Wednesday, March 31, 2010

what would you do for 50 bucks?!?

all i know is that i wouldn't do this! my husband is a little money hungry i guess and what's a good windy freezing cold day in waterton without a jump in the lake! haha

my dad has offered dust money for silly things before, and he always thinks carefully about accepting. this time though, $50 bucks was all it took to shed a layer of clothes and jump in the freezing water!


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dust was so excited to get a new pair of jeans, which he did the next day, and we all just loved seeing him actually do it! couldn't feel his hands or feet for a long while after, but he'll still say it was worth it! what would you do for $50???

windy wonderful waterton

waterton national park is one of our favorite places around these parts! the rocky mountains are so beautiful, and our family memories camping, hiking, climbing red rock, and just chillin with the deer downtown are some of our bestest times together :) sadly, waterton is also known for the wind, and we picked one crazy windy day to take in the sights last week!


there is mom getting the stroller our of the ditch after the wind had its way with it, and here we are ready for our annual hike down wishbone trail! wind or not, we hit the trail running!



i thought beckam was going to cry the whole way, but the 4x4 action he was getting lulled him into oblivion, and he loved it! thankfully, we remembered to strap him in though cuz he almost got bucked out once or twice along the way!


first stop along the trail, rutting trees. male deer and elk and sometimes moose rut their antlers against the trunks of trees during mating season ("the rut") to leave their mark and claim their territory. we always take note of these trees along our hikes thanks to our dad who knows everything of course, and here are kris and cars with 2 of them hoping that doing a little rutting of their own might bring some good luck in the love department this year ;) haha love it!

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i love my family so much, and a hike is never just a hike as seen here! we are always making our own fun along the way, and here are the models in the famiy practicing some poses along the windy adventure. mom and i were giggling in the background of course - someone's gotta take pictures of these goofs!

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here's dad telling carson about how the ranger we ran into knows nothing about anything and how this coulee's name is actually the ron hill memorial coulee and how HE is the go to man when it comes to waterton. the funny thing is he's probably right! these were his stomping grounds when he was young, and he's passed them on to us :) thanks dad!


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my dad said to me this morning that he's starting to actually enjoy being around beckam now cuz he's so much more fun. always good times with grandpa hill :)


here we are with our boy! becks is seriously getting sooo big and sooo fun, and we are just loving being his parents more and more every day!



our boyish boy playing with sticks and rocks along the trail - love you bubba!


we love waterton wind or not, and we had tons of fun back together as a family exploring our wishbone trail again. can't wait for some summer fun there in a few months :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

elder hill

this is my little bro......

he just got home from serving a 2 year mission in the little rock, arkansas area, and he's pretty much awesome! we have missed him sooooo much, and it's soooooo good to have him home and to have our family back together againg! 2 years is a long time, and although i'm not sure if it flew by or went extremely slowly, i'm just glad it's over!

we all loaded up and headed to calgary yesterday to pick him up, and the experience lived up to all of our expectations! we were just chillin and calm, cool, and collected til we saw that his flight had arrived - then the butterflies and nerves and anxiousness hit! we were all up and pacing and watching every baggage cart come through the door to see if it was attached to our stud of a brother! when he finally came through those doors, we all lost it! the tears were flowing, the feet were moving, and the hugs were endless!

this was the 1st meeting between cars and beckam, and i'd say it was a success! becks wasn't too sure to begin with.......

but i'd say this cute little kiss means they will be bestest friends and will spend lots of time together now that cars is home, and i'm so excited!

it feels so good to have the void of missing our only brother gone, and it's so fun to look over and see him sitting across the room with his short hair cut and southern accent :)

i'm so proud of this guy. he was an amazing missionary and touched the lives of many, and i can't wait to see where life takes him next! i'm so proud to be his sister and am thankful for the blessings that came into our lives because of his selfless service. thanks cars! thanks for being the bestest brother ever and for coming home an even more honorable stand up guy than you were before! love you eleventy four!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

stay with us dad!

it's so hard being away from dust - we really really dislike it actually! becks misses his bathtime and golfing buddy, and i miss my partner in crime and my arms to cuddle up in. we can't wait til dust finishes all of his finals and boards and craziness and can come home to relax and have fun with the fam :) i think he misses us too, so here is a little post for you friend - just so you don't feel like you're missing out on everything! love you!

this 1st one is auntie kait's airplane ride gone wrong! he didn't love flying through the air so much i guess, but she did a great job of giving him some snugs after his terrifying ride!

