Friday, February 27, 2009

smiley crib time :)

so, we put some pictures up on the wall above beckam's crib cuz the room just looked bare without something up on that big wall. we are too poor to go and buy a bunch of frames, so they are just taped up there, and they not only look cute but also provide some serious entertainment for our little guy :) he loves looking at them and giggles and smiles up a storm, especially first thing in the morning when he wakes up. i guess he thinks he's pretty good looking (or funny looking) cuz they are just pictures of him and us, and we just can't help but smile too cuz he's so cute! here's our little buddy just before bath time last night just lovin life in his crib....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

told you so!

part of beckam's bedtime routine is a bath, and it's just worked out that dust gets him undressed and ready, and then i give him the bath and get him all jammied up and ready for bed. becks loves his bath time, and we love it too, but as with all boys, there is always a huge chance of our little guy peeing on us. we've been lucky so far, and i'm always careful to make sure he's aimed away from me at least. dust - on the other hand though - has more confidence and always seems to take the risk of holding him naked for a minute or two before he puts him in the bath. i've always told him that he's gonna get sprayed one of these times, but he's been lucky until last night :)

becks had his 1st bath in the big bathtub, so dust got him undressed in the living room and headed into the bathroom. he was just giving him some cuddles when he felt something warm on his hoodie, and i finally got to say i told you so! haha becks let loose on daddy! hopefully he'll learn his lesson and be a little more careful next time. welcome to world of baby boys i guess!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

mean mom

i hate shots! i hate getting them, and i definitely hate watching my son get them! it was 2 months shots day on saturday, and it wasn't really fun to say the least. they have these free clinics on the 3rd saturday of every month down here where you can take your kids to get shots, so lace and i headed over with the boys. the room was full of kids waiting their turn - all oblivious to the fact that they were gonna get poked in a matter of minutes. beckam got a little fussy when we got there - he probably sensed what was to come - but he settled down and was half asleep when we went into the back room. thankfully, we had a nice nurse who let him stay in the position he was in and just pulled down his sweats and then did her thing. it was totally killer to watch his sleeping content little face turn to a screaming horrified beat red one. i felt like he was screaming at me asking me why in the world i would ever do such a thing to him, and i was wondering the same thing!

becks got 1 shot in 1 leg and 2 in the other and then had to suck down some liquid stuff too. the shots were no fun, but he loved the liquid. i had to look away from the nurse, and i just tried to cuddle and comfort him the best i could. i wish that they could give babies just one needle cuz the hardest part was to try and settle him down in between each poke knowing that another shot of pain was only a poke away.

anyway.....becks was asleep within a few minutes after the shots, and he had a fussy uncomfortable 24 hours or so after, but i think he's back to his normal self today, and hopefully he'll forgive me and understand when i take him back for more pain in 2 months! i'm not a mean mom i promise!

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bumbo hunter man

here is our life today - trying out the bumbo chair and trying on the camo onesie grandpa hill got becks :) i can't believe my son (i still love saying that by the way!) is old enough and strong enough to sit in our bumbo chair! i don't know how much he loves it yet cuz it takes a lot of work to keep that little head of his up, but i can see many a kitchen baking parties with me and him and the bumbo chair to come!

and finally grandpa hill can stop asking us about why beckam hasn't tried on his camo clothes yet! this onesie is still a little big on him, but it's super cute, and now my dad can stop asking us why his grandson isn't a hunter yet! i can just see him now in his full on camo gear out hunting in the coulees with dad and grandpa - can't wait! thanks for onesie dad, and becks told me he wants to sleep in it tonight he loves it so much :)

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sunday best and balla boy

here are some new ones of beckam in case you haven't gotten enough lately! kristen got him a new shirt/sweater combo for church, so he tried it out for the 1st time while she was here visiting, and we had to fend off all of the little girls who wanted to hold his hand at church :) he was a total stud and looked so grown up!


then....we got him some little shorts and a cute t-shirt when we went shopping at the outlet mall too, so here is beckam balla style! he tried on his basketball shoes with his new outfit, but he still needs a few months before those will fit! he sure is getting big though, and we just can't get enough of him!


