Tuesday, June 30, 2009

good canadian fun

here are some random happenings as of late up in the great white north :) we are having tons of fun with family and friends and can't believe the break is more than half over!!

here's becks with some of the great grandparents, and he was lovin life! here's great grandpa smith making some fun noises to help a teething baby settle down. it's fun to think that he did the same thing to settle me down when i was beck's age!

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grandpa hill and great grandma hill singing becks the mouse song. he was totally into it too with those wide eyes taking in the new entertainment!


great grandpa fairbanks loves beckam! he prints off pictures from our blog and is always asking about if his hair has grown or if he has any new teeth, so he was quite enjoying playing with becks in person :)


becks is still loving his arrowroots, but with his 2 little teeth, we have to watch him a little more carefully to make sure he doesn't chomp off any big pieces and choke!

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here are dust and steele running their 10K race on saturday. dust has been working out for a while now and decided to see if he could survive a little bit of a longer jog around town. they both did super great and enjoyed running together. me and becks waited at the finish line for dad to finish, and we were so proud of dad and grandpa tolman. 10K guys - way to go!!!


pretty big event in our trip home - we gained a sister-in-law! levi and hayley tied the knot on saturday, and it was a really nice day :) sadly, becks decided it was going to be more of a fussy day, so i missed a lot of it, but i've been told that everything was really fun and nice and great! welcome to the fam hayley!


we also went on a little picnic with steele, cindy, and alaina on sunday afternoon. we braved the southern alberta wind and had lots of fun just hanging out together. it doesn't happen very often, so we loved just relaxing and chatting. alaina is such a great aunt to her 3 nephews, and beckam couldn't stop smiling at her singing and dancing and clapping :) she's getting to be so grown up and gets cuter and cuter every day! anyway, it was lots of fun, and beckam went on his 1st swing ride too! he kinda just sat there and looked around at everything with those wide eyes of his, but that's what he does best!


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we are sick of the wind up here, and we miss our portland friends and life, but we love home and love family and love that we still get another week or so up here! good canadian times :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

fun with the fam :)

so, our 13 hour road trip may not have been beckam's favorite thing, but he is loving his visit to canada so far! he is getting crazy amounts of attention and loves watching the dogs and playing with the grandpas and grandmas and aunt kait :) we forgot the camera when we went to stirling, but here are some pics of beckam chillin in raymond!


getting ready for a nap with grandma


eating some oreos with grandpa and wow was he ever mad when i took that oreo away!


playing the piano with kait

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and here are the hunting boys! we went skeet shooting, so we put becks in his camo gear. grandpa was loving his little hunting buddy, and even though becks slept in the car the whole time, he sure looked cute :)


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Sunday, June 21, 2009

back to the motherland!

we have been looking forward to our visit back home to canada for a long time, so friday couldn't come fast enough for us! dust wrote his last final and got the oil changed while i got us all ready to go, and we got off on our trek up to the motherland later in the morning. i was a little nervous about 12 hours+ in a car with becks, but we were both so excited about going home that we were naively hopeful that he would just eat, play, and sleep. haha, ya right! it was a really long trip, and i was ready to pull my hair out a few times, but we made it and in one piece surprisingly enough :)

here is becks chillin in our glider with a book while we tried to get everything packed up. he just loves his books and sitting up like a big boy now.


this is within the 1st hour or so of the trip. beckam was loving the piece of ribbon that we tied to the handle of his chair, and it kept him happy for a few minutes!


here is how you heat up baby food on the road - crank the heat for a few minutes, and you're in business!


thankfully, grandpa and grandma peterson loaned us a portable dvd player, and becks was loving brother bear while i was just loving that he wasn't crying!

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we came to a complete stop in traffic just outside of spokane, and it lasted for about 45 minutes. we weren't overly impressed, but it turned out to be a good thing cuz becks got to get out of his little prison of a carseat and loved driving with dad and looking out the windows and riding up front for a little bit. turned out there was a big accident, so that added a little time to our trip. whatcha gonna do though!


this is what happens when the crying/fussing just gets to be too much. you let your baby share in the road trip treats, and let me tell you - beckam is a licorice lover! sugar was our friend, that's for sure :)


here is me just making some din din for becks at one of the gas stations. we had to buy a $2 can opener cuz we forgot one, but we made it work, and our little fusser decided to turn on the angel in him and slept for the last 6 hours of the trip! all i know is that it wasn't our most favorite road trip, but it was worth it, and we are home safe and sound and loving our visit so far!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6 months pics

lace and i decided that it was picture time the other day, so here are some of the results :) 3 days old for miles, 6 months for beckam boo, and mature responsible 2 year old aj. we love our boys, and we love our little photo shoots!




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Sunday, June 14, 2009

our 3 boys!

so i became a mother of 2 for a couple of days this weekend as aaron and lacey took off for the hospital on friday morning to have baby #2. aj chilled with me and becks as we anxiously awaited the news, and it didn't take long! baby miles daniel poytress arrived at 12:19pm and weighed in at 7lbs 3oz. he's got lots of hair and is sooo cute! lacey and miles both recovered quickly and got home today, and i can't wait for a summer full of us and our 3 boys! lacey did so good and was so cute - good work chickee! here is the happy poytress family :)


here are the excited aunt and uncle pictures along with one of miles and the 3 boys. we must have the cutest little guys around and can't wait for them to grow up together and be bestest cousins!


3 snoozin boys - just like we like em!


oh and here is the result of trying to go from 3 naps to 2 for little becks - zzzz! this was mid feeding before bed, and i had to keep getting dust to cough to wake up him so that he would take a few more sips until he was mostly done. he was right out of it though! why are sleeping babies so cute? i'm not exactly sure, but i love myself a sleeping baby, that's for sure!

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