Sunday, September 26, 2010

just tricks

just tricks!!! no storm, no surgery, no scar, no ICU, just a fun trip home and a just tricks open heart surgery! becks had his pre-admissions clinic on thursday this past week with surgery scheduled for friday. we went in and met everyone that was going to be involved. becks had at least 4 different people listen to his chest and give him 5 when he cooperated. then, he had his ECG and echo, and he was such a trooper. he laid on the ultrasound table for 1 1/2 hours while the tech got all the pictures he needed, and it turns out those pictures turned everything around.

the doctor saw us in the hall on our way back from the PICU tour and told the nurse to hold the blood work and x-rays because he wasn't very impressed with the echo findings - as in the hole in beck's heart didn't seem big enough to justify open heart surgery. we went back to our waiting room and soon found out that the hole had closed a little since beck's last appt giving the doctor reason to believe that beckam's little body might just accomplish what an open heart surgery would on its own. so basically, we're waiting - waiting and hoping that the hole continues to close on its own! we left the hospital at that point,and it was kind of a blur for dust and me. we experienced every emotion in the book. we felt frustrated and mad almost - it was really annoying to prepare for this emotionally and mentally and to center our break and our lives around this surgery and to have my parents drive to portland to pick us up in order to keep becks healthy and then to have the surgery cancelled just like that. i just wished we could have found out earlier, and i almost felt let down.

on the other hand, the overwhelming feeling was of gratitude and relief - gratitude for the many thoughts and prayers sent our way and for the doctors who were so thorough and care so much about beckam and his future and for our healthy beckam boo who didn't know it but escaped a torturous week of nurses, tubes, medicine, hospital food, and everything associated with open heart surgery. such a blessing. i've never felt so loved as i heard about people calling lace back in portland to check up on us and as i had so many friends contact me through facebook sharing their excitement about the cancelled surgery and writing words of comfort. what an amazing experience :)

we had so much fun with the tolmans and are sooo thankful for their hospitality and support through our up and down trip to edmonton. beckam loved raustin and bartholomew, alaina's new cats. i'm not so sure how they felt about him, but they were good sports! he also loved his hot tub time with grandpa and dad and our trip to west ed that was meant to let loose and have some good active fun before his surgery! haha




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maddox loved all of the attention he got on our trip home. our chunky, smiley, little monkey seems keeps growing up more and more. we can't get enough of his smiles these days, and no....he hasn't slowed down at all food-wise. can you tell?!?!? haha




have i mentioned how fun it is to have 2 boys? i love my becks and mads, and i love how much they love each other too. maddox will smile when he hears beckam's voice on the other side of the room, and beckam won't go down for a nap or bed without giving his little brother a kiss. so stinkin cute :)

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we are so thankful to have our strawberry lovin, happy, scar-free, goofy little man away from the hospital. his heart will continue to be monitored of course, but we are sure hoping that the hole continues to close and that he keeps growing up strong and healthy like he has been!


i know it wasn't my husband's amazing chiropractic adjustments that closed that little hole (even though becks loves to play chiropractor), and i also know that the many prayers sent up on our behalf have to be the reason that we are back here in portland early with no looming surgery on the horizon. beckam is so happy to be home, and we are so happy to be saved from the stress, fear, and exhaustion involved with the surgery that was supposed to happen. thank you thank you thank you!!! you will never know how much your love and support has meant, and the difference that it made was life-changing!

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now......on to live as normal! yay :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the calm before the storm

beckam's heart surgery is coming up this friday, and he's not allowed to have any cold type symptoms or they won't operate, so my parents were kind, patient, and crazy enough to drive down to portland last saturday and then drive back to canada with me and the boys on sunday to leave the portland sickness behind and to help dust focus on his 11 finals! it was a long trip through the night, and i eventually gave in and let becks sleep on the floor, and my arm was sore from rocking mad's car seat to keep him calm, but we made it!

we've been doing a lot of relaxing since we got home, and papa and nana can't get enough time with their little becks and mads. they've been picking strawberries......

and feeding the horses.....

and playing at the park.......

and mowing the lawn......

and playing with play-doh and just having tons of fun :)

papa's phantom of the opera reenactment didn't go over so swell! becks was a little nervous about that white mask and was all done with the play-doh after that!

beckam loves his grandparents and loves nash and the kitty and this huge house to run around in. he has endless cupboards and rooms and closets to explore, and he's not around anyone who's sick! it's been pretty chill (as kris would say), and it's been a great week - lots of treats and barney and playing and running and jumping and fun - the calm before the storm as i like to say.

