Monday, April 27, 2009


lacey is officially 25 as of april 27th, so us girls got together to throw her a little surprise party! it was good times had by all, and thankfully lace was truly surprised by it :) she loves playing host and planning get togethers, so it was hard for her not to plan her own little party, but we had popcorn and chocolate and lots of sugar and girl talk and fun. that's gotta equal a good party right?!?! haha we had the party at nicole's, so here she is checking to see if lace was coming, and here's the birthday girl in her cute pj's!


there were 7 of us girls hanging out til all hours of the night, and here we are in our party hats posing for the camera on timer and making weird faces like only girls do :)


and here are some random pics from throughout the night. lace got some fun little presents and enjoyed her powdered donuts and popcorn, and the rest of us were just thankful for a reason to have a girls night! happy birthday lace - hope you had a good one :)

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my favorite nephew

aj is lacey and aaron's (lace is dust's sister) little guy, and he is our most favorite nephew! thankfully, we only have one, but he is pretty awesome :) lucky for me, i get to babysit him every once in a while, and we love our time together. this last time, aj was begging to make some cookies, and i don't say no to him very often, so we had some fun in the kitchen. he loved to mix the dough, and he put some cookies on the cookie sheet. then, he helped me put them in the oven and watched them cook, and of course his favorite part of the process was the eating! he loved them, and i loved having a little helper who actually helped!



me and the boys went for a little walk and collected some rocks along the way. we had to clean them when we got home of course (aj doesn't deal with dirt and messes very well - "blah" as he says). so, becks chilled in his bumbo while me and aj washed the rocks, and then it was bolt on the tv and toast on the arm of the couch :) i just love this little guy so much. he's such a good cousin to beckam and is a pretty awesome nephew!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

our little belle

i think it's so cool that my dad reads my blog and that he comments like a good dad should, but i never imagined that he would be suggesting an idea for a post! he is so stinkin happy about and proud of our new addition to the family that he felt she needed her own blog, so here i am blogging about our little belle :)


i haven't met our new little silver lab puppy, but here she is cute as can be! my dad is a dog lover extraordinaire, so belle melted his heart right away, but she has also captured the heart of my mom who loves taking nash and belle for walks and watching them play together. we can't wait to meet this little gal in the summer although sadly she won't be so little anymore! welcome to the family belle!

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oh and not to take away from belle but seriously...i know that moms always think their kids are cute, but isn't this truly just a superly duperly cute picture?! it's crazy how my little baby is growing up and getting cuter with each day, and i just can't get enough of this face and these blue eyes and squishy cheeks and ya...just love him!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

zoo blues

it was like 27 degrees on monday - pretty much summer weather if you ask me (yay!), so a bunch of us mom got our shorts on and broke out the sunscreen and headed to the zoo together. there were 7 moms and 11 kids, and we had lots of fun!

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my zoo experience wasn't so much fun to begin with though, and this is how i spent the 1st 1/2 hour or so. beckam was not into his stroller at all and was freakin out and so sad :( so, i carried him and pushed an empty stroller for a bit and then pulled out the bottle to help the smiles come out....


thankfully, it didn't take long cuz this face is no fun to deal with or look at - so sad but so cute too!


we got to the elephants just in time for bath time, and i had to post a picture of mom and baby cooling off together. they were blowing water on each other, and the baby was crawling all over his mom, and it was just too cute!


and here's a smile from my boy! here is one of my 52 mother/child pictures and yay for a smile and him actually looking at the camera :) we had tons of fun soaking up the sun and visiting as we followed the kids around and checked out the cute zoo animals. i love this weather, and i love the zoo, and i love the fun crew that we roll with down here!

