Monday, June 28, 2010


whew! on to happier and funner times :) here are some pics from our super fun summer break in canada. i'm sure there will be more to come, so i thought i'd get a little headstart! what have we been up to you ask??? just a little vacuuming.....


and jogging.....


and play-dohing....

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and hanging out with nash of course!


we also loved chillin with cars while he was out of work because....


of this. just a little 3 day storm that flooded here, there and everywhere and wreaked havoc on lots of houses and communities. it was pretty crazy!!!



when that was over, we got back to the beautiful weather and did some gardening...

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and swimming too! i'm considering this one of my prego pics - large and just over 8 months and ready to meet this little guy already :)


beckam loves to tell secrets too. he actually just sits there cheek to cheek and waits for dad to whisper some jibberish into his ear so that he can come and tell mom! haha


grandma helped becks realize that there is more to this little wagon than just pulling it around, and now all he wants is to be the one pulled around!


beck's 1st encounter with horses, and he did great! he fed them and petted them and loved it :)

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dust and i thought it would be fun to buy a little pool for becks with all the sun we've been getting, so we spent a little more and got a nice blow up one with a slide and fun toys and ya.....silly! becks was soooo NOT into it, and it's now sitting in the garage. maybe he wasn't so into it cuz of how cold the water was - obviously freezing by the look on dust's face!


my littlest sis, kait, graduated this past weekend too. she was the class historian and did such a great job on her speech and is just a pretty awesome chickee if you ask me! i'm so proud of her and miss her already and can't wait to see what her future holds :)

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we've really just been chillin with the fams up here and loving our break time with dad. i love this pic and love my boys and can't wait to get back to add this other boy to our family so that i can stop getting beat up from the inside! happy summer everyone :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

cardiac whata huh???

our little beckam was born with 3 small holes in his heart. after an ultrasound, our family doctor said they were the type that would probably close up on their own though, so we left to portland assuming that's what would happen.....wrong! after discovering some serious bronchiolitis during our visit last summer, the holes in his heart were deemed to be more than the kind that just close up on their own. he had a 5mm hole, and we were sent up to calgary to see a pediatric cardiologist. dr. clegg has been awesome, and we have been up to the children's hospital numerous times for echos and ecg's and x-rays and check-ins with her.

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the hole has never seemed to cause him any pain or worries besides being winded a little easier than other kids his age, and dr. clegg guessed that it would probably start to close and cause no more hassle than a few more appointments with her. after our last appointment though, we got a call and were informed that beckam's heart issues weren't so black and white. the hole is fairly small, but his heart is quite enlarged which was somewhat confusing. so......beckam got scheduled for a little day surgery called a cardiac catheterization at the children's hospital for june 15th. we got all the details on the surgery and were rather excited to find out that we would know whether something more needed to be done to fix his heart or whether it looked like it would heal on its own in time. sadly, dust had finals during the scheduled surgery, so me and becks flew home early, my mom took off work, we stayed at my aunt's in calgary, and we headed over to the hospital for admitting at 5:30am! here is becks pretending to call dad to say good morning on the way over. he woke up so happy and was a total champ :) hello???


we got there by 6:30 and then hung out til the nurse came around an hour or so later. thankfully, they had some toys, and becks was all about his cool crib and his new clothes and the fun books they had!



he wasn't so into anything to do with doctors or nurses though (like usual - i think he's been to the hospital one too many times!). he hates the band-aid oxygen monitoring thing and the blood pressure thing and being hooked up to anything really!

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after the initial vitals were taken, we were ready to go! me and becks went into the surgery room, and i got to stay with him while they put him to sleep with the gas mask. he got to keep his soother and blanket which was nice, but i'm not gonna lie - it was really hard to see him on that big operating table with all of those machines asleep, and it was even harder to leave him there. i thought there was no way i'd be shedding any tears, but i'll be honest - a few fell on my way out of that operating room. all of the risks flash through your mind, and i was just overwhelmed with love for my little man with a hole in his heart!


here's our boy post-surgery. there were 2 little holes in his groin area where they went in with 2 little catheters which traveled up a main vein/artery to his heart where they then did measurements and took pictures to see what's really going on.


we got the report that he did great through surgery and that it was successful in that they found what they were looking for which was such a relief to hear. the doctor came in to the waiting room and gave us the report and then asked me to go to the recovery room to help calm our anxious little guy down. he was freaking out and couldn't really feel his legs from a shot they'd given him. he was all hooked up to everything he hates, and it was just really hard to comfort someone in so much distress! he looked so sad :(


he calmed down quickly after he was loose from all of the cords though, and he drank apple juice like a champ and loved his barney time and slowly returned to himself.

