Monday, September 28, 2009

another visit home!

for the 3rd time in the past 2 months, we made another trip to our home away from home! me and becks spent over 7 weeks in canada this summer, so i can't say i was overly excited about another 12 hour drive and throwing becks off his schedule again, but our families make it all worth it, and we had lots of fun like we knew we would :) here's becks on day #1 loving the amazing taber corn - lots and lots of smiles for the grandpas and grandmas on this trip!


becks is a little nervous around my dad to begin with on our visits home, but he always warms up to grandpa hill and loves how my dad sings to him and plays with him and makes funny faces at him!


grandpa dick was sooo excited to see little becky (that's what he calls him despite constant reminders that nicknames for beckam can consist of becks, beckster, beck, etc but NEVER becky!). beckam loved grandpa dick's motorized chair and gave him lots of smiles and high 5's!


dust was in heaven golfing and hunting away with my dad, and i just love how the 2 of them get along so well! dust got his 1st duck and got some partridges too, and he was a proud hunting fool all decked out in camo with his hunting dog :)

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beckam loves grandpa peterson, and we finally got some good shots of the boys! he had his 1st sucker on grandpa's lap and even shared some of his sticky fingers, and they went on their 1st drive together too! becks loved it even though he was more interested in the water bottle than the whole driving thing!


a good shot of becks with grandma moj too! i think she loves his smiles best of all, and he didn't disappoint this time around - yay!

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the whole reason for our trip home was a cardiologist appointment for becks in calgary. we headed up thursday morning, and beckam was a trooper again. they didn't sedate him for the ultrasound this time, but he did pretty good considering it was 20 minutes of laying as still as possible!


he played with toys and they had a tv in the room with cartoons playing and they also had a monitor shining this water bubble thing on the wall. the nurse was so nice and patient, and we LOVED being at a children's hospital where they deal with kids all day and understand the little quirks that come along with that. the part that me and becks loved the most though was that dad was there with us this time!!! yay for appointments over school breaks!


he had a little heart trace too, and then it was in to see the pediatric cardiologist. our doctor was so nice and had good news too which made her even nicer! she said that beck's hole in his heart was 6.5mm but that there is tissue around the hole "shrouding" it making the actual functional hole where the blood is getting through small enough that it's not cause for any big concern - yay!!! more medication and no follow up appointments down in portland, and we just watch his weight and shortness of breath and appetite and head back to calgary in march to see how he's doing :) it was fantastic news and such a blessing and relief for us. thank you everyone for your prayers and concern - this was just the answer we were hoping for!

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my 2 spaced out boys after a long day at the hospital :) haha


my little trooper! we found some toys outside between appointments, and beckam was loving the sun and getting out of the stuffy hospital.


there was a little car for beckam to play with in the atrium too, and he loved that steering wheel and the mirror to gaze away in!

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grandpa decided to award beckam for his long day of hospital stuff with ice cream - and not just any ice cream - haagen dazs ice cream! he had a little taste which just wasn't enough of course...........


so he took the whole thing and had a blast! he gave himself freezer brain a few times i'm sure, and he had a hard time figuring out which end of the stick to hold, but he was super cute and deserved a little sugar love after his day :) thanks for sharing grandpa!

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a trip home is never complete without a ton of love from grandma hill (or nana as we're trying to convert to!). beckam loves loves loves his grandma hill, and she loves him too! she took over a few bath times when dust was out hunting, and she took him for walks and played with him and nash and didn't hold back in the funny face/random song/wonky dancing category! miss you nana!


we got a chance to stop by great grandpa and grandma smith's this visit, and beckam loved it. grandpa even helped him ride the cat!


hahaha - me and kait have this thing for doing ugly face contests in the car when we are headed somewhere and jammed in the back seat together, and this trip was no different! i seriously didn't know i could make such ugly faces, and she's pretty good herself! we even broadened our fun this time and made random animal faces! love my time with kait and love our ugly faces (which i totally won this time by the way!).


CLOSE CALL! seriously - the wind in southern ab is crazy!!! there were some super hard gusts on saturday night, but we never imagined that they could blow over the bball hoop in our driveway as well as blowing nash's (a huge golden lab) kennel across the yard! the hoop came within inches of the hood of our car, so not only were we blessed with good news about beckam, but we had a working dentless vehicle to drive home in! phew!

