Tuesday, August 24, 2010

psycho mom moment

i had my 1st psycho mom moment the other day, and it all started right here.....


me and becks went over to my friend brandy's to get a little hair cut. i had the diaper bag over my shoulder and the carseat with maddox over my arm, and i was just saying good-bye when i heard a thumping. it only took me a second to connect the thumping with the fact that beckam wasn't right by my side :(


my little stair lover thought he would try going down this treacherous staircase all by himself, and it didn't pan out so good! he tumbled down the whole thing! i turned around in time to see his freaked out little face looking up at me as he log rolled down each and every stair. i screamed a scream that i cannot recreate (trust me, i've tried!). in fact, i didn't even know i could scream like that, but my 1st pyscho mom moment proved me wrong! i was so scared for my little guy, and it was the worst thing ever to watch, in slow motion it seemed, his little body rolling down the stairs. i bolted down that staircase at lightning speed in time to scoop up my freaking out little guy, and my heart was beating so fast! he was totally tough and got over it way before i did, and thankfully, it was more of a log roll than head over heels. even more thankfully, the only proof of my neglectful mom moment was bruises on beck's forehead. weird eh?!?! he doesn't even look like himself without bruises on his head anyway right ;)


anyway, i had to document my neglect and i only wish i could have recorded the pyscho mom that i turned into. all for the sake of my boy though, so it's all good :)

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speaking of boy, doesn't this little man look so big! he's seriously so big and is such a little stud. he was 11 lbs almost 2 weeks ago so who knows how much he weighs now, but i have a feeling that he'll be nearing beck's 1 year weight at his 2 month appt! haha he eats all the time, and he eats A LOT! it's taken some getting used to - well it's still taking some getting used to - but i love both of my little guys and can't get enough of these chubby little cheeks and his wide eyed curious little personality!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

date day!

we LOVE maddox around here! he is such a little bundle of joy, but he also requires a lot of my attention. i feel bad for becks and for myself as we both miss our one on one time together, so we had a little date day last week :) lace took mads (bless her heart! love ya lace xoxoxo), and me and becks headed out for a little date before naps....


he was pretty excited all suited up in his basketball outfit, and the excitement only increased at our 1st stop - the pet store!



no puppies but lots of fish and cats and birds and pictures of puppies! good times :)

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next stop was a shoe store where we tried on some new basketball shoes for becks, and he showed me how fast he could run before we headed out for lunch to none other than his very most favorite place in the whole wide world.....

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red robin! it did not disappoint as per usual, even with full hands dipped in ranch and smoothie on laps! i got this pic right before he dumped it all over himself! haha



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this kid LOVES fries! he eats at least a whole basket of them every time we go, and he loves the "dip" too. he kinda looks like that kid in the mccain french fries commercial - so careful about his ketchup and the little pinky pointed so as to be so careful with his beloved fries! so cute :) haha




i seriously just love this kid so much, and we had so much fun, and i love my mom n becks time - even though it was really fun to come home to my little monkey too! becks is getting so big and talking so much and is just a really funny happy little man, and he makes me smile every day :) love you bubs and can't wait for our next date!


Monday, August 16, 2010

busy busy busy

wow - i knew 2 kids would be busier, but i never imagined that blogging and facebook and email and computer time would become so foreign to me! there are so many things i need to blog, but for now, here are some recent pics of becks and us and life these days :)


grandma moj and grandpa zoe with their boys - awww!


park time! becks swings on the big swings now and loves the slides and is clearly into the mulch parks we find all over the place down here!


my purple lovin hat wearin coloring little man!


watermelon is a staple around here during the summer. we never go without it, and becks has fallen in line with his love of the delicious treat! mmmmmmm!


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best cousins!


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my boys are the best, and my love for maddox grows every day as i get to know my little chunky monkey a little better. i've also found that my love for my little becks has grown even more than i thought it would too! he's the best, and i love every moment i get to spend with him! (which is probably why it's been so long since i've blogged - when i'm not rocking, feeding, holding, bathing, etc mads, i'm chillin with this little stud, and i love it!)


good work to all of your moms who stick to blogging - it takes some serious time management and dedication!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

what we've been up to....

sleeping....not as much as we'd like, but we do make time for some shut eye around here, especially mads! too bad he doesn't do this for any prolonged period of time. i love spending time with this kid, but our awake 2 hour dates at 1:30am every night are not my idea of fun! i love me my sleeping boy :)

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puking....this kid has a super talent for projectile vomit! he's only done it a few times, but he just opens his mouth, laying there as content as can be, and this comes out! check out the distance on that stuff!


chillin....maddox is one of the most wide awake babies i've ever known. when he's sleeping, he's out for the count, but when he's awake, he's so alert and so stinkin cute don't ya think!

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saturday market....we took the max downtown last weekend with darren and mona and the boys and hit up saturday market. it's by the waterfront and was lots of fun. cool stuff, weird people, yummy food, and fun adventures in portland!



nursery struggles....beckam is not a nursery lover (as of yet anyway)! lace brought him home last week, and i guess the hour he spent crying in nursery tuckered him right out cuz he fell asleep to barney on the couch! he's so not into it, but we're working on it :)


blessing maddox....we blessed little dox last week, and it was so nice. lucky for us, darren and mona were here for the event, and dust did such a great job. mads behaved, and the meeting was really nice, and we got some cute family pics in this awesome portland weather after too. a super great day for the tolmans :)

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growing curly mullets....beckam's hair is craziness! haha i was playing with his curly locks before bed one night and figured we'd better capture his handsomeness on camera! don't worry - he got a hair cut a few days ago. mullet gone!

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we are having a gay old time as a family of four, and i've managed to keep my composure for the most part. i've only eaten 1 chocolate bar and called lace to save me once or twice, so all is well as a mother of 2 :) i kinda remember life before mads, but i can't imagine life without him that's for sure! stay tuned for more fun times if i can keep this blog up with the crazy busyness that 1 little baby adds to life!