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Monday, February 16, 2009

thanks auntie kris!

i have the best siblings in the whole wide world! i miss kait like crazy, and i can't wait to see cars when he gets home from the mish in a year, and lucky for me - kris was here visiting this last week! she's off to south korea to do some english teaching in a couple of weeks, so she decided to come on down for a visit before she takes off for a year, and we had lots of fun :) i loved having my sister around again, and beckam loved seeing his aunt again, and we're just gonna miss her tons!

she had lots of fun cuddling with becks and helping me with the day-to-day fun of being a mom, and i just loved having her here. i'm so proud of her, and i hope i can be more like her. she's so easy to be around and makes me smile, the room just lights up when she walks in (as long as it's not 1st thing in the morning - haha). ya kris, and thanks soooo much for coming to visit! we miss you already!




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ps - these pictures were all taken on different days, but kris found a hoodie that she fell in love with and pretty much didn't take it off! us hill girls are serious hoodie lovers :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

v-day in p-city

i just love valentine's day! i don't think i loved it so much when i was single and all of my couple friends talked about their romantic boyfriends/husbands, but i love it now that i have my own :) i love that there is a day set aside specifically to celebrate L-O-V-E, and even though dust and i don't really do anything overly romantic or special, i just love that whatever we do that day is because we love each other.

we did some of our v-day celebrating last night and went to a new restaurant. applebee's is a pretty popular restaurant down here, but neither of us had ever eaten there before last night, and we were quite impressed! it was affordable, and we loved our food, and we were kid-free, so it was lots of fun. kristen is here visiting, so we got a babysitter for free too! (thanks kris!)

then, i woke up this morning to dust making breakfast for me, and then he pulled this out of the fridge. we had a limit on gifts this year, so this was his creative gift for me - not bad eh? he made cupid's hearts for me out of canteloupe, apples, and oranges! i have a pretty great husband, and i love him a whole lot! we have quite enjoyed our valentine's day portland style to say the least, and we are excited to watch the NBA dunk competition while we watch aj tonight so that lacey and aaron can have some v-day time together - nothing like a good dunk to set the mood! haha :) happy valentine's day everyone!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

burn baby burn!

one of my favorite dinners is homemade corn chowder and baking powder biscuits - weird i know, but i love it! so, i was quite excited yesterday when it was a rainy dreary day in portland and when i went to the grocery store with that dinner on my mind. i got everything i needed and then cooked the bacon and fried up the onion and cut up the potatoes. then, i added the corn and milk and smelled the goodness of all those yummy ingredients combined and was totally salivating! after everything is added together in the pot, you are supposed to bring it to a boil and then quickly remmove it from the burner. well, i swear that's what i did, but no....clearly the smell of burning goodness let me know that i didn't remove it quick enough :( ugh!!! i was soooo sad to taste it and find that it tasted just how it smelled and that all of my hard work and anticipation for one of my favorite dinners was for naught. it was literally heartbreaking to dump it down the sink BUT thankfully i still had my baking powder biscuits in the oven, and they were looking delicious when i checked them before starting the dishes.

so, i'm sure you can guess what happened next. i think i'm a pretty good multi-tasker, but when i get in cleaning mode, i am focused and just like to get it done so that i can relax. dust went to the store to buy a pizza to replace our soup, and i was cleaning the kitchen, and it wasn't until i heard lacey mention my burned soup that i remembered the biscuits in the oven. ugh again!!! i totally burned them too! i think i almost started crying as i pulled out our crispy cakes - so sad! i threw my towel on the ground, gave myself a minute to gather my composure, and then was able to find some humor in the whole burned night and laughed with kristen and lacey about my disgusting soup and hard brown biscuits.

to top off my night, we had the poytress family over for dinner, so they had to wait like an extra hour to eat and had to eat boughten pizza instead of scrumptious homemade soup! oh well.....such is life right?!?! it's something to laugh about, and now i'm just sad i didn't take any pictures to remember my burnful night :) i went out today and bought stuff to make corn chowder and biscuits again tonight, so wish me luck. hopefully, i can keep at least one part of the meal from burning!

new pics

so, lacey and i were so bored the other day and sad that our husbands had to be so busy with school, and we were talking about how we had nothing to do, but then we realized that we had been meanning to take some pictures of the boys for a while and just never got around to it. so, lace got a sheet tacked up to the wall, and i got beckam all fed and happy, and we did a little photo shoot of our boys (aj and beckam) and of our family cuz we really have no family pictures with becks yet. i know that you're probably getting sick of seeing so many pictures of beckam on here, but he's my life these days, so here are some more of my cute little guy and his bestest cousin and our fam :)

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ps - i figured out how to do the collage thing with the pictures, but does anyone know how i get the collages to be bigger than just the usual large size?