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fun in the sun

it has been soooo gorgeous here lately! we are loving the sun and the park across the street, and we love that we have a nephew who likes to play at the park so that we have an excuse to head on over and play with him :)

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becks just mostly sits there, but he did go down his 1st slide with dad the other day. his expression didn't change one time, but we'll hold out for some smiles in the next few months hopefully! here are our cool dudes enjoying the sun :)


auntie kait's visit

one of the fun things about living far away from home (and yes...12 hours is far away!) is the excitement that comes with a visit from family :) kait decided to come on down the big city during her easter break, and we couldn't have been happier! we love having visitors, and it's especially fun for me when dust is busy with school cuz i get company at home with becks during our day to day life. kait was a little nervous to take the train and had to sit at the station in portland for over 1/2 hour before we got there to pick her up cuz her train was early - oops!


kait is the pro on sleep in our house, and she used her holidays to catch some zzz's on our comfy couch. i've never seen someone sleep like her - you seriously have to pick up her arm or yell in her face or take the pillow out from under her snoozin little head to wake her up, so that made for some good morning times for me! we had fun walking in the sunshine and just chillin around the house with beckam and aj and lacey...


we also found some time to have a sister's night out and did some shopping and then went to red robin for dinner. as you can see, they decided to put a whole head of lettuce on my burger, and hers was dripping with cheesy goodness :) we had lots of giggles and laughs and sang our hearts out as we cruised down the portland freeway. i loved having another sister come to visit, and i miss her already! can't wait to come home in a few months so that i can see all my family!

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oh and i almost forgot...kait makes me laugh in lots of ways, but one of her little quirks that brought a smile to my face this time around was her organization. she had to unpack her whole bag as soon as she got here and lay everything out so that she felt more organized. she used picture frames and beckam's dresser for hair stuff and lotion,etc , and the floor was the dresser for her clothes - all organized into piles. anyway, i had to post this for kris who appreciates kait's quirks as much as me! love you and your need for organization kait - remember my closet is color coordinated too! lol

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new fav

so, this is my new favorite picture of becks, and i was thinking about how i was going to fit it into my next blog cuz i just finished my easter one, but then i decided that the next blog is too far off. i just can't get enough of my teething awake most of the time lately but oh so fun and cute little guy, and this is him just after his favorite time of day....bath time :) so stinkin cute, and i just can't believe that me - little old lynz hill tolman gets to be his mom - i'm soooo lucky!!!

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hippity hop

well, here is a little easter update from the beautiful city of portland and from us tolmans :) sorry about all of the collages, but there were just too many cute pictures to do them all individually. you'll just have to click on them to make them bigger or scroll by them if they get annoying!

firstly, april 6th is our favorite nephew's birthday, and aj turned 2 this year! he had lots of fun opening presents, and he loved watching everyone singing happy birthday to him, and he couldn't help but blow out the candles before the song was over he was so excited :) i love this little kid so much, and he is sooo much fun, and it was really fun to be part of his little party.


we watched aj while lace and aaron and mona and darren braved the mall on a friday night, and we thought he would enjoy helping with beckam's bath. he's such a helpful cousin, and he just loves beckam - so much in fact that helping wasn't enough! he said "lynz...aj shirt off" so...the boys had their 1st bath together - so cute and so fun! i'm sure there will be many more to follow :) the only hard part is keeping their little guys out of the pics! lol


since moving to portland, we have heard a lot about this famous donut shop called voodoo donunts, so since kait was visiting and the train station is downtown where the donut shop is, we decided to stop by. it wasn't hard to notice it cuz there was a line of 15 or so people outside - i guess it really is famous! it was chilly, but we weren't about to leave after finding a good parking spot, so we waited. i fed beckam in the stroller, and we tried to peer in the windows to see what all the talk was about. eventually, we made it inside, and i still don't really know what all the talk was about! i mean, my apple fritter was ok, and there were some odd shaped donuts and some different kinds but ya...i guess you have to be a donut lover extrordinaire to truly appreciate that voodoo experience!


mona and darren made the long trek down to visit for the long easter weekend, and they stayed at a hotel near by, so we got to use the pool there and had fun swimming with the boys. the pool was freakin cold though, so we spent the majority of the time in the hot tub. beckam still loves the water, and as you can see, the hotel may need to think about a towel upgrade - they were teensy tiny, especially for lace who's growing a baby!

