Tuesday, July 27, 2010


he's here!!! i know it's been a good long time, but i've finally found a few minutes to catch up on this thing - yay! i'm going to keep this short and sweet (well the writing at least - there are a lot of pictures!), so here we go.....back to july 15th - induction day :)


i look back now and understand how this little guy was so much bigger than becks - holy belly! haha


we checked in to le chateau providence (as dust called it) at 1:30pm and waited.....


thankfully, we had a ginormous room with lots to do to keep us busy. we watched tv, and we updated our facebook. dust studied, and i read my book and did some sudoku puzzles. i got the cervadil gel at 3:30pm or so, and everyone expected a baby quick like with beckam coming so quick. not the case though.....

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i got to order some food in the evening with no more dilating and weak inconsistent contractions, and i got a sleeping pill to help me sleep til pitocin arrived at 3:30am. i got all set up and re-iv'd, and the pitocin was dripping by 4:30am. i was 4 1/2 cm dilated by 7ish and ready to push by 10am. i got my epidural after the doc broke my water, and it was heaven!!! the whole experience was actually - didn't hurt a ton to get to 4 1/2 and then not a twinge of pain after the drugs set in! it took me a while to understand what pushing felt like and how to do it with no feeling from the waist down, but i got it eventually and pushed our big boy out at 11:19am :)


he was 8lbs 5oz and 21 1/2 in long, and he was sooo cute with his little cone head and smushed up face! i didn't get to hold becks right away cuz he wasn't breathing, so it was really cool to see my little guy right off the bat. i fell in love instantly! we took a few hours but eventually decided on the name for baby tolman #2 - maddox john maxwell tolman. the middle names are after his uncle carson and uncle levi, and maddox just fit! we love it :)



how could you not with that face, i mean come on!

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dust updated his facebook status as i was pushing but eventually made it through the nurses up to my side and was an awesome cheerleader. he took lots of pics and then got in on a few too, and he was just such a proud daddy and loved snuggling with his little man!



grandma hill flew in just in time to hurry to the hospital with lace to meet her 2nd grandson. she was loving life and so was he with all of the snugs :)



kinda looks like his big bro when he cries!

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cousin aj and aunt lace were some of the most excited visitors we had and maddox loved the attention!



beckam was less than interested in baby maddox until the bribes for candy were implemented. then, he showed his softer side and gave lots of kisses and hugs and was so soft with his baby brother!


beckam's been so good with mads every since visit #1. he loves to hold him, hug him, kiss him, pat him, and be soft to him :) he can say maddox and gets so worried when "the baby is sad." it's super cute and i'm just so proud of him and love my 2 boys so much!


all done!


my mom was here for about 10 days, and she was my lifesaver!!! the aftermath of labor is never fun, and i couldn't have survived week #1 with my 2 boys without her! she did so much with becks and kept him busy while i recuperated and kept maddox happy. becks loves his nana so much, and we miss you already mama!!!



here are a few pics of our mad dog since coming home. he just keeps getting cuter and cuter :)

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the transition has actually gone really well with adding a little brother to the mix. beckam still manages to get enough attention from mom and LOVES his little bro. i'm finally feeling better and love splitting my time between 2 little studs. becks wants his "soo-soo" a lot more and is more needy, but that's to be expected, and it doesn't bother me at all to be needed by my little magoo!

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here is our little family - happy as can be! maddox has doubled the joy in our home, and we love our boys eleventy four :) i'm feeling good, loving life, and can't wait to enjoy the rest of our summer with my boys!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

last horrah!

we knew it would be our last weekend as a family of 3 this past weekend, so we decided to make the best of it and made saturday a fun family day :)


we went to seaside out on the coast and had some indoor fun before we hit up the beach! beckam rode on his 1st carousel and loved it! i thought he'd freak out, but he rode that horsie good! we also went to the local aquarium, and beckam fed the seals and touched the crabs and starfish and loved looking in all of the tanks at the different fish. time to introduce finding nemo i think :)



the beach was tons of fun of course! we went to the beach when becks was 4 months old, but this was his 1st time with his feet in the sand and taking in the waves, and it did not disappoint!



he was a little bit scared of the waves when they came in, but it turned into a game when he started to run away from them and then inch forward again when they washed away!


beckam did better than we thought with the sand on his hands and toes, but there were still moments that he had to look down and say "dirty!" such a cutie pie ocd kid!

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miles has no fear or annoyance with the sand as you can see here! he FULLY enjoyed every minute, and he has sand everywhere!

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this is my new favorite family picture i think. beckam does this new happy face thing, and i can't get enough of it!


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anyway, it was a great last family of 3 day! a family road trip, the beach, and we ended with a good old red robin dinner - doesn't get much better than that! we are definitely planning on more trips to the coast and can't wait to do it as family of four :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

best day of the year!

it's been said before (by me and many others) that july 1st in raymond compares to if not beats out christmas for the best day of the year! it's always fun no matter how old you are or where you come from, and we especially look forward to it cuz we get to celebrate my birthday and see all the fam and eat good food and party the day away every year :)


we always start the day with the famous, amazing july 1st parade, and it's soooo much more fun with a little toddler to enjoy it with that's for sure! becks was loving the horses and got into the candy collecting mindset after he watches his expert cousins show him the ropes!


not sure what the heck this was all about, but someone was handing out plungers, and aj was so excited to get one of them! haha


beckam was just excited about his cute canada shirt and his matching tatoos :)

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next up (well after amazing food and good chats at byron and sue's of course!) is the rodeo. becks and i just hit up the end of that party, and becks got some front row action! he loved the horses and was right up at the fence til they came a bucking his way! then, it was to grandma's lap as fast as he could!



ride em cowboy!


dust made this beaut of a trophy for the 1st annual hillman open, and here is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place picture. carson won all rights to name this baby, so dust will have to step it up next year to make sure we get to name the next one ;)

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dust and cars also ran the annual 10K race in raymond and did great! they were completely pooped after and then had to gear up for a 3 on 3 basketball tourney - good times during july 1st week in raymond!




and after all the fun.....home time! our road trip home went pretty good actually, especially considering i was 38 weeks prego and becks hates cars! we split it up into 2 days and watched lots of barney and the wiggles and ate lots of snacks and just tried to have fun! beckam was pretty clear about his desires for the trip - get me outta here!

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anyway, life is always fun when we visit home, but july 1st is especially fun, and we loved it! can't wait to do it up with our 2 boys next year and now....on to life back in portland and baby #2!!!