Friday, February 6, 2009

video try

well....i have no idea if this will work or not, but i thought it'd be fun for y'all back home to see our little becks in person :) we've taken some little random videos of a day in the life of beckam for you, and here is one of our favorites! he does this high cry thing when he's sad but not totally into sob mode, and it's sooo cute! i hope that finding a cry cute doesn't make me a bad mom, but you can see for yourself when you watch our little buddy in action. such a sad face :(

Thursday, February 5, 2009

super bowl boys

well, believe it or not, we still get the super bowl in portland, and it was no different down here! it was a party with lots of food and friends and fun :) we went over to dustin and kinsey smith's house with 2 other couples, and i have to say that we were all a little disappointed with the outcome - poor arizona, they were so close! it was a great game though and beck's 1st ever super bowl sunday. he slept through the 1st half but woke up for the end, and he was just lovin life! he ate and then sat with his dad and just took in the whole experience. he was cheering for the cards like the rest of us of course and just loved the big screen tv and chillin with his sports fanatic father - sooo cute!


here's aj and eden being friends on the stairs. they're so cute together :)


and we just couldn't get enough of becks and his cute little sweater so we had kins take a few of just him watching the game. i just could eat him up!


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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

for the grandparents

i quite enjoyed blogging before i moved down to portland, but i had to really work to find things to blog about, and i had to consciously make sure to take pictures so that my blog didn't bore people to death. now that we're down here though, and now that beckam is more than 12 hours away from most of his extended family, there are way more pictures and way more things to write about on here, and i love it :)

anyway, this post just goes out to the grandparents and friends back home who don't get to see our little becks every day as he changes and keeps getting cuter and cuter! here are some random recent pics for you guys. we sure love and miss you!!!

i swear the soother isn't that much bigger than his face! haha

becks always watches some tv in his vibrating chair after his morning feeding these days, and he just loves it! he looks at pictures on the walls when it gets boring but loves his chill time with mom in the morning :)

just snoozin - and please take note of the soother digging into the right side of his face - what a mean mom i am!

just a cute beckam pose for the camera

just chillin with dad - his 1st shoulder ride :)

cousin aj loves to help with beckam in any and every way he can! he loves to feed him and pat his back and put his soother back in his mouth when it falls out and he is such a good big cuz!

aj and becks cuddling before bed time. they are soo cute together!

not impressed

yes....THIS is what i'm not impressed about. do you see these cookies? do you see how unyummy they look? well, i am very sad to say that they were just as unyummy as they look. i usually pride myself in my cookie making. i love making them, and i've found my few recipes that always turn out great. one of them is just a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe of course, and i decided to surprise dust with a treat when he got home from school the other day with that very recipe.

so...i checked to make sure i had all of the ingredients, and i got out my trusty old bosch, and i started my tried, tested, and true chocolate chip cookie making. i knew something was wrong when i tasted the dough. it was more sticky than usual and didn't taste quite right, but i forged ahead anyway determined to have a treat ready for my husband after his long day at school. well, this is what came out of the oven :( these cookies were too done on the bottom but not cooked all the way through, and there was just something missing or not right or something! i ended up caling my mom and complaining after i threw away 1/2 the dough cuz i was so discouraged, and i blame this chocolate chip mess on the baking ingredients down here in the US of A. i'm not saying they are of a lesser quality or anything, but they are different, and i miss my successful canadian cookie making! weirdly enough, dust ate the whole mess of a bag of cookies. he's obviously not that picky when it comes to sweets i guess :) anyway, i just needed to vent, and i'll keep my fingers crossed when i dare to bake again. wish me luck!