i'm not gonna lie, i'm quite nervous about his surgery. i'm not scared that he's going to die or that anything will go wrong, i'm just nervous about how it will affect him. i'm sad that he has to have his chest cut open and be hooked up to all sorts of tubes and wires. i hate that he has to spend 7-10 days in a place that he's so terrified of, and i'm sad that we have to tame our fun, crazy, totally boyish, active little man down to let the scars heal and to help his heart work at top notch again. i'm just simply not looking forward to it.


with all of that said though, i'm really trying to be positive, and this little face makes it a lot easier :) i'll be all about making the hospital a fun place for becks, and i'll watch as many barney shows as he wants, and i'll be there every night to sing him to sleep and to hold his hand. i'm so thankful that his heart will be fixed, and i know that this will all be worth it, and i know it will all work out just exactly how it's supposed to work out. i can't help but smile every time i see beckam's strawberry blonde hair and his quirky little run and his 1 legged jump and his huge happy smile, and that's all that matters! here he is showing me his heart :)

thanks to everyone sending prayers and thoughts our way. we are so thankful and so is this little man! we will keep you updated!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

sept 3rd

september 3rd is a marvelous day in our home. it's when dust turns one year older and wiser, and it's when i get to be creative to concoct some sort of surprise to make him feel special, and i love it :) this year, we kept it simple, but he was still surprised!


first up, lunch on a bus! my friend found this restaurant (if you can even call it that) called the grilled cheese grill.

it's in a fairly sketchy part of town, but it was super fun and cool. you order some sort of crazy grilled cheese sandwich from this little trailer, and then they call out your name on the speakers in this bus when it's ready. while they grill, you chill on this old school bus complete with music playing, trivial pursuit games at each table, and table tops covered in elementary school pictures of strangers galore for your entertainment.

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the sandwiches come on all sorts of breads with all sorts of toppings and with all kinds of cheeses, and they were pretty darned good! dust LOVED his, and i worked around the pool of cheese grease at the bottom of my basket and loved the pickle on the side!



next up, batting cages! dust has been wanting to go for a long time but has a hard time finding time for fun, so i was excited to surprise him with his kind of fun. i'm sure it's more fun with another guy who can manage to swing the bats in time to come close to the 55mph balls whizzing by, but i made do :)


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i mostly cheered dust on, but i did take a whack in the slow pitch batting cage and only missed one or two!

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school was kind of a party pooper for the night cuz dust had to study, but we had fun with our boys when we got home and loved our afternoon out! happy 28th friend - love you 59304620592387532105325!!!!!!!


for cars

this blog is because of my brother and his little hints that the time has come for another update, and i thank him cuz i know that one of the many things i neglect these days (along with laundry, cleaning, sleeping, cooking, etc) is my blog! so.....this one's for you cars! enjoy :)


i had to put these pics up because we're banned from the poytress house these days (cuz miles is sick - boo!), and all i hear all day long from my little becks is "aj, lacey, miles," and he jumps at the sound of the door opening hoping it's aj every time, and he's just missing his favorite big cuz to hang out with. love these boys!


i also love these boys! carson succeeded at surprising me (which is pretty incredible since i'm the surpriser in our family), and he came to visit for a few days :) beckam still tells me that dad's at school and carson's in canada every day. guess his mom just doesn't cut it, especially when i don't have some cool new basketball shoes to fit in with the boys!


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pancakes are pretty popular around here, and here is my "dip" (syrup) covered boy happy as can be at breakfast the other day. pancakes - yay!


i have lived here for almost 2 years and never knew that the zoo had bears! well, i knew they had these bears, but they have real ones too, and becks LOVED them (thanks to grandpa hill) the other day when we went for another visit. raaaarrrr!


i had to include a pic of little mad dog, and this is the result of projectile puke coming at me. my reaction was obviously to block it, and that meant it all ended up back on his face! oops!


becks has been trying out the big boy bed lately, and clearly, he's not used to it yet! haha we went to check on him a couple of nights ago, and there he was sleeping away just like this! how, i don't know, but i had to hurry and close the door so that my snorting giggles didn't wake him up. too cute!

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speaking of cute, here is my becks! surgery is 2 weeks away, and i can't get enough of his new words, bright smiles, and hilarious sense of humor. he finally jumps with both legs. he loves barney, caillou, and the wiggles. he LOVES to be outside and is such a little boy into sticks, rocks, and dirt at every turn. he loves the pool but doesn't really like the water. he's the cutest nicest big brother ever and just lights up my day every day. love you bubs :)

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