Friday, May 28, 2010

goldilocks to stud muffin!

as you can see, it was clearly time for a hair cut around here today for one near mullet man!


we love our little goldilocks boy, but the curls were getting a little out of hand and needed a trim before becks was sporting an official mullet!


here are some during shots of the dreaded hair cut. thankfully, we have an awesome friend who becks loves and who has a great hair talent, so she suited herself up and got him a little cape too :) my job was to provide the sucker and to keep the tears and wriggling to a minimum....


this was truly one of only a few times becks got sad about losing his curls, and he did great at sitting still and working on his sucker.

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new favorite picture! sooo cute :)

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the hair got a little out of control and ended up on the sucker and on his fingers and in his mouth and everywhere else too! yay for brooms, wipes, and more suckers!



here are some of the after shots. goldilocks to little stud muffin right?!?! oh and p.s. he was only crying here cuz i took his hair covered sucker away!

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thankfully, the curls aren't gone - just tamed for now, and he's been showing off his handsome new hair cut to everyone all day long! love it :) thanks brand! you're the best!

Friday, May 21, 2010

quack quack

i don't know what it is, but i love ducks! they are one of my favorite animals, and i especially love little ducklings and watching them swim around and bob for food. this along with beck's love for birds and animals made it easy for us to say yes to a fun mom n me activity at a park full of ducks last week :)


don't worry, my little curly mullet man will be getting a trim soon!


he loved looking at the ducks from afar, but this flight right by our feet was a little nerve racking for him!


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the geese weren't quite as calm and nice as the ducks. they were hissing at us and really quite mad that we forgot some bread to feed them! lace stood in the bushes with aj taking pictures as me, becks, and miles tried to clear the path by kicking at these crazy things along the way! haha



and what the crap is this thing? not sure but it wasn't friendly either! we hurried past the crazies and on to the ducks as quick as possible!


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becks loves quacking like a duck, so i joined in the fun :) love my duck loving boy!


here's some of the crew checking out the little ducklings we found....


sooooo cute!


it started raining on us of course, so we made a little time for playing in the puddles and mud - fun fun! it was a fun little adventure and one we'll do again soon i'm sure - with food to feed the crazy geese this time of course!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

mr. golden sun :)

oh mr. sun, sun, mr. golden sun - please shine down on us!!! we are definitely missing these fun in the sun days around these parts lately....

these are from yesterday - don't worry though, the water didn't quite make it up to our sliding door, and we climb over the railing on the stairs so that we don't have to shower every time we visit the poytress clan!

these are from last week though - oh how we miss shorts and flip flops and outside fun! it is spring right?!?!




we even made it down to jamison park - one of our favorite summer spots! we didn't bring beck's swimming suit, but he managed with rolled up shorts and his onesie just fine!

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miles sat in his carseat last summer, but he's all about the water fun this year, even if he has to do the bear crawl to keep his toes from getting all scraped up on the cement!


i've been noticing how big beckam's getting lately, and this picture just proves it! look at those long legs! he's such a little stud :)



such a cute pic of lace and miles, and aj's already got the fun in the sun lifestyle down - shades and chips between water time - it's the life!


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we miss the sun and can't wait for it to come back again one day, that's for sure! for now....maybe we'll plan some puddle jumping for tomorrow!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

best job ever!

being a mom is the best job in the whole wide world!!!


i've worked many a jobs and although i find myself complaining about sleepless nights or a whiny teether or the energy it requires, i couldn't ask for a better job. well, it's not even really a job is it? it's such a privilege and an amazing responsibility and just the bestest blessing ever :)


lace thought to take some pics with our boys on mother's day, so we headed across to the green strip across from our place and got a few gooders :) i had to clean beck's face to begin with of course, and here is one of the most talented moms i know with her studly little boys!




here's me and my boy looking at bugs and telling secrets and just chillin. he really is my pride and joy, and i can't even express fully the love that fills my heart when he smiles or gives me smooches or lays his head on my shoulder. i love his little hands. i love our mornings full of oatmeal and barney and snuggles. i love teaching him things, and i'm still learning so much from him.

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i can't imagine going to bed without checking on my beckam boo, and i know i'm a better person because i'm blessed enough to be his mom :) i love him eleventy four and am thankful for every day that we have together!


oh and i'm also pretty blessed to have this amazing guy for a partner in parenthood. he was doing the abercrombie and fitch model pose here. haha love you friend!

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i'm so excited to meet the little guy in that belly of mine too! he seems to be the life of the party so far - it's like there's a circus going on in this belly of mine! 7 months down, 2 more to go!


happy mother's day to all of you mom's out there - late i know but better late than never! as many trials, as much stress, and as many tears come from this crazy responsibility we have, it really is the most amazing blessing, and i'm so thankful to be among the many moms of the world.....

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especially when i get to be this little stud's mama! love you becks :) thanks for picking me!!!