Sunday, January 31, 2010

happy 20-10!

this last new year's eve was one of the best new year's eves i've had in a long time i think. dust and i left beckam at home with the grandparents and took off for a little date night :)

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we hit up firestone for a yummy dinner and then topped that off with licorice and popcorn at the movies with dust's parents. we LOVED sherlock holmes, and let's be really doesn't get much better than theatre popcorn and a good flick with your husband!


we came home to my parents waiting for their new year's eve party to begin, and we got things going with a little ROOK! love that game, and just kicking my parents' butts would have been good enough, but we decided to truly ring in the new year with a little cork popping bubbly on the front porch. as you can see, that quickly turned into my dad offering to pay dust $20 to jump into our big snow drift shirtless! haha and we poor students don't turn down free money!



we hit the hay after dust warmed up, and it was just a really nice low key fun evening with good food and good company - exactly what i look for in a new year's eve party!

here's a picture that i took as we were venturing out to stirling for new year's day dinner. the roads weren't so great as you can see (if you can even see the road cuz we sure couldn't!). love good old windy as ever southern alberta!

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i have to include a recent picture of the little guy for the grandparents of course , so here is his new favorite thing. as you might notice, he not only loves playing in his blow up ball house, but he loves standing up in it in order to tip it over. it's so cute to watch him try to find a way out once it's tipped, and he loves making a mess with all of those balls! he's just pretty cute in general these days :)

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happy 2010 everyone!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

january bubbles

don't get me wrong, i miss home a whole lot, but it doesn't get much better than blowing bubbles with our boys on the green grass of portland in january!


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we are so lucky to have a nice green stretch of grass outside our little porch, and we got so lucky to have an awesome spring-like day a few days ago. we took full advantage of it and pulled out aj's giant bubble bottle and had some fun. besides the uneven mucky ground, beckam was in heaven! he loved the grass and the mud and the bubbles and was so cute :)



it was lots of fun and made me even more excited for spring/summer to come for more good times outside with our boys!


happy 18th to my bestest littlest sister! i know it's a week or two late, but better late than never right k?!? i love this gal soooo much and wish i coulda been there to celebrate with her this year, but a special bday post will have to do :)


isn't she gorgeous! seriously, this gal is a hottie. she has the best sense of style, and she's so patient with me when i raid her closet every time i come home. she has a knack for hair and make-up but also knows how to rock it in sweats and a hoodie too - hill style!


she's an amazing friend to everyone and has a loyalty that beats all others. she's there for you no matter what, and that means so much as a sister. she's awesome at basketball and amazing with kids, and i just know with all my heart that she is going to make a great mother and succeed in whatever she chooses to do because she's so determined and motivated in everything she sets her mind to.

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i admire her for so many reasons but mostly, i love having fun with this chickee! we love playing the train game and reminiscing about old times. we are fellow popcorn, ice cream, and chick flick lovers, and that makes for a fun night any time, and i'm just very proud and blessed to call this girl my sister and my friend. i love you kait and hope you had a super great birthday! can't wait to come home and spend some more time with you :)

oh and here is becks cheering you on during your chs game the other night - go kait!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

happy comet boy!

ok is your long awaited new blog! there should be many more to come over the next few days as i play catch up, but for now.....a few of our happy happy comet boy! go red and white :)

and who doesn't love a good ride in the laundry basket with dad!

i think he liked his present from grandma moj and grandpa zoe! scout has quickly become one of his bestest friends!

yesterday was a rougher day for me and becks. he was crazy whiny for reasons i still have yet to figure out, and i was tired and not so into motherhood, and it just wasn't my favorite. we all have those days though, and i lived from smile to smile and giggle to giggle and am thankful for our happy, cute, and fun little man :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


have you ever met a cuter grandpa than this guy right here?!? seriously! this is grandpa dick fairbanks - dust's grandpa, and very sadly, he passed away this past week. i thought that our kids deserve a little tribute to the guy their dad calls his "best friend."


i think it was the week after dust and i started dating (the 1st time!) that i was honored enough to meet this important man. him and gerry were so welcoming to their grandson's new girlfriend, and i had a feeling we would make many stops by the fairbanks home over the next few months. dust didn't let me down, and i got to know grandpa dick a lot better over the past few years. he always amazed me with his constant smile and positive attitude despite the many trials he went through on a daily basis. he was a true family man and was happiest watching sports with his wife or visiting with the kids and grandkids at family gatherings. he had a delicous recipe for chocolate sauce, and he was all about the sweets - maybe he was the one who passed that on to my sweet tooth husband! he was also one of the most loving people i'd ever met, and we never left the fairbanks home without a hug and a kiss (even though i'll admit i turned my cheek for the wet ones that grandpa dick tried to lay on me! haha).

i knew before dust and i got married that dust's best friend would be a big part of our lives, and i welcomed it with smiles and giggles. grandpa dick always made me smile whether it was his smart comments or his funny stories from the past or the way he could down a bowl of tootsie rolls or saltwater taffy :) we always stopped by when we were in the neighborhood, and i knew that my hubby and this wonderful old man had a very special relationship. dust looked up to him soooo much and talked to him about everything, and i knew we could count on him for anything any time anywhere. he was fittingly the best man at our wedding, and there was no one better to play that part in our lives!


there was also no one quite as excited as grandpa dick for the birth of our baby, beckam! along with his dad, becks will carry the name of this wonderful man on forever. dustin richard fairbanks tolman and beckam richard marshall tolman - 2 very lucky and very proud boys of their meaningful names :)


as hard as it's been and will be to understand and accept that this amazing man is not in our lives here on earth anymore, he is with his sweetheart up in heaven smiling down on us healthy and happy as can be! it's sooo comforting to know where he is and that we will get to hang out with him and gerry again. my heart goes out to the rest of the family, and we are doing our best to remember the good times (and there are many!) and smile at the amazing man's life that we were blessed to be a part of here in portland. we will always miss and love you eleventy four DTTA! you are one of our greatest examples and our best friends forever and ever :)

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love you grandpa dick!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

christmas at last

kudos to all of you bloggers who have completely your christmas post now that it's nearly 1/2 way into january! i am just getting to it but feel proud that at least it's not valentine's day yet :)


christmas was amazing as usual for this little tolman family (of which we didn't take one single picture of over the holidays by the way!). we were back and forth between stirling and raymond and family things here, there, and everywhere, and we loved every minute of it! here's levi and little emery on her very 1st christmas morning at the peterson's :)


in case you didn't catch the last post, we were all about camo at the hill house this christmas season. here's mom, dad, and kait with some christmas treasures. can you make them out or is the camo doing its job?!?!

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one of my favorite christmas surprises was a bosch for my mom! she was sooo surprised and sooo excited, and she even made us a batch of cinnamon buns to prove how amazing these little machines are!

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my dad and dust have this present giving competition going on. my dad goes all out on decorating the wrapping of his presents along with getting some pretty special presents for this hubby of mine. this year was no different - new irons for the golfer extraordinaire, and he was pumped!


here's the tolman crew at our annual christmas get together. we had a delicious meal and played a few games and just had fun visiting and catching up :)


becks was more into eating and playing with the christmas paper this year, but he loved all of his new presents and was pretty cute too!


here is me and my boy 1st thing christmas morning - can you tell? hehe we both look a little tired, but the orange juice did its trick and woke us up in no time! sadly, this is as close as it gets for a family picture this year, but we'll work on it next year - with our 2 little kiddies :)


happy new year all!