Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas at the beach :)

after all the hullabaloo of christmas morning (and yes....i just used the word hullabaloo and i loved it!) and some amazing christmas afternoon naps, we decided to hit up the beach just cuz we could :) we went out to zeelandia, and the boys rolled in the sand and found crabs to chase and jumped in the waves. we got some of the cutest pictures EVER and had so much fun soaking up the sun and playing together. not very often you get to spend christmas afternoon at the beach!

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sand angels :)

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seriously......the cutest little santa hat boys in the caribbean! happy holidays people :)

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he came!!!

christmas morning was so fun with a kid who understood that santa came and that there would be presents under the tree and who was so full of excitement and energy and pure happiness and anticipation!

sadly for him, he only got a peek at the loot and then had to watch how the grinch stole christmas with dad in bed while we waited for maddox to wake up! by 7am, he'd had enough though, so we woke him up and got the party started!

some of the favorite presents or at least best pictures taken with the boys and their presents :)

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despite our promises not to get each other anything, we thought it would be good to teach beckam that it's fun to give too. so, we set a $5 limit, and beckam went shopping with each of us for the other one, and he was soooo excited to give us our presents! it was super cute :)

my attempt at making my mom's german pancakes for breakfast as per hill family tradition - not too shabby!

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one of the most memorable and fun christmas mornings i've ever had with my cute little fam!

christmas dinner though??? quite a disappointment compared to the spread we usually have. pizza for dust and honey bunches of oats for me :) haha and popcorn for dessert of course!

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it was an awesome christmas day, and it was pretty fun to end our day with this beauty of a sunset :)

merry christmas from the caribbean!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

santa's coming!

christmas eve is one of my most favorite days of the whole year! i love all the baking and eating and visiting and lights and anticipation that still causes me to have trouble sleeping. i just love all of it, and even though we were missing the big piece of family this year, we're thankful for our statia family that made our day so great!

i baked/cooked my butt off all day while dust took the boys to the beach, and then it was time to play! here are our shepherds on our way to the christmas eve party!!!

the host

the goodies :)

the kids

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the cheese - mmmm!

like father, like son!

the nativity - so freakin cute!

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little shepherd boy watching over baby Jesus :)

white elephant time!

the lights!

our caribbean santa - lol

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santa's layout - cookies for him, carrots for the reindeer, milk to wash it all down, and a note making sure santa knows that we've been good :) oh and a picture proving that it's time for bed 2 hours ago! haha

and believe it or not, santa made it all the way to caribbean! yay :)

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one of the best days of the year with my amazing little family. loved it!

Friday, December 23, 2011

keeping it real

i kinda feel like we're doing even more christmas activities over here to make it feel like christmas since it doesn't really look like christmas outside or in our house, and we are loving it! christmas "wreaths" at the family center.....

put some spray foam in a cup wrapped in tin foil and stick branches and decorations into it and wreaths!

thankfully, the family center has a little park in the back for the non-wreath making type, and if anyone has some good stain removing tips, i'm hoping to get some serious stains out of my play hard non-wreath maker can't sit still for longer than a minute little maddie boy!

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we can't do christmas without gingerbread houses! we missed the $10 kits for sure and our poytress/lujan gingerbread crew for sures, but we made do just fine :)

beckam was in his element while dust took tips along the way....

and maddox, well he was just into the decorations themselves!

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dust's "house" was more like a box in the end, but maddox didn't care as long as it was covered in icing and candy and put on his tray!

beckam was meticulous about his decorating and aggressive about his tasting - love it!

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sadly.....our masterpiece didn't last :( 5 minutes after the finished product picture was taken, it looked like this.....

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and i know have a new favorite picture thanks to the crashing gingerbread house! we were kinda sad it fell down.....

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haha didn't really matter since the ants discovered and swarmed it a hour later, but making gingerbread houses with christmas music in the background with our little sun tanned caribbean family was pretty awesome :)