Wednesday, February 24, 2010


this is my dad, and it's his birthday! he is the best dad around, and i'll give you a few reasons why....

he is mr. fix it. he can fix anything and everything, and his favorite weapon is shoe goop! here he is fixin up kait's backpack - no need in getting a new one of anything with our dad around!


he's also one of the most fabulous grandpa's around. he loves any time he gets with our little becks and can't wait to hold another little grandbaby when everyone else's hands aren't in the mix. i can't wait for my kids to go hunting with their grandpa and to get their 1st feather pen and to go on drives and drive the train and all of those fun things with their favorite grandpa hill! they're pretty darned lucky to have him :)


he's rough and tough and doesn't mind getting dirty - the picture says it all, and it's one of my favs!


he let me blow out his birthday cake candles with him. he's always sharing and loves to experience the thrills of life with his family. he can't get enough of us kids, and we were lucky enough to have him at our games and track meets and concerts not because they were anything spectacular but because he loves us eleventy four, and we always knew that.

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he also taught us kids about the fine cuisine in this big old world, and we will forever be grateful for that. chimichangas, smuggler's, steak and potatoes, and he can cook it all. loved our late night steaks dad and can't wait for more in a couple weeks!!!


he makes us laugh! he called the other night on skype and had me and dust giggling so hard! he has quite the sense of humor and is always up for a good laugh or joke (right kait?!? haha). i only wish i'd inherited some of his quick wit!


he's the best clay pigeon thrower i know! he loves the ridge and going for drives and has taught us a true appreciation of the outdoors. we love waterton because of him, and we know when the thrill is coming because of him. we know how to handle a gun, and we know how to knock one of them clay pigeons down too, and we love it all!


people say that a dog is man's best friend, but i think this man is any dog's best friend. we have had many a dog in our family, and they've all loved him best. he is such a true friend and not only to dogs ;) he is so trustworthy and someone you can always count on - always.

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these are only a few things that i love about my daddio. he is so special to me, and i just really hope you have the bestest birthday ever big ron! i can't wait to come home to the amazing family that you and mom created. i love you soooo much and a happy happy birthday to you from our little tolman crew in portland :)

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Monday, February 22, 2010


it's catch up time, so here are a few pics from the last few weeks! here are our matching drummer boys keeping busy while us moms kept busy ourselves! gotta love the wooden spoon and pot combination!


becks loves oranges, and apparently he takes it into his own hands if we won't peel them for him!


here is miles getting so big! his smile is one of my favorite things, and it doesn't take much to make this kid happy :)

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i really don't want to put those safety things on every cupboard door and drawer but it looks like it may be time to face the fact that it's time!

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beckam always gets jealous when he sees dust putting on his lip conditioner, so dust started sharing. becks loves the tingly sensation!


ewww!!! i seriously can't believe i actually bathed becks in this water, but our landlord assured us it was fine and would clean itself out quickly. i guess there was some sort of pipe cleaning going on, and the sediment sticks around for a while?!?! either way - ewww! he didn't notice though!


haha i love beck's little quirk of hating his hands being dirty - even if they're covered with warm chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven!

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lastly, my new favorite picture! i've been noticing lately how big becks is getting! he is growing up so fast and is such a fun little man :) i'm really trying to treasure the time i left with just him, and i just love this little guy eleventy four!


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

and in this corner.....beckam tolman!

first of all, props to all of you who come up with creative attention grabbing titles for your posts. me and dust have been sitting here for a few minutes trying to think of a fun title for this no avail obviously. thanks to dust for actually coming up with something though!



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clearly, beckam is a corner man and loves his soft comfy bumpers. i never really realized how important these cuddly jail bar protectors are, but beckam makes the best of them most every night and is a pretty cute little bumper sleeper man :)


So you've known for a while friend that something was in the works. Im sure you've had ideas and a little hint of what was coming but I hope that I was sneaky enough to cover up my plans for you tomorrow :) I've been so appreciative of you lately and have noticed how much work you do around the house with Beckam while I am at school all day. I know you love being a mom but I also know that there are days when you wish you could call in sick and just have a day away. Well, that's my Valentines day present to you this year. Now, I don't want you to start panicking and worrying that you didn't get me anything this year. I want to do this for you and I don't expect anything in return. It being Valentine's day is the least of the reasons why I want to give you a day off. I want to do this because I love you and you deserve it even though you probably don't feel that way. I want you to go tomorrow and enjoy the day....don't think about cost, me and Beckam, or anything else...take some time for you. Im only going to give you a start on what is happening tommorow and then you'll just have to wait for what the rest of the day holds in store.

