Tuesday, November 25, 2008

prego pics

ok....so i really have never understood why people choose to get professional pictures taken of themselves when they're pregnant (aka fat). i mean, don't get me wrong, i have seen some super duper cute prego pics before, and i think other people can pull them off, but i never thought of myself as someone who would ever agree to get them taken or to put them on my blog. i mean really....who tries to get cute pictures taken 37 weeks along in the pregnancy and getting fat adventure???

well, we have a friend who takes really cute pictures, and dust insisted that i get some taken cuz he thought i would regret it if i didn't. so, i set up the appointment and tried to find something cute to wear and burned my forehead with the curling iron the morning of and got some prego pics taken. i can't say yet that i think i would have regretted if i didn't, but i'm the 1st to admit that some of them turned out quite fun and kinda cute! so, here is me at 37 weeks :)

and here are a few with me and my excited dad-to-be hubby. i made him come for a few too since he made me get them in the first place!

so....sorry about all the pics, but in the end, my advice to any pregnant women who have questioned taking fat pictures of themselves just like me is - just do it! you never know if they'll turn out cute, and it's kinda fun to have some pictures that aren't taken by my little sister around our messy house to remember my pregnancy by :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

where we're supposed to be...

we are soooo blessed! i've taken some time these past few days to reflect on our current situation and what the future holds for us and how our past has led us here, and wow - i am so overwhelmed by the blessings in our life!

when i married dust, he was thinking pharmacy or teaching career-wise, and i was as supportive as can be. when he changed his mind and started thinking chiropractic or physiotherapy, it seemed a better fit for both of us, and we were excited about the opportunites for dust school-wise and for us travel-wise as we wouldn't be staying in lethbridge for very long. not too long ago, dust decided that he was going to join the chiropractic profession, and we started looking at options for schools. because i'm such a home body and because we are both sooo close with our families, my 1st priority was to stay close to home. well, with only 1 school in all of canada - toronto - dust researched schools in the states. he really liked the idea of the school in texas to begin with, and i would follow my husband wherever he went, but i was not feelin it! i wanted to be closer and cooler, and that's when portland started looking pretty darned good to me :) it's the closest to home and has as good reputation, and that was good enough for me!

long story short...i was loving the portland idea. dust's sister lacey and her husband were applying to chiropractic schools too, and they were more feeling toronto although they applied to portland just in case. good news - aaron got into both schools. even better news - they chose portland! so....we applied to portland because it was the 1st deadline to come up and because it was our 1st choice, and not 2 weeks later and before any other deadline came up good news for us - dust got accepted!!!

so, here is where the blessings have been poured down on us. first of all, my husband's hard work in school paid off, and he was accepted to the 1st school he applied to. then, we are going to be living in a beautiful city that's only a 12 hour drive away from our families, and they just keep coming....we will be living close to lacey and aaron. we got pregnant after 7 months of trying just in time to have the baby before we move to the states with crappy health care. we're going to be parents! we have been able to live with my family and not only save some money for school but get to spend some quality time with them and dust's family these past few months. we were able to sort out our financial situation (which was not easy!) for school. we sold our car, and i know the list could keep going and going, but the last and bestest blessing of the day is that we now have somewhere to live in that beautiful city! until tuesday, we just had our fingers crossed, but lacey called and gave us the amazing news that someone in their complex gave their notice, and we will be the proud tenants of #49 sandstone manor - not even 1/2 block walk from lacey and aaron and super close to the school - woohoo :)

basically, i just love knowing that we're on the right track, and with all of the blessings that we have received in having things work out so well for portland and school and family and such, we must be heading in the right direction, and i'm very excited about it! so....long blog i know, but i'm just so blessed and had to mention it! here are some pics of our place in portland and just over a month til we actually live there :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

getting excited!

holy smokes! me and my husband will have a little baby in less than 4 weeks and hopefully 3! i cannot believe how time has flown by and that we seriously have under a month left until this little guy arrives. i'm getting a little nervous and super excited, and i'm just in awe that time has gone by so fast. my belly is definitely growing, and there is no doubt that i'm pregnant and ready to have this little guy. here is me around 36ish weeks :)

we're starting to accumulate quite an array of clothes for our little buddy too :) why are little shoes and clothes so much cuter than big adult stuff? i have no idea, but we just love buying stuff for this little guy! here are a few of our favorites and the ones at the top of our pile cuz i didn't feel like folding everything again...

anyway, life is still good thankfully. i've been super congested lately, and i'm not sleeping overly well at all, but i'm gonna be a mom, so it's all worth it! i love to see him making waves in my belly, and i love his little hiccups, and i'm going to love when he's moving aroudn in my arms instead of my tummy too! i can't wait to hold my little guy and to bring a little life into this world, and the time is getting closer and closer - yay!

