family so much, and i love dust's family just the same, and it's amazing how much more family means to you in times of sadness and when you need their support most. they were all there for me and for dust, and it's just easy to see why the family is central to happiness and to the eternal scheme of things. i feel very blessed to have the family i have, and i love them elventy four as we like to say :)

tuesday was grandma gerry's funeral, and it was actually a really nice day if i'm allowed to say that. the weather cooperated thankfully, and family gathered together to cry, laugh, and smile with their many memories of ger-bear. the funeral service was awesome with my husband giving the eulogy and doing a fantastic job and with lacey giving a tribute from the grandkids (i don't think there was a dry eye in the place after her way of honoring their grandma) and with josh doing such an amazing job on his gospel message talk. it was a service full of grandkids, and i think that's just how gerry would have wanted it. we had a little luncheon after, and it was fun to visit with family again.'s been a busy couple of days for the tolman family, but we are doing just great! dust is super busy studying up for another midterm of course, and i'm enjoying my life back to the way it was before - pretty laid back and relaxing :) good times!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


so....dust's grandma gerry passed early saturday morning. there's just no easy way to say that, so there ya go. i haven't written anything about her struggles on here cuz it's hard and cuz i was holding out hope that she'd make it through everything i guess. it happened though, and we got the call at 1:26am early saturday morning. she has been in the hospital for the last few weeks, and it didn't look good for the last little while, but both her and her husband dick have always pulled through their health challenges no matter what they've been, so my fingers were crossed nice and tight. it's really quite a blessing that she passed on to the other side because she had a few strokes and was non-responsive and possibly in pain and just wasn't looking good, and now she can run and jump and dance and smile, and that's enough to bring a smile to our face in this time of sadness and loss.

when we got the call about her passing, i automatically thought of elder holland's talk in conference last weekend about angels. dust had to study and missed it, so he ran up and got the computer, and we watched it at 2am. i lost my grandpa when i was 13 but didn't fully understand what was going on and the grief that i felt, and other than that, both dust and i haven't lost anyone close to us. so, elder holland's talk meant a whole lot more to me early saturday morning with a mortal angel who we loved so much making the change to an immortal angel. i thought about my amazing grandpa hill up there and dust's grandma gerry and how lucky we are to have them on our side. we joked about them chillin with our little guy to come giving him the 4-1-1 on his parents to be (although it could very well be true!), and i just felt very grateful to have heard that talk and to be able to make the connection that angels really are real and that we have some on our side up there :)

dust (and the rest of his family) was super duper close to his grandparents, and losing her has been especially hard on him and them. it's hard to know what to say and what to do for me sometimes, but i love them and support them and am always there for them. i got to know gerry fairly well too, and there have been many a tears shed at her passing. she was so awesome and so much fun and always brought a smile to my face whether it was hearing her cute voice on the phone or seeing her sitting in her usual chair so excited to see us again. she was so patient and so loving and got so much joy out of family and friends and the little things in life. she discovered those ugg-looking slippers from la senza and had them in at least 3 different colors cuz she was always cold. she had thing for keeping things, and there were many a times where we found very old outdated food in her cupboards and joked about how she was gonna get sick. she always laughed about it, and we would routinely take things out to the garbage during our visits - haha. she was so excited to meet our little baby to come and was convinced in a dream that it was a girl and that we would name her jewel! we are told it's a boy though -too bad jewel isn't one of those both gender names!

lucky for us, we got to go to the temple on saturday for one of gerry's grandson's wedding, and how lucky are we to live so close to the temple and to be able to feel so close to heaven and the people up there. gerry was definitely looking on, and i think we can all agree that her angelic spirit was in that sealing room. we love you gerry, and we miss you, but we know that we will be able to run and jump and dance with you soon :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

kicks and hiccups

well, i'm now 31 weeks pregnant and can start counting down in single digits - yay! people ask how i'm feeling all of the time, and that has caused me to reflect on my pregnancy and how it's been so far (even though i know there is still a lot to come!) i've come to realize that there are both fun and not so fun things about being pregnant....for me at least......

i love that i'm going to be a mom, and i love reading and hearing about how our little guy is growing, but it's not so fun to wake up feeling fat every day of the week. it's so fun for me to feel our little guy kick around in that fat belly of mine but not so fun to wake up a few times every night to empty my shrinking bladder. we have recently come to understand that babies get the hiccups before they're born, and we loved feeling them, and we loved being reminded that there really is a real life baby growing in there who gets hiccups and who sleeps and moves around and all that fun stuff. not so fun - never feeling completely full and cravings for things that are full of sugar (which is just what this fat belly needs!) haha. i love the thought of meeting our little guy, but it's not so fun for me to hear all of the horror labor stories and to imagine what i have to go through to meet him. i love that i don't have to work and i get to enjoy this pregnancy, but it's kinda hard finding things to fill my day every day. it's fun to be able to have a nap during the day (even though i rarely do), but it's not so fun that i can't find a comfortable sleeping position anymore. any tips on that are welcome by the way!

anyway...i have just been thinking about how much i enjoy being pregnant and how excited i am to be a mom. i know that i mentioned a few things that aren't so fun about being pregnant, but the outcome of being pregnant is so worth it, and i just keep that in mind whenever i want to complain about one of the inconveniences along the way. i feel so blessed to be having a baby. it took us 7 months of trying, and we were so stinkin excited to see the little cross on that pee stick :) we can't wait to become parents, and i will welcome any inconveniences that come along with that privilege and responsibility! i know that some of you already parents out there will tell us to enjoy our time before the kids arrive, and trust me - we are trying our best to do just that, but we can't wait to bring on those babies either! i'm gonna be a mom!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

30 weeks and pop!!!

well, it's official.....i popped! last tuesday, i woke up wondering what the heck happened over night cuz i finally looked and felt pregnant! no doubt i've been gaining weight ever since i got prego, but i can finally wear anything in my closet cuz my fat belly is a pregnant belly now - woohoo! haha - anyway.....people have been wanting some updated pictures of this official baby bump, so here they are along with my brown hair that i'm still not quite used to. enjoy y'all!

i still feel just as awkward taking these pictures, but i guess it's good to document the growth right?! i feel larger than life when i look at them, but i am so excited to be a mom that it doesn't even matter :) our little guy is kicking all around, so maybe he wants out as much as i want him out! can't wait to meet him, and just over 2 months to go....hopefully!

oh and i'm almost 7 months here :) i'm like 30 1/2 weeks to be exact, and hopefully these last couple of months speed by - wish me luck!