Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i love the zoo! i went to the calgary zoo for my 1st time ever last summer, and since living in portland, i've visited the zoo here a couple of times too. is it just me or is seeing the kind of animals that i only grew up seeing on the lion king not the coolest thing ever!

here's me and dust with our little monkey! he got to hang out with the monkeys for lunch cuz it was the only inside place we could find to feed him :)



the weather wasn't all that great, but i loved being with my boys at the zoo

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and here is what our boy thought of the zoo... he loved taking everything in to begin with but didn't take long to fall fast asleep face first in our snugli and lucky for him, he avoided the rain that only portland can add to a full zoo experience!


and here....are my favorite zoo animals! they had a little baby elephant, and i don't know if i'm weird, but i think giraffes are so fun! they are so gangly and awkward but so cute and interesting. i can't help but think of melman off of madagascar, and they make me laugh every time :)
i just love the zoo!


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Friday, March 27, 2009

NBA baby!

so...i grew up in a family that was basketball oriented - to say the least. all 4 of us kids played in high school, and we played in the driveway with friends and cousins growing up, and we loved our NBA filled weekends. i remember pushing the record button on our vcr to make sure that we had some quality entertainment for our popcorn sundays, and it was some great family bonding time for all of us hills :) i only ever imagined what a real live game would be like, and lucky for me, i found out last night!


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this was our view way up in the 311 section at the rose garden last night, but it didn't matter how far away we were. dust was like a little kid at a candy shop! he loved every minute of it, and so did i although it was made even sweeter for me to see him in his glory. dust is a sports fanatic, and basketball (namely the NBA) is his favorite. he can tell you anything you want to know about any team or any player, but he's made the trailblazers more of a focus since we have lived here. he'd never been to a live game either, so we were lovin it :)


we are suns lovers in our house, so it was super fun to see our steve nash on his game. we were so excited just watching them warm up, and the game was awesome!!!


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these humans who we basketbally fans look at as superheroes sometimes are indeed real people, and shaq's shoes really are that big! it was so fun to watch these 2 teams, and we had lots of fun with our friends - dustin and kinsey and eden smith :)


we loved every minute of our 1st NBA experience, and we can't wait for the next game we get to go to! GO TRAILBLAZERS!!! the only not so fun part of the night was leaving our becks at home :( thankfully, our friend nicole offered to babysit, and he was fast asleep looking as cute as ever when we got home! here are a few pics of him lately - just to satisfy the grandparents :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

snugli walk

so, dust's 1st break has officially started, and we are loving life! his school is on the quarterly system, so he goes to school for 2 1/2 months and then gets a 2 week break, so he just finished quarter #1 finals - woohoo! we spent the morning relaxing and cleaning up a bit and then headed down to blue lake park to check it out this afternoon :)

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we were also really excited to try out our little snugli backpack thing that my mom got us for beckam :) he is into taking in the world around him, so we figured he would like a walk in the park, and we were right! we snugged him all up, and he loved it. it was a little bit cooler but a nice day for a walk, and it started raining right as we got back to the truck so good timing!



for some reason, i decided to forget where i was living and decided to take a short cut across the grass instead of taking the path. how did i not think about the rain we've been getting you ask?!? and how did i not put together that rain and grass growing out of dirt crossed with my famous flip flops make a squishy mucky mess?!? i have no idea as i look out the windows every day and take note of our well-known and popular friends - the rain drops, but i was a muddy mess as you can see :) oh well...good times!


our little guy loved blue lake park, but it didn't take him long with the bounce in our steps and the comfort of his new snugli to fall fast asleep - so cute! we can't wait for the rest of the break, and hopefully we'll find some new places to check out and some time to relax and hang out in our new home without studying or school to interrupt - yay!

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

3 months baby!

so...our boy is officially 3 months old - what?!?!? where does time go! i can't decide if time is going by slowly or quickly, but i know that i don't really remember life before beckam, and at the same time, it feels like it was only yesterday that i was holding my 6lbs1oz little man for the 1st time :)


we are in love with our little guy, and life is better because of him for sure! i don't know how we ever lived without him actually :) we went out for dinner last night and left becks with lacey, and we were only gone for like 1 1/2 hours, but i was missing him so much and couldn't wait to see him when we got home! i know that i'll eventually get to the point where i take my time getting home to my little rascal, but i'm loving the bond that we have right now and how much i love being his mom.


lace and i did another little mini photo shoot yesterday now that becks is 3 months and to keep up with caylee's 52 week challenge of getting pictures WITH your kids instead of just OF your kids. so, here are some of the little man....


beckam loves his vibrating chair and swing and loves to just take in everything around him. he's got a serious bobble head sometimes cuz he's looking at anything and everything, and he loves it!

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his new thing was sucking on his fists a couple of weeks ago, but he has now figured out how to get his pointer finger/thumb in there, and as soon as he gets a chance, it's fist in mouth for this kid!


our becks is a pretty smiley baby too and will smile at anyone smiling at him and at the pictures we have on the walls of none other than him - of course! he thinks he's pretty cute and gets a kick out of it, and we get a kick out of watching him :) we love his smiles, and he's really getting into making sounds and half laughs too. sooo cute!

