Thursday, April 22, 2010

it's a boy!

it's taken me forever to do this post, but i figure better late than never right! we had our ultrasound 1 1/2 months ago and got to meet baby #2, and HE'S a cutie!


dust was convinced that this baby would be a girl, and all of the names we thought of up to ultrasound day were girl names, and we're both dying to know that we'll have at least one girl why i knew it would be a boy! we were both so excited to hear the news and can't wait for beckam to have a little brother :)

i've felt pretty good this pregnancy. i got some morning, midday, and night sickness for a month or so around the 7-8 week mark but never actually threw up which was nice. i was able to control my eating habits better this time around, but i've still had a few cravings along the way - ice cream, juice, pickles, and juice to name a few - soooo yummy! this little guy has been a mover and a shaker since week 13 and is up for playing any time of day! he's a low rider too and hit his growth spurt around 5 1/2 months. i went to bed one night not really feeling all that pregnant and woke up with this bump! it was crazy, and he hasn't stopped since. i gained 7 lbs in one month and hope that he takes a little break on the whole growing thing for a little while now!

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here's me today - just over 6 months and about as big as i was at 8 months with beckam i swear! i'm feeling rather large needless to say, but as dust says, there is a human being growing inside of me so it's all good! i'm due july 18th and can't wait to meet this handsome little guy. 2 little boys will be so much fun, and i know that beckam will love being a big brother. well.....he'll love it once i can get him to stop freaking out when i stand up to walk the 3ft into the kitchen or when i turn to go down the hall to get ready or when i am paying more attention to getting dinner ready than to him. i'm a little worried about that and would love any advice to start the transition to independent, happy go lucky, plays with his toys and not just my hair, can be in a room without his mom, whineless, helpful older brother beckam :) haha good luck right?!?

oh and here's our little guy as of monday. i guess his head was a little on the small side on our 1st ultrasound, so the doc sent us back for another one only to find out that he's all caught up and measuring right on track now :) such a little stud!
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Friday, April 16, 2010

welcome to the family!

we have decided to expand our family and not just with baby #2. please meet tim the chinese fighting fish and his #1 fan :)

beckam loves his new little pet, and we don't mind him much either! it's not hard to sprinkle some food in his little bowl every morning, and beckam loves eating breakfast with his new little buddy. he always says good morning after too. so cute!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

hop hop hop!

easter was always so much fun when we were kids. we decorated eggs and rolled them down a big hill on the ridge to see who's egg lasted the longest. then, the easter bunny came to visit on sunday morning, and we would gather the goods and then split them up evenly between us 4 kids. i loved it but didn't realize how much more fun it is to be the parent!


beckam and his curly locks provided great entertainment on easter sunday this year, and we loved every minute of it! he picked out his own basket - basketball of course, and we filled some sporty eggs with mini eggs for a little morning hunt. we weren't sure if beckam would really understand, but he was a pro! he found the eggs with ease and put them right in his basket only to discover later the goodies inside, and let me tell you, he loves those mini eggs almost as much as his dad!


here is the video of the hunt for you grandparents! so cute :)

he also got a few presents from the easter bunny, and they were a hit!


he looked at everything once, sat there kinda still for a picture, and then made it clear what his favorite present was. you'll never guess.......

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just like his dad - loves loves loves basketball! he did discover his hide-a-bed toy story couch later on though and loved rolling around on it.


we were lucky enough to have double the easter bunny fun around here this year with dust's parents and brother and fam visiting. he loved his animal sound making book from them and still brings it to us every day to practice up on his animal sounds :)


here's his "yes" that aunt kait taught him to express his excitement about all of the easter fun! we loved easter this year and can't wait to play easter bunny next year with another little rascal hunting around for treats! happy easter everyone!

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uh oh

dust usually does bath time around here, and him and beckam have their routine down. dust starts the bath, and becks throws his toys in the water and then runs to get his towel. with dust gone the other night, i had to fill in as bath mom, and everything was going swimmingly until i decided that towel getting time was a good chance for me to get his bottle ready. i came back to this.....

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haha i couldn't help but laugh as he watched his towel sink down into the water with such a confused little face. uh oh!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

road trip blues

many of you gave me tips on making the 12 hour road trip home from canada easier on our little car hating boy, so i thought our adventure deserved a post. the 1st little bit was great cuz he didn't know what he was getting himself into! he played with a few toys...



and had a little snooze (ALWAYS 1/2 hour or less though - never longer)


next move was the picture slideshow with barney playing in the background. sadly, the barney cd i made didn't work, so we only had the battery life of the computer to keep us going. he was glued on it for 1/2 hour or so though - success!

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next....dvd time! the fries were also a nice touch, and our boy was feeling good especially cuz we had to stop at canadian tire and buy a new dvd player so he got to get out and stretch his legs a little.


uh oh...the wiggles and their "yummy yummy" songs didn't last as long as we'd hoped!


border time! thankfully, it was a long stop, so becks got to help dad drive a bit and visit with the cows next door :) happy as a pig in mud out of that torture chamber called his carseat!


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sadly though, the trip was only have way over :(


last resort - the sucker. the $20 worth of dollar store toys we bought him didn't work any magic sadly. he played with each one for 30-60 seconds and then threw them on the floor. the benadryl suggestion so kindly offered to me many times did absolutely nothing. the snacks ran out quickly, and this is what we can to at the hair pulling out stage. the tears quickly faded, and the stickiness set in - love it!


so, with the sucker being our last option, and with it coming out at the 1/2 way mark, we knew we weren't making it the whole 12 hours in one day. we decided enough was enough in coeur d'alene, and here is my truly happy go lucky darling joyful little man - free at last!!!!


he loved our stop over, but we still had 5 hours ahead of us the next day. with a new outfit and a good sleep, things were a little better. toes became his favorite toy, and there were lots of dvd changes and barney songs!

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we made it though! woohoo!!!


some of becks happiest moments were roaming the aisles in the gas stations, and the happy moments are what we will choose to remember looking back on our 12 hour adventure :)


home sweet home!

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dust said to me the other day that as the priesthood holder in our home, he'd made a decision. we will never make the drive home again he says, but i know we will! maybe we'll try some gravol or maybe we'll do it through the night. maybe we'll find some new toys and dvd's, or maybe we'll just fly him home and meet him there, but we will make the drive again! 12 hours is just 12 hours afterall - torturous or not, and it's over - yay!