becks got a new hunting hat from grandpa hill and was brining us his shoes so he could go outside and see how camouflage it really was!

here's our baller boy snacking on some mcdonald's at the ball games this past weekend. he's all about the cheeseburger kids meal now :)

taking in the action with his comets shirt of course!

haha - too much lovesac time for this kid! talk about electricity!

here is his new talent and love developed while i was busy on the phone. i looked over to see why he was so quiet, and he had put his new favorite toy - kait's basketball - up on the fireplace ledge and then climbed up there himself to keep it company! he's not a climbing kinda kid, so i was kinda surprised and totally shocked that he didn't fall and crack his head open on the brick. time to do some more baby proofing at home i guess :)

we cleaned out some of our storage room last and came upon a tote filled with old baby clothes of ours. these cute oshkosh overalls of carson's were sooo cute on him as a baby, so we had to try them on becks. a tad too small but pretty cute still if you ask me :)

and last but not least, have you ever seen anything cuter than a little baby boy in a button down shirt and tie?!?! this was beck's 1st experience with true studliness as aunt kris spoiled him and bought him a new sunday get up :) we thought we'd do a little video of some of our boy's little tricks while he was lookin so cute, so here you go dad! he misses you and i miss you, and we can't wait til you get here!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

home again!

well, we're home again! it was another surprise for the parents as they weren't expecting beckam and i til the week after and weren't expecting kristen's return til friday and had no idea she'd been chillin in portland with me for the last few days! kris came back from a year of teaching english in korea on tuesday night, and we shopped and got our hair done (thanks brandalyn!!!) and went to dinner and played with becks and just hung out and caught up til our flight home on friday. beckam took a little while to warm up to his long lost aunt, but she won him over eventually and makes him laugh all the time :)

we flew to great falls, and it was soooo nice to have someone to help with becks and to keep me company too. kris' friend kenzie picked us up there, and we headed to lethbridge and timed it perfectly to surprise our fam at the LCI bball games. dad had a suspicion that some sort of surprise was in the works, but he wasn't expecting all of us to show up at the games that's for sure! mom and kait had no idea as you can see from the amazing video job that kenz did while we made our grand entrance :) there's nothing better than a good surprise!

we have been loving the home life so far! becks love loves loves the cat and dog to chase around. he's so gentle with them, and it's so nice to have some extra distractions around for him. he especially seems to love the cat this time around cuz he's the perfect height for nash's tail to wap him in the head now, and he's not so into that! haha

becks is also loving the new toys that grandma collected between our last visit and now. he LOVES the ball popper thing but is more into pulling it behind him instead of pushing it! he loves all of the attention and hasn't taken long to warm up to the different house and people in it every day. he loves reading and playing with grandpa. he is constantly giggling at his crazy aunt kristen, and he says kait's name the best out of everyone else. grandma is mom #2 around here and has been subbing in for bath time and takes him on walks and drives, and he can't get enough of her spoilage!

yesterday was another appt at the children's hospital for little becks, and it sounds like not much has changed with his little heart. it's still a little big, and he's still got a good murmer going on. it sounds like they'd rather hope for time to close his little hole instead of the invasive open heart surgery option since it's not causing him any problems as of yet, but we'll hear back from our doctor soon to see what the final word is. becks sure hates the hospital, that's for sure! he freaked out every time anyone besides my mom or me even looked at him much less came at him with goopy ultrasound gel or a stethescope, but he calmed down quickly and didn't move from this position until he felt it was safe to look up again. poor boy! enough hospital trips already eh!

oh ya and has anyone ever seen this crazy child immobilizer seat thingy for baby x-rays??? beckam has had many a chest x-rays, but we've always just held his arms up for them to take their pictures. this time though, the lady told me to put him in this little seat and then to hold his arms up while she closed a plastic tube around him to keep him in that position. basically, he looked like this little guy, but he was screaming his little face off trying to get free! i couldn't stay in the room cuz i'm prego, so i had to stand in the hall and listen to my boy scream and cry while she got her pictures - not cool at all! then i got to pick him up and give him some snuggles thankfully. it was sooo sad to watch and seemed kinda really disturbing and torturous, but i guess who am i to question! no wonder he hates hospitals!

anyway, we miss our dad/friend soooooo much and can't wait for 2 weeks to pass when 2 of my favorite boys join the party here in raymond! my bro gets home from his mission, and dust finishes another quarter full of finals and boards, and then we get to party like it's 1999!!! march has been pretty great so far and will only get better - woohoo!!!