Sunday, October 31, 2010

to infinity and beyond!

sometimes, i wonder what my blog would be like if i didn't have parents and siblings waiting on my every post for pictures and updates from our little life here in portland. i definitely know that i wouldn't be doing my halloween post on halloween day without a little encouragement, that's for sure! so, enough nagging now fam and enjoy the pics :)


lace has had her boys' costumes for months, and i loved the idea of having some sort of theme for our boys, so beckam's new interest in toy story sealed the deal. aj was woody, beckam was buzz, miles was bullseye, and maddox was one of the 3 eyed alien guys. pretty cute!


maddox was so good with his costume! the outfit fit him perfectly (12-18 months!), but the hat was ginormous on his little noggin. we made it work though, and i think he was the cutest alien ever!




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isn't trunk or treat the best idea ever! we loved our ward halloween party last year, and it was even better this year with beckam actually enjoying the games and getting the whole trick or treat thing.



maddox had a blast! haha he was a major party pooper but a pretty cute snoozin alien!

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beckam said trick or treat at every door (our ward decorates doors instead of trunks) and followed it up with a thank you and then asked to be picked up so that he could start eating his candy! he got tons of candy and was so happy to sit down with his loot so that the eating could begin!



halloween isn't halloween without some pumpkin carving around these parts! we aren't big into the dressing up thing at all, but we do carve pumpkins! dust always finds the hardest patterns and pulls them off, and i watch with anticipation and snack on popcorn - mmmmm!


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holly and dust were very determined carvers, and the pumpkins all turned out great although dust's michael jordan didn't turn out quite right this year. thank goodness for next year!


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i'm not a big halloween lover, but i love halloween for my kids! beckam loved being buzz and loved hanging out with his sidekick woody of course. we love the disney store and their character jammies - best costumes ever!


to infinity and beyond :)


happy halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

ice ceam!

beckam has an on again off again relationship with cold things. one day, he's all about the freezie/popsicle idea, and the next he says "too cold." he always loves ice but has never been one for ice cream until the other day.....


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nicole took the kids with her to pick up megan from school, and they all came back with an ice cream cone in their hands! it was beckam's 1st ice cream cone (i know, we're so neglectful!), and he LOVED it! i guess it's all about the cone for him cuz there was no looking back! aj, erika, and megan also thoroughly enjoyed their cones of course, and we had some happy ice ceam loving kiddies :)



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i think we'll be buying a few more ice cream cones around here - just to see that smile again! pure joy!


i thought i'd add some randoms on this post too - just for the grandpas and grandmas out there :) beckam has never been a good napper, but he's all about the hum of the engine in the car, and it puts him right to sleep if there is any tired in his body. he falls asleep coming home from errands almost every time, and i try to keep him awake to save the afternoon nap, but there was no keeping this snot bubble little man awake this time!



sadly, fall seems to be all gone for the year around here, but we took full advantage of the leaves falling and beautiful weather while we could!


this is how we found beckam the other morning - not sure how he got there, but he was good and stuck and ready to be up for the day!

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how i found becks when i checked on him the other night. how do you not wake up is my question?!?!

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brother snuggles! they're already the best of friends :)



beckam loves fruit, but he loves it even more when he gets to hold it himself and totally endulge! lucky for him, he has an aunt who is teaching his mom that it's ok to make a mess and that a whole pear is worth the sticky mess that comes along with it!


we sold our couches on a whim a few weeks ago, and we were left with nothing but beckam's toy story couch as furniture for a few days! these strawberry blond curly locks have now been trimmed up, and our living room is no longer empty, but it's still a cute picture!


happy weekend everyone :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

banana-rama fun!

going from 1 to 2 kids can really take its toll on a marriage, and dust and i have fallen victim to the busy crazy exciting adventures of being a family of 4 at times. with our focus always being on the boys, we decided to make friday night our date night every week. we take turns planning some kind of activity where the tv is off and where we interact in more ways than just saying good night or pass the remote or can you take this boy while i deal with the other one - you get what i mean.


so, dust was in charge last weekend, and this was the result! haha we had a fun night sharing a 2XL shirt and making banana boats together :) not as easy as it sounds!


and there was only one place for our hands! it was a pretty sweet date night!


our next banana adventure is thanks to none other than big ron. he has always teased dust about chiropractics and says getting adjusted is just about as useful as being healed with a banana! haha

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he called me and sent me to the grocery store to buy $30 worth of bananas. i was then carefully instructed to make a path down the hallway leading to a giant pile of bananas with a note.....


it was my dad's pinning present to dust, and he was truly touched! haha i love their relationship and how they constantly come up with ways to tease each other.

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there is just something about bananas and as i watch megan, erika, aj, and beckam go bananas right now dancing to taylor swift around my living room, i wish you all a happy banana day! let loose and go bananas :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

punkin time!

we discovered liepold farms in boring, oregon last year around this time, and we decided to hit up the fun little pumpkin patch again this year :) i'd never been pumpkin picking before, but i'm so glad that we've started this little tradition in our family - so fun!

i love this picture of miles on this mini tricycle! he was so determined to ride it and is just one of my favorite little boys!

we paid the $5 for becks to do the pony ride this year, and i didn't think he'd actually go through with it! he did though, and he held on to that horn tight as he could. it was pretty cute, especially when he managed a "yee-haw" every now and then along the way :)

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haha token goofy beckam face! he was pretty serious through the pony ride, so it was good to see him having fun once he got away from the scary ponies!

beckam is a pumpkin lover! he doesn't really understand what we do with them this time of year and just kept trying to take a big bite, but i think he got a little chunk and his pumpkin eating stopped there!

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beckam loved this corn kernel pit last year but was a little nervous this year. thankfully, he had aj to show him how to have some fun :)

beckam loves his friend, shae. he always asks for her and wants to go to her house, and they are pretty cute together!

the kid just can't handle having dirty hands!

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pumpkin time! i couldn't get enough of these little wheelbarrows and neither could becks. he didn't quite conquer the steering thing, but he managed to push it around a bit.

me and my pumpkin boys :)

little big maddox with his 1st pumpkin picking experience.

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aaron had school, and we missed him, but here are lace and her boys pumpkining it up! aj was all about the green squishy squash-looking kinda pumpkin. oh aj! haha

we're not so into halloween around these parts, but we love our pumpkins! dust picked us another good one this year, and we had tons of fun at the pumpkin patch :) happy october everyone!

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