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here is becks with his loot from the edmonton easter bunny :) grandpa and grandma tolman along with aunt alaina sent some cute clothes and cards for our little guy, and we can't wait to see him all dressed up in his easter goods. thanks so much guys!

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we loved having mona and darren and their little dog gus here for the weekend! we miss our families tons, and it's always good to have them come and visit and be part of our little lives down here. we had fun going shopping and out to dinner and swimming with them, and they just loved spending time with their cute little grandsons. they love their grandpa and grandma peterson, and take note of the cute little frog towel that they got for becks - so cute!


lastly, here are the easter goods from grandpa and grandma hill for the little guy. it took us a while to get some pics, but here he is with his little guy and micro mini eggs - he loved them! as you can see, he's getting better at sitting up by himself, but there are 3 hands there to catch him if he does start to teeter :)

easter was really fun. we had a yummy dinner and lots of family time, and mom sent some easter treats from home with kait, so that made it complete for me :) thanks mom, and happy easter to all of you :) hope you had a good one!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

livin it up :)

first of all....thank you!!! thank you my fellow blogger friends and strangers and family for your comments and advice and support. i love the blogger world, and i love how easy and quick i felt better about life and motherhood and lack of sleep just from people taking the time to shed their wisdom in a few type written words. so, all of that jumble of words = THANK YOU muchly!

now, we have just been livin the easy life down here in portland. the weather has been great, and becks is back to his normal sleep after a few rough nights - yay! dust is back to school - in the 2nd quarter now and will start to get busy soon, but he quite enjoys that he's learning things that will actually come in handy in his career, so all is well with that :) becks is missing his dad after 2 weeks of having him around 24/7, and so do i cuz i got to sleep in every once in a while, but we can't wait til the next break when we get to come home and see everyone!

anyway, here is our little guy cuz i know that he's the one everyone wants to see. lacey got these shades for aj when he was just a little guy, and they were super cute and useful (but more cute) for beckam the other day when it was 25 degrees here and when the sun was shining in his eyes :) he fell asleep with them on actually, so i guess they really do keep the sun out - haha so cute! we are loving the portland springtime, that's for sure!


thank you grandpa and grandma peterson for our new movie - bolt! my little poser son worked hard to get some good pics to show how much he loves it :)


and here is some of what becks has been up to lately...not only is he loving his bumbo chair, but we've now attached the tray with some toys, and he has been concentrating super duper hard on the toys trying to figure out how to make his hands grasp them so that he can bring them to his drooly mouth to suck on cuz he must be getting sick of his fingers - oh the fun of being a baby! oh and our boy LOVES his basketball just like his dad. well...maybe he loves the TV with all of the colors and movement, but we like to say he's a straight up balla and that he likes watching his boys and his favorite sport :) he's also loving his chair still but pays way more attention to the toys now - so cute! lastly, he's just started to realize that he has feet and toes, and it's so fun to watch him throw his legs in the air and hold them there while he admires his new found friends. i'm not sure if he wants to eat them or play with them, but for now, he just likes looking at them and does countless leg lifts every day to do so! he's getting cuter and cuter, and we are loving each little stage that he goes through. i just love being his mom!!!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

baby manual anyone?!? usually i blog about what's going on in our lives down here in portland to keep everyone updated and to keep a family journal in a way, but today is a little different. i'm so tired that it is literally hurting right now, and i'm in need of a little mom-to-mom advice, so i figured why not use the blog to it's full potential and get some help from my fellow bloggers :)

i think i'm a pretty ok mom, and i really never want to complain about my kids or being a mom cuz i love being a mom more than anything else in the whole wide world, but that doesn't mean i know everything about it. i wish i did like i'm sure you do too, but i simply don't - not even close actually! so....i am pleading for a little help. my little beckam guy is amazing. i love him, and he loves me. he loves to smile and slobber and giggle and suck on his fingers and swing in his swing and look at pictures on the walls and read with his dad, but the one thing that he is not loving so much lately is SLEEP! and the problem with this is that i love my sleep, and i need my sleep, and he's not letting me get any silly little guy!

