Tuesday, December 29, 2009

christmas pj's

i really have no desire to blog right now, but i know i'll feel overwhelmed with all of the christmas catch up if i don't start now! first of all, here are a few favs from our pre-christmas family fun around here. i woke up one morning to my mom's and sister's creative distraction technique for becks - a bowl full of flour! haha he loved playing in it and eating it, and it was super cute to wake up to a happy flour covered little boy!


sleep has been interesting for beckam while we've been home, and he's had many a naps with me in the rocking chair. i love the snuggle time, and kait loved her little cat nap with becks the other morning too - such a good aunt!


we had a little late birthday celebration for becks with the grandparents before christmas, and here's cranky little birthday man with his sweet barney cake made with love by aunt kait and nana! he wasn't so into eating it or playing with it this time around, but it was still fun :) grandpa zoe and grandma moj made a delicious dinner, and becks got some pretty cute clothes, and it was a fun little party!


christmas eve is one of our favorite times around the hill house, but because us tolmans were at the peterson's for christmas eve this year, we did our christmas pj's and wings and treats and games night on the 23rd. dad played santa clause with the pj's which was a little scary, but he did an awesome job! he wouldn't be my dad if our pj's weren't full our camo including becks and the dog! haha

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lucky becks even got a trap door with his little outfit, and he was so stinkin cute ready for the hunt!

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santa did a mighty fine job on our pj's this year - big and comfy and stylish - what can i say! thanks so much daddio :)


the wings were good, the games were fun, and we all had a great sleep in our new pj's. the only things that were missing were kristen and carson and since they're where they need to be, i'd say christmas eve eve was a success for us! i LOVE this time of year, and life is good!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

just for you dad!

a week is a long time, and even though it's probably been nice for dust to have the house to himself so that he could study and not feel guilty about neglecting his wife and son this past week, he is missing us almost as bad as we are missing him! love you tons friend, and here are a few things that your son has been up to :) can't wait til saturday!

this is how we do barney when mom forgets the dvd at home - aunt kait and youtube to the rescue!

beckam being "soft" with her new favorite friend, nash - so cute!

maybe something you're not really missing out on is this crusty boogery face every morning! so gross but still so cute :)

nash is definitely excited for his new little "friend" to hit the road, and we've only been here a week! that wire door is just too much fun to play with and hopefully becks isn't making an enemy!

and finally - our 1st little uh oh mess with becks. i was a little distracted helping a friend and realized beckam was being a little quieter than usual - never a good sign. when i turned around, this is what i found!

i guess this is why we use liquid detergent at home! i had a pretty good laugh and got a few pics, and this is what we've been up to around these parts dad!

love you friend and can't wait to start our holidays together :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

happy 1st buddy boy!

1 year ago (on dec 11th), we welcomed little beckam richard marshall tolman into our family, and life hasn't been the same since! he is our pride and joy, and we LOVE being parents. we feel especially blessed to be HIS parents and can't wait for the many more birthdays we get to celebrate together! i wish i could insert a newborn picture here, but i'm at home without my computer, so you'll just have to enjoy recent ones of my little 1 year old :)

here he is walking all over the place! he decided 1 week before his 1st birthday would be a great time to start the whole walking thing, and he hasn't turned back since! he loves the freedom, and we're all dealing with the bumps and bruises!

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there were 2 other little kiddies in our ward celebrating their 1st birthdays around the same time, so we did a joint birthday party at the church for the 3 little rascals. here's brandy and i doing our last minute cupcake icing before the party got started!

here is the hubby enjoying an early cupcake treat to help him get through the party!

and here......are the 3 birthday kids :) beckam, holly, and lashae, and they were all soooo cute! beckam was a little nervous about his cake while holly enjoyed watching the other 2 more than eating her own, and little lashae.....

well clearly, she dove right in and was the queen cake smasher birthday girl!

one other perk of having my computer with me would have been that i could have collaged these next few cake face beckam shots, but lucky you, you get to see them all full sized intead! once he got a taste of that icing, there was no turning back! i think he ate at least 1/2 his cake, and he loved every minute of it :)

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i can't say enough about how much i love this kid! he makes me smile every day - all day, and i can't get enough of his chubby cheeks and amazing grin :) a few noteworthy traits of this little cutie pie:

-his only words are appo and uh-oh but they don't really mean anything - he just likes the sound of his voice
-he still likes the swads at bed time
-he's an awesome eater and loves strawberries and blueberries and chicken nuggets and PBJ's
-he may or may not be turning into a bit of a mama's boy, but we're working on it!
-he loves to dance but gets this embarrassed smile whenever he's about to get his groove on
-he loves his puppy and his basketball
-he can't get enough of barney or tad, and i'm actually ok with it!
-he's starting to throw little mini tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants.......not cool but noteworthy
-he is the smiliest cutest boy in the whole wide world, and he's ours!

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happy birthday bubs! i love you eleventy four and forever and ever :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

pre-christmas fun!

here's another hodge podge post for y'all - some of our pre-christmas fun around these parts :) you can't have a christmas without a little visit to santa right?!? aj is so cute about santa clause and christmas now that he gets it a little more, and miles just loved being out of the carseat, but beckam wasn't overly comfortable sitting with father christmas - maybe next year!


a big thank you to grandpa zoe and grandma moj for an awesome early birthday present! beckam love love loves it!!!


some pics from another one of our photo shoots of our cute boys....


beckam's now officially a big boy and not cuz he's turning 1 tomorrow....he got a big boy carseat! i thought he'd love it and be a lot better in the car, but he proved me wrong again and seems to miss his warm snuggly little baby carseat. oh well - on to bigger and better things becks!

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here are a few from our annual gingerbread decorating tradition :) we thought about letting becks in on the action but figured this was more of an us thing. we went with a train this year in honor of big ron, and it turned out pretty cute!


the portland zoo lights are a must see when it comes to pre-christmas fun, and we braved the 45 minute trip (because of an accident of course - portland drivers are horrible!) and then the 25 minute wait for a parking spot to make sure we got the full experience. beckam was tired and all bundled up, and we didn't stay too long, but it was lots of fun and worth the craziness!



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another tradition that we hope to keep up while we're down here is the portland festival of trees. we went with the poytress family and had fun looking at all the trees and taking in santa's workshop and the teddy bear hospital. becks got a jingle bell necklace at the workshop and it was a choose the necklace, shake the necklace, eat the necklace chain of events - always ends with eating with this kid!


i thought i'd try to get beckam's face painted but was a bit skeptical that he'd let it happen. he sat there so good though and got a little wreath while aj picked the snowman and miles cried through a candy cane stick. aren't our christmas boys cute!


the teddy bear hospital was tons of fun! the boys got to pick out a teddy bear and name it, and then the nurses mended up the bears' owies and casted or bandaged them up. then, the bears went in for surgery and got their masks and hats, and the boys just really loved the whole thing! here's aj with teddy and beckam with russell :)


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last but not least, a family shot! that's what christmas is all about right :) we have had tons of fun together over the holidays so far but can't wait to go home and celebrate with our families too. beckam has been so much fun to play with, and we can't wait for christmas morning!

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