Tuesday, November 30, 2010

an early start!

we got an early start to christmas this year and decorated 2 weeks ago! we love having the christmas tree up and the cinnamon smell wafting (yup, i just used the word wafting) through the house and the christmas music playing. it really doesn't get much better than the christmas season!



i hear it just gets more and more fun every year with kids at christmas, and this year has definitely been tons of fun with beckam :) he loved helping with the tree and had to stop and take in the beautiful smell of our fake tree - mmmmm!


putting up every single branch got old for our little almost 2 year old, so he colored christmas pictures while we got it set up, and then the decorating began! beckam loved putting up the ornaments but was especially excited about the new cane shaped candy yumminess! there are now no more left on the bottom half of the tree, but such is the season!

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yay for replacing old lights with new ones! a string of lights makes a pretty awesome toy :)


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after decorating the house, it's gingerbread house time around here. me and dust have always taken pride in our gingerbread houses, but this year was a little different with a certain little "helper!"

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he did a little decorating, but as you can see, he was way too busy eating the candy to look at the camera for a picture!



we love our little makeshift gingerbread house, and we loved decorating it with our boys!

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happy early christmas to everyone, and if you haven't decorated yet, i suggest getting on it. it's the most wonderful time of the year after all :)

Monday, November 22, 2010


WE LOVE POPCORN!!! i thought i was the only one who truly appreciated popcorn around these tolman parts, but i was wrong - yay! beckam discovered this marvelous treat the other day, and i've even gotten dust to ask for sunday night popcorn every now and then :)

i could seriously eat popcorn every night of the week. a little butter and salt is all i need, and i'm one happy gal :) i love that beckam finally tried the stuff, and he even tried tossing it up and catching it in his mouth! well......kind of anyway!

here are some extra pics to satisfy the blog hungry grandparents too! mads is now 4 months and was in the 80th percentile at his last check-up. 16lbs 13oz and 26in. he loves his exersaucer lately and is such a smiley happy little man :)

these curtains of ours drive me crazy, but beckam loves them! peek-a-boo!

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haha i found beckam like this the other day just chillin and watching some barney. too cute!

maddox loves sleeping on his belly, but he flips over onto his back when he shifts in his sleep which then wakes him up, and then gets mad cuz he can't get back to sleep -ugh! anyway, i rolled up some towels to go along his bassinet to try and hinder the rolling over thing. clearly, it didn't work, but he loves having his little nose right up against those warm towels now!

with aj going to school most mornings, miles and beckam have a lot more time to play together. they're quite the mischievous duo when they want to be, but they're also so cute with the things they come up with! i mean who doesn't love a good calliou front and center with one of your bestest cousins right?!?!

finally, i had to put up this picture for my mom. we always teased her growing up about how she always manages to cut herself or burn herself or cause some sort of harm to herself while in the kitchen. unfortunately, i seem to have inherited some of that cuz i clearly grabbed the side of a fresh out of the oven cookie sheet the other day! thank goodness for frozen broccoli and for the delicious food that comes of all these burns and cuts :)

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we are getting so excited for christmas around here, and we're crossing our fingers for snow tonight like they're forcasting! we're also busting a gut as we watch the warnings flash across the bottom of the screen for a winter warning advisory in the portland area - 1cm of snow! AHHHHH! hahahaha gotta love portland!

Monday, November 15, 2010

a bounce in my step

i have re-discovered music these past few weeks, and i am loving it all over again! in korea, my ipod was my best friend. it came with me everywhere, and i was always listening to something or other, and i loved it! having kids and being a stay at home mom has changed the background music in my life to say the least. it's now "i love you, you love me" and the caillou theme songb between whines and giggles and talking to friends and family back home. it's the best life ever, and i wouldn't change a thing, but injecting a little dance party here and doens't hurt!

i've started exercising again - 1st time since high school as sad as that is - and there is no way that i can run or walk without a little inspiration. so, i've rediscovered my ipod and the fun of having a little bounce in my step :) i have songs that make me laugh, cry, dance, toe tap, and every song has some sort of memory attached to it which is the best part. this next pic is all shania's any man of mine, and us hill girls had the moves down pat as you can see!

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i always let loose when shedaisy's deck the halls comes on, and i always tear up to sarah mclachlan's angel or lane's theme. i remember the good old days whenever i hear california girls or wide open spaces or i saw the sign or stairway to heaven and on and on. i run the fastest to heart of the champion and i would walk 5000 miles. i sing my loudest to celine dion (power of love preferably) or any disney song (especially part of your world!). i think of my family whenever i hear james taylor or fleetwood mac or the eagles. i go back to our wedding day whenever i hear brad's you and me, and well ya.....you get the point!

i love the many road trip thumbs as microphone pictures i have, and i'm proud of the hundreds of road trip cd's that i've made with my random mixes of my favorites. nothing makes or breaks a good road trip like good tunes!

anyway, i've just missed music in my life and am so thankful for the power it has. i literally have found the bounce in my step again, and it feels great!

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go get your toes a tappin people :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

a apple

i know that "a apple" isn't proper english, but have you ever seen dennis the menace? dust loves the part where the creepy old guy asks the little kid, "whatcha got there little guy?" and he says "a apple" all cute like. what a great movie! anyway......our becks has become a little apple obsessed lately!

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lace and i were going through some clothes in her boys' room the other day, and beckam and miles were out in the living room. it got pretty darned quiet for 2 toddler boys, so lace went to check it out and found this....


miles was blogging (i mean, what else did we expect him to be doing!), and beckam found the bowl of apples on the table and decided to try every last one of them - to decide which one was best of course!



it was pretty cute, and i think lace learned her lesson - an apple a day just isn't enough! (for beckam at least)


here's my 3 1/2 month old maddox too! bumbo time :) can't get enough of his little side smirk!



ps - there's another new blog under this one fam. enjoy :)

4 years

happy 4 years to me and my bestest friend on oct 21st!


1st stop was papa hydn's, a delicious restaurant where we go for desserts all the time. we decided to do dinner this time too, and it was all soooooo yummy! after that, we took a ride on the tram that goes over the city of portland....


we've always wanted to do it, and it didn't disappoint with the beautiful night view of the city :)


after the tram, i'm proud to say that i put my creative cap on and came up with the fabulous idea of roller skating! neither of us had ever been before, and i'd always wanted to do the old school roller skating rink thing that i've seen on movies, and that we did!

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i won't go into detail, but this is where dust lived all night! haha he is not a roller skater at all, but he tried his best and had fun working at it!


i caught on pretty quick and loved the smooth ride around the rink. there were tons of older people dressed in figure skating outfits dancing around and zooming past me. it was pretty cool, and dust and i decided that we just might take it up when the kids move out :)


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the rink was complete with live organ music, and it was just exactly what i pictured it to be and even more fun!


it was a very happy anniversary night, and we're very proud of our 4 years and can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries to come :) love you eleventy four friend!

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