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holy stink! i just love this kid :) a big shout out to our seasoned and extremely talented photographer - lacey! she should start her own business eh?!?! we have fun anyway, and thankfully some of them turn out amazing! here's one of her and aj. he wasn't so into picture taking, but he was loving tickle time with mom, and he didn't notice me or the camera!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

sa rung heyo korea!

so, my sister kristen has decided to try her luck with an adventure in south korea - crazy girl! haha well her adventure has been the reason for my reminiscing about my time in korea. i've dreamt about it, thought about it, and talked about it quite a lot lately, so i thought i'd do a little "i love you korea" post :)
there is A LOT that i loved about my adventure in korea, but i narrowed it down to a few specific things that i love and miss like crazy, and there are pictures to illustrate of course!

my kids
oh how i miss my kids! i taught quite a few classes at my slp school. i had ages from 3-12, and i loved every single one of them! some of my favorite memories are with my kindy classes, especially my 3 year olds. they loved their lyndsey teacher as they called me and if they only knew how much i miss walking into our classroom and having them tell me about the weather and how they were doing each day. june and ruby were my favorites (even though i never would have admitted that over there!), and we just loved reading books and learning our abc's together. i LOVED being a teacher, and i miss dancing with my kids and just seeing them every day. i know they may kind of look alike to you, but they each had their own little personality, let me tell you! haha

oh....the food!
there was some korean food that i miss like crazy and loved, but there is definitely some that i don't miss at all and really don't ever want to see or smell again in my lifetime! this first little collage is full of goodness - TGI Fridays, bulgogi, and dolsot beebeembop (my fav), but as you can see, there are some serious scunched up disgusting faces in the second one. there was fish all over the place - understandable as i was in korea - but i am not a fish lover or a smell of fish lover so ya...not so cool. there are also some maggot type things boiling and a pig face and ya....oh the food!

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the "crazy" things
crazy is a word that translates as like mentally challenged over there, so i didn't use it a whole lot, but there were some weird things over there too! here you can see my little guy june with his hands in the air - that's how they punished kids over there. he had to stand there for like 1/2 hour with his hands in the air, and the korean teacher would get a stick and hit at his feet if he lowered his arms. aww, so sad eh?! then, there is a guy selling bras in the street and what better way to sell them than to model them! and the pills...ya i got sick and had to take this many pills 4 times/day. i guess they make sure you don't pick up any other sickness along the way! and they only have $10 bills over there, so that little wad of moola is what i got paid every month. i felt like a millionaire!

the bathroom is an all in one i guess you could say. you close up your shelves and make sure your toothbrush is put away and move the hose from the sink to the shower head and shower right there by the toilet. i sat down on the toilet actually, and that was that. there was a drain in the middle of the bathroom, and it kinda sloped in - i forgot to switch that hose a few times and got drenched when i didn't mean to though! all the kids wore these little masks all the time - don't wanna get sick i guess! and there is a normal change room over there. you put on a big skirt over your bottom half, then take off yours and try on the new ones. saves on space which is something they do well over there!

the teachers
i taught with some of the greatest teachers at my school! esther teacher didn't speak english, but were best of friends, and everyone just got along so well. we had lots of fun in the staff room and helped each other out in the classroom, and they just made work so much fun :)

the holidays
oh my holidays! this was a family from America (as they call the USA over there), and they were my family away from family. i went over there to eat and to hang out. i babysat them and got advice from them and just couldn't get enough of them! they had 4 girls at the time and have since added another one, and those girls are amazing! we had so much fun together, and not only did i get a great bunch of holidays, but i got home cooked meals in and oven and carpet in a house and stairs to climb and grass to play on - all things i didn't find anywhere else, and i just loved every minute of my time with them! i miss you holidays, and hopefully we can see each other again soon :)

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my girls
amelia and chelsea were my everything while i was in korea. we did everything together and were pretty much hooked at the hip when we weren't working. we had so many great adventures together including mud fest, getting rained into a subway station, shopping, thailand, and just the every day adventure of being big and white in korea! haha there is something special about being away from your family and everything you know with 2 amazing girls, and it brought us soooo close! i couldn't have chosen any better people to ride the korea ride together with chickees, and i miss and love you guys forever and ever! sa rung heyo :)

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2005 in korea was one of the best times in my life. i grew so much and learned to be comfortable in my own skin. it prepared me for the rest of my life, and i am soooo happy and grateful that i decided to take a chance :) now kris is there, and i'm jealous and so happy for her! i hope you're enjoying it as much as me kris, and korea..............sa rung heyo!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

swimmer man!


Posted by Picasaso, we finally took beckam swimming! it was his 1st time ever, and we were guessing he would love it cuz he loves his bath time so much - we were right! we bought him a little swimming suit last week and bought a little swimmer at the pool - which was wayyyyy too big, but he looked pretty cute in it! the swimming suit looked pretty tiny, but as you can see, it looks like pants on our little guy :)


thankfully, the water at the pool we went to was warm, and becks just loved looking around at all the kids and toys and chillin in the water. he wasn't a splasher and mostly kept his little fists clenched up by his face, but he didn't fuss once! we even dunked him!

i remember going swimming with lacey and aj when he was really little, and lace dunked him right under the water. i was so nervous for him and didn't get why she would do that, but i guess it helps babies not be afraid of the water and enjoy it more. so....we decided to be brave and try it with beckam today! you just blow on their face really hard and dunk em right under! we thought beckam would cry for sure, but he was just taken by surprise and went back to taking everything when he could see again! haha it was so funny, and he did so good :)

becks is only 3 months and has never been swimming before, so after 20 mintues or so in the water, he was right tuckered out! i wrapped his shivering little body up in our towel and just held him on the side of the hot tub while we warmed up too. he's just so cute, and we had so much fun swimming with our boy!