Im taking the day off of school tomorrow in order to be Mr. Mom!!! Me and becks are going to spend the day together while mom heads off to Dosha Salon and Spa for a relaxing 1 hour massage. That's all you get right now for your plans tomorrow ;)

Enjoy sleeping in and then have a blast while you have a day for you!!! I love you friend...I hope you enjoy the day!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i swear people think we abuse our child, but beckam and bumps and bruises have just become attached at the hip these days! he doesn't even look like himself if he doesn't have some sort of bump on his little forehead, but this one was a doozy!

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i know it will only get worse from here, but we had to take a picture or two of these perfectly round little scrapes.


we were on a walk to get the mail when beckam tripped over his own feet or looked too high in the sky at one of the many airplanes flying overhead or something and took a tumble. he's usually a pretty graceful faller, but this one was the complete opposite! he fell on his hands but couldn't keep his balance and tipped over onto his head and then skidded a bit - ouch! he only cried for a second or two and then was off to look at the pretty flowers - such a tough guy and so cute too :)


Saturday, February 6, 2010

a little pee just came out!

only one thing could ever compel me to name a post on my blog this horribly gross and embarrassing yet totally relatable and hilarious title. as most of you probably already know, we are pregnant with baby tolman #2! we are super excited about having another baby in this house, and beckam tells me all the time how he can't wait to have someone else to play wtih besides boring old me ;) here i am at 4 months prego for the fam back home. i know it's kind of hard to see with my black shirt and all, but let's be honest, that was my intention!

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we always thought it would be fun to have our kids closer together, but there are still many a days that i wonder how this will all turn out. with beckam, i took 3 pregnancy tests before i believed that the line was dark enough to really mean that i was pregnant, and i needed dust to help me confirm it. i wasn't impressed with how i had to tell him that we were prego, so i was determined to make this time a little more fun. i took the test at 4am and was shocked to see a big old dark positive line staring back at me, and i wanted to scream out loud! i sat there for a minute and looked again to make sure i wasn't dreaming, and then i headed back to bed already starting to figure out a way to tell dust. since i didn't feel like getting up early as he headed to school, i saved it for dinner time and broke the news to him at one of our favorite restaurants, red robin......

he was in total shock, and i was pretty proud of myself on the creativity front. i asked a waitress to change up their birthday song, and they sang "happy daddy" instead! it was super cute and fun, and beckam just loved the singing :) i've felt pretty good this pregnancy with bouts of evening sickness as it happens for me. as long as i eat though, i'm good! we head in for an ultrasound in the next few weeks, and we can't wait to see if we're adding a boy or girl to our little fam! dust "knows it's a girl" and says her name will be tenley. can you tell he got forced into watching an episode of the bachelor?!?! haha i'm more on the boy side of things, so we'll see who wins out!

so....enough of the boring stuff. time for a funny admission type story, and i better get tons of "i know what you mean" comments! i was completely mortified the 1st time a little pee came out when i was pregnant with becks. i was laughing with my sisters in the kitchen and had to hobble doing the holding your pee walk to the bathroom only to find i couldn't hold it like i used to! haha it was funny after the fact but got old with every laugh that brought my bladder to tears after that. it got better after i had becks but went back to bad with this pregnancy as it usually does right?!?! well, dust and i had an eventful date night the other night, and all i can say is.....not only a little pee just came out!

we got a new tv/book shelf thing and thought we'd try it vertically 1st. it looked really good til i sat on the couch and felt like i was looking up the nostrils of the people on the tv, and we knew we had to change it up. now, we have one of those older (not the cool flat screen) tv's, and it's huge and soooo heavy! it took a lot of work to get it up there with the 2 of us, but getting it down was a whole different ordeal! we talked about how we were going to do it for over 10 minutes before we just decided to go for it. the tv started tipping with both of us grabbing at an edge, and as soon as it did, we realized we were in trouble. the tv was going down. we both started laughing for some reason or another, and a little pee came out cuz not only was i holding a tv up by my shoulders, but i was laughing. the sad part though is that this time....the pee didn't stop! dust was holding the whole weight of the tv as i tried to pinch it off while laughing so hard i was crying and grabbing at the corners of the tv in hopes that we could save it - gong show!!!

it was seriously one of the funniest nights of our marriage i think. i'm proud to say that we saved the tv (well dust saved the tv), and it's looking fabulous on our new horizontal shelf. i'm not so proud to say though that i totally peed my pants!!! it wasn't the little pee came out kinda story, but it was the full on peed my pants like a little kid with wet pants all the way down to my ankles kinda pee my pants. i really can't believe i'm admitting this to the whole blogger world, but i thought someone might get a good laugh out of it or admit their own funny pee story to make me feel better :) so, there ya have it! a lot of pee came out, and i'm pregnant due july 18th with baby #2!