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anyway - our trip was lots of fun! when we left to drive up to canada, i didn't want to leave. i love our home here, and the drive was so not exciting to me. then, when we left home there to come back to home in portland, i didn't want to leave! i love my family, and i love our visits no matter how many hours we have to drive with a cranky baby! thanks for letting us stay and for all of the visits and fun everyone. we miss you and will see you at christmas :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

krissy poo



this is my sister kristen, and she is turning the big 24 today :) she's over in korea teaching english having the time of her life and sharing her amazing personality with that part of the world, and we miss her like crazy especially on special days like today. thankfully we have skype and facebook and blogs of course to keep in touch, and i figured she more than deserved a special bday post today!

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us hill kids are pretty tight, so when one of us goes missing for a year, it's a pretty big deal, and things around home just aren't the same. kristen is especially missed though i think. she just has this way of bringing the family together and making us all smile. she is sooo easy to be around and one of the truest friends i know. she has a way of making those around her want to be better people, and i have definitely been influenced by her example in amazing ways!

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she has a talent for working with kids and has so much energy and patience with them, and she loves loves being an auntie to our little becks! she is so kind and loving and has inspired me and the rest of our family to be more loving towards each other. she always says i love you and truly means it, and she truly cares about the little things in our lives which means so much. have i mentioned that she's drop dead gorgeous by the way? cuz she totally is!

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kris - i'm so sad that we can't be over there celebrating with some kimchi with you, but we are over here thinking of you and getting so super duper excited about march and having our krissy poo around these parts again! we love you and miss you and hope you have the bestest korean bday ever! beckam especially told me he misses you, and he's working on the walking thing just for you so that he can run and give you a big hug at the airport in a few months :) love you and happy happy birthday chickee poo!



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you (and when i say you i mean you and kait of course!) are the bestest sister a girl could ask for and the bestest aunt a little guy named beckam could ever ask for and the bestest friend anyone in the world could ask for! love you and smile lots on this - the 1st day of your 24th year here in this wonderful world! it's a better place because of you chickee poo :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

i love my boys!

i love that lacey started out their little family with a boy, and i love that we then followed with a boy, and i love that she had another boy and that we all ended up in portland together! it makes for such fun photo shoots, and i love that our outings are always us and our boys, and i just wouldn't have it any other way! hopefully, hayley and levi having a girl will help us with the xx chromosome make-up, but for now, i love my boys!!! aj makes me smile almost every single day with his waving bye to becks at the bottom of the stairs and always ending our visits with me saying "later alligator" and him responding "crocodile while!" he's so stinkin cute and loves being the oldest cousin and helping out whenever he can, and my favorite thing lately is the way he says "wow." he draws it to more of a woooowww and is so sincere - he truly is amazed! miles has the softest baby skins and is flashing smiles right and left these days :) he is so cuddly and loves to be held, and i just catch myself picturing him and becks being the best of friends in the same grade growing up. he's pretty darned cute too! beckam - well he's just awesome. he has the best smiles i've ever seen and loves his mom and dad so much! i love playing with him and teaching him new tricks - high 5's and waving bye are what we're working on right now - and i just love being his mom more than anything in the whole wide world! here are 3 of my favorite boys!

we took a few more pics last weekend, and we didn't have full cooperation from our beloved boys this time around, that's for sure! we still managed some cute ones though - all in matching shirts cute as can be :)

i even did beckam's hair for the day, but it didn't help him cooperate when we were trying to get the 3 of them laying on their tummies smiling like little angels while looking at the camera at the same time! he was NOT having it! haha we still love our photo shoots though!

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another one of my favorite boys is my friend. we still call each other friend ALL the time, and it is really weird, really really weird, if we ever slip and call each other dustin or lyndsey. he's such a great dad, and we he took some time off from studying last weekend so that we could enjoy the sun and hit up one of our favorite portland places - jamison square.

we had so much fun, and i loved sitting back and watching my boys enjoy the water and the sun. beckam was all smiles or all concern. his faces kill me!

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me and my boy excited about something!

love love love this kid!

our little fam :) it's so hard to get your baby to smile while you're holding him, trying to smile yourself, trying to make him look in the right direction, and when a stranger is taking the picture! this is the best we got!