so, is my boy teething? is he regressing? is he hungry? what have you found that works or worked for your little ones? first of all, becks has been sleeping through the night (kinda) for the last month or so. he wakes up once or twice for his soother cuz he is what we like to call a sensitive sleeper and needs some help sometimes. now, this is ok with me. i don't mind getting up to give him his soother at all. these past few nights though have been a little different. last night, he was awake whining/fussing but not really crying from 3:20-4:30 when i finally got up and gave him 1/2 a bottle and put him back to bed. he then slept til 6:15 or so when again he laid in his crib and fussed for another hour til i got up, and we started our day. i don't mind getting up to feed him in the night, but i really don't think he's hungry. dust rocked him for a few, and he just laid there wide awake. he was happy when i got him up to feed him and even smiley, and he drank the whole 1/2 bottle, but i just don't know if that's the issue. i want to be a good mom, and i want to know how to help him, but babies don't come with manuals - darn it!

becks has been drooling lots lately and is sucking on his fingers constantly, and i wonder about teething although there are no visual signs that this is the issue. i have heard that babies who sleep good to begin with do regress sometimes and go back to waking up in the night. i'm not sure if the soother is becoming an issue and he's just waking up for that, but no....cuz he fussed with the soother in his mouth for that hour last night. does he just miss his mom? do i just wake up when he gets up in the night and feed him cuz i don't want to start that routine again if that's not what he needs?!?!?!

someone help me please! haha don't worry - i'm still loving being a mom more than anything, and i manage to be patient and happy and loving in the daytime, but i need some sleep here! oh and the other issue is that he doesn't sleep for longer than 30ish minutes in the daytime for naps without a soother or being held to help him back to sleep - sensitive sleeper thing. so, do i stop the soother all together. do i let him cry it out at nap time or in the night? i don't know, so hopefully someone out there in the blogger world does. i'm not at my wits end yet, but i figured that it wouldn't hurt to do a shout out to my amazing mom or soon to be mom friends to see if anyone can shed any light for this new mom :) boring blog i know, but any advice that doesn't make me feel guilty about what i have been doing (because this would probably cause me to cry in my tired state) would be most welcome! thanks chickees :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

beach fun

so our one little getaway for this little break in dust's busy school life was to lincoln city on the oregon coast with some friends. a friend's parents own a beach house that they rent out, so our 3 little families split the cost and decided to check it out! lucky for us, we got one day of good weather, and we got to experience the oregon coast at its best :) here is the crew minus chelsea who is 6 months pregnant and took the nap over the seal watching - good decision!

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i know you can't get the whole experience from these pictures, but it was BEAUTIFUL!!!


becks spent most of his 1st ocean/beach experience bundled up cuz it wasn't summer heat or anything, but i think he liked it! we put his feet in the sand and tried to keep the wind out of his face, and he definitely loved the sounds and sights, and we can't wait to take him back in the summer :)


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we had to do the token writing in the sand, and that gave me something to do while dust stripped down to his shorts and experienced the ocean up close and personal with the other guys - crazy kid! he said he couldn't feel his legs as he was trudging out of the waves, but he got home with no hypothermia and with some fun memories of the salty water and big waves!


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i feel so blessed to live in the world that we live in and to have the family that i have, and it was a super fun time at the beach! the ocean amazes me - it seems to go on forever and ever. i love the smells and the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks, and standing there with the waves lapping in at my feet made me feel so insignificant but so thankful that i was significant enough to be a daughter of my Heavenly Father who loves me and all of us enough to bless us with such beauty.



we just loved it, and we love living somewhere where the ocean and beach are so close, and we love each other, and life is just good! hope that life is good for you too wherever you are my blogger friends :)