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he hated the washcloth taped over the IV, but he got used to it and was climbing around the crib like a monkey in no time! he ate crackers and wanted to play with the toys and was just as happy as could be - unless it was time to check his vitals of course!



i finally got him to fall asleep in my arms just before we got discharged, and he ended up like this on the bed. can you tell that we darken his room at home?!?


here we are - IV out, pj's back on, and ready to go home! it was a really long stay (we got to the hospital at 6:30am and left at 3:00pm), and we were all sooo excited to get outta there!

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our goldfish lovin fool did great on the way home, and you seriously couldn't even tell he'd had surgery besides his purple polka dotted face from the broken blood vessels! guess they really tore that tape off there cuz there was a certain pattern to them too. was so nice to have my mom with me there through everything, and becks did better than i expected, and we left with answers and a healthy happy little boy. overall.....success!

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and heart surgery! dr. dicke (the surgeon) found that beckam's heart is quite enlarged and there is a higher flow of blood going on than they like to see which means they need to go in and close his little hole. we are really excited to have some closure to beckam's heart issues, but i'm not gonna lie...the stress level rises a little more every time i think about it. hopefully, it can be scheduled for dust's next break in school in september at which point we'll have a new little baby as well. the surgery is in edmonton, and we're supposed to plan on being in the hospital for 4-7 days so ya.....should be fun making all of the plans and arrangements!


above everything else though, i just love my little guy! he is seriously the coolest kid. he makes me laugh every day and brings sooooo much joy into our lives :) i feel so blessed to have him in our family, and i feel so blessed to have such great doctors and so much care and concern going into making sure that he'll have a healthy future. i know that things will work out for september, and i'm excited for his little heart to get all fixed up! whew! there is the report - sorry it was so long!

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let's get on with summer now!

Monday, June 21, 2010

homeward bound

well, we are back in the native land once again! becks had a little surgery (update to come), and it's break time for dust and july 1st in raymond, and it's been a whole 3 months since we saw the family last, so why not come home right?!?! becks and i flew this time, and being 35 weeks pregnant with a layover, it was a little bit of an adventure!


thankfully, there were planes to look at in seattle, and we borrowed a portable dvd player from a friend, so becks hunkered down with his chips ahoy and headphones for a little barney/wiggles action during our stop too :)


becks did great during our flights, and i managed to get us, the stroller, and our humungous carry-on (thanks to my suitcase being overweight) everywhere we needed to be on time - whew! some of the fam met us at the airport, and becks ran and gave them big hugs and did great til he thought they were trying to kidnap him in the car! after a little breakdown, we were good to go though. 1st stop after a little nap....the calgary zoo!


we love the portland zoo, but the calgary zoo is even bigger with more animals, so becks was in heaven! well....he was in heaven til the dinosaurs came to life and started moving and roaring at him! haha he was a little freaked out but did some roaring back of his own too :) it was pretty cute!

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of all the animals at the zoo, i think becks could probably spend the most time staring into the fish tanks. he loves those little things - forget about the elephants and hippos and giraffes!


it was a little steamy in the butterfly room, but becks got up close and personal with this giant blue beauty!

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the zoo was a great stop to make before surgery the next day, and we all had lots of fun even with the chilly weather and scary dinosaurs! it's great to be home again, that's for sure :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

never thought it would happen!

our boy is getting a little more adventurous in his old age, and he's discovered that the basket of toys can be so much more than just a basket of toys!




please ignore the chubby prego face here, but i just needed to post one of our best family pics in a long while on here! i know it's really not all that great, but becks is looking kinda close to the camera which is better than he usually does. we told him to look at the birds and that he did :)

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becks was sick the other week and got to stay home from church with dad, and this is what i came home to......

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nothing like building a fort with dad!!!

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i never thought this would ever happen with our little becks, but it did, and i LOVED it!!! he is not a fall asleep wherever whenever kinda kid AT ALL, but it happened!


we were playing around in the living room, and he dove on to his blanket on his little couch to take a break for a sec - or what i thought was going to be a sec. i was laying behind him and started rubbing his back while we took in a little big purple dinosaur action, and before i knew it, he was snoozing away!


he was so stinkin cute, and i just wanted to cuddle up beside him, but i was too scared to wake him up! loved it!!!