my singer & rag quilts

ok...so i've been meaning to post about my new sewing machine and my 1st sewing projects for quite some time now but just haven't gotten around to it. well, it's a windy saturday, and i'm sitting at home alone, so i thought what better time than now! anyway, when i decided to take some time off before our little guy arrives, i thought it might be a good idea to buy a sewing machine so that i wouldn't get too bored. i hmm'd and haw'd about it for a while and then finally decided on which one i wanted and ordered it - the singer 4210. i have never sewed before and really had no idea what i was doing at all, but my mom and i figured out how to work the thing, and i've become a little bit obsessed ever since :)

debbie depew has been my teacher thus far, and she started me with rag quilts. (she's amazing by the way!) i wish i could say i've become a sewing extrordinaire, but these little blankets are super easy and actually kinda fun to make too. in fact, i've made 3 since the arrival of my singer, and i just love them! they take some time with all of the cutting and trying to line up the seams, but i just think they're so cute, and we found some cute material, and it's safe to say that our little guy will never go without being warm and cozy this winter!

i quite enjoy my sewing hobby, and i'm working on some different quilts now that i've conquered the rag type. hopefully, i can find some cute patterns and understand them well enough to make some new ones now :) wish me luck!

Friday, November 7, 2008


first of all - isn't my husband so cute!?! i didn't even know he knew how to blog, and all of a sudden there's a post that i didn't write and a super cute one at that! love you too friend!

ok....so it's past midnight, and i just got home from whit's baby shower for little finn who is absolutely adorable by the way, and i just wanted to say how much i love and appreciate a girls night out every once in a while. my husband is soooo amazing and is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, but a girl needs her girls too. it's kind of refreshing to share weird hormonal stories and to talk openly about things only girls care about and only girls experience and to eat girly food and to spend time talking about babies and kids and pregnancies and home life and to actually enjoy it :) i just really love "my girls" in my life and just really enjoyed tonight! so, thanks to jill for sending out the invites and to the makers of all the good food and to whit for having a baby and a shower.....and thanks to all of the girls in my life. i couldn't do it without you, and here's to many a GNO's to come!

here are the 1st few pics that i found of me and some of my girls.....good times!


I have an amazing wife!!! She has started up this blog and updates it regularly while I get to enjoy what she writes but have never really contributed with my mediocre writing skills. I figured it was time for me to do my part and enter this world of blogging...this will not be a common occurrence as it is Lynz' thing to do while she's pregnant and while we wait for our little fella to arrive :)

We are now down to 5 weeks and I know that more than anything Lynz is counting down. She has been great during this pregnancy and I am reminded everyday of what a wonderful sacrifice she is making . She has handled all the changes that come with being pregnant and all the ups and down there have been along the way. I couldn't ask for a better friend or future mommy!!!!
The reason I write this is mainly for her. I hope that when she opens her to blog to see who has commented or to check the blogs of others that this brings a smile to her face. Like everybody, there have been challenges that no matter how hard we try we just can't seem to overcome ourselves. In the past we have faced similar challenges and gotten through just fine but every once in a while, one comes up that is just a zinger. We put it out of our minds, we busy ourselves with other things and convince ourselves that once again we have beat it. We have tried to do it ourselves. What Lynz brought to my attention last night is that the Lord needs us to need him. How He goes about getting us to do that is always fun to figure out. In this case for me, He has made something difficult, although not impossible, that I usually am able to do easily. How grateful I am first of all for a wife who recognizes and helps me recognize that comfort is found in family and that help is found in our Heavenly Father. He continues to teach me so much and Lynz continues to be an angel in my life teaching me through her patience and faith.

I can't wait to begin a new family with her and the special son that will come into our lives. Do you ever just have those days or even moments when it just hits you how wonderful your life is?? I can honestly say that my life is wonderful!!! I am grateful for all the ups and also the challenges that push me to become what I often times don't think I can be and what my wife already is...I have a lot of catching up to do :)

Love you Friend!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

right side - strong side!

so...i only have 5 weeks to go with this little guy in my belly and wow has he ever been loving the right side of me! not only is he flipping and turning and kicking more, but he's doing it all on my right side. i'm not sure why or if this is normal, but it's kinda funny to look down and see a big bulge on my tummy and to know that he's in there just chillin.

me and kait call my belly my one pack cuz he's growing and growing, and i got some firm abs going on :) it's as close as i'll ever get to firm anything in my mid region, so i'm enjoying it and trying to sleep through his nighttime routine of sqirming around and letting me know he's there.

i sure do love the thought that there is only 5 weeks left of pregnancy, but i'm also a little nervous about the whole labor part of things. we decided to do prenatal classes with some friends, and although we were bored to tears at times, we learned a little along the way too. i think i left more scared for labor that i was before the classes, and i don't think that's how it's supposed to happen, but what can you do! i know i can do it, and i'll just find my happy place while dust uses the various massaging techniques we learned and laughed at (may as well take advantage of that while i can!), and soon enough we will get to meet our little buddy. we can't wait!!!

any labor tips are totally welcome but no horror labor stories please! haha