Friday, January 28, 2011

pookie toquie zoo fun

we are loving january in portland so far! it's been sooo beautiful, and we have been on walks to get the mail and out riding bikes, and we even got to go to the zoo this week! my friend michelle and i took the 4 boys and enjoyed some fun in the sun with the animals, and let me tell you....the zoo never disappoints. the boys LOVE the zoo! the sea lions were doing tricks, the elephants were giving hugs with their trunks, the monkey were swinging from the branches, and the bears were roaring. it was super fun :)


michelle is an amazing photographer as you can see, and she took some pics of our handsome boys. here are just a few of the ones she captured. we love cousins!!!



awww brothers! the only way i could get beckam to smile is to get him to do his fake laugh :)


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more cute brother shots....smooches all around!



our 4 handsome boys :)

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i just can't get enough of these boys lately! we have our moments, good and not so good, but i'm so thankful for every second i get to spend with them. it's such an amazing blessing to be their mom. i love how beckam calls me "mama" all the time lately, and that smile of maddox's melts my heart every time i see it :) these pictures are my favorite of the day. happy january from beautiful portland and me and my 3 studs!

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p.s. aren't those pookie toquie's the cutest things you've ever seen! hahaha

Sunday, January 23, 2011

what we did today

this is what we did today (among many other things of course). beckam started learning how to ride his new bike :)


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thanks papa and nana for the sweet wheels, and thank you portland for the beautiful january weather! ain't he cute!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


my dad kindly called today to remind me (for the 42nd time) that i hadn't blogged about christmas yet. he said that it's 1 month away from valentine's day and used that as his argument for the day. well dad.....i say that's youre most creative one yet, so i'll give in. here is the christmas post!!!


we always drove around raymond looking at christmas lights on christmas eve when we were little, and now that we have litte ones again, we renewed that tradition and brought granny hill along for the ride! ooooo.....awwwww



this was our 1st time to make a plate for santa as parents, and it was awesome! beckam was so into picking treats for santa and helping dad write him a note.

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speaking of note, please tell me that you noticed my husband's tucked in hoodie. such a nerd! his nerdy ways won santa some of my mom's homemade chocolates though, and i'm sure he was thoroughly satisfied :)



i love this one of beckam! he just stole one of santa's candies and thought he was so sneaky!


my christmas pj'd boys on their way to bed! mom bought some pj's for beckam thinking they were christmas cuz they were red. turns out, they were just red with puppies on them, but he didn't know the difference!

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awwww! can't get enough of these 2 little cuties!


the fondue! mmmmmmm......we love our christmas eve fondue! everyone dig in :)



kris loves the steak and only the steak. cars always fights me for the last man standing. dad eats about 3lbs of shrimp. mom always makes too much batter and worries about its thickness and then loads up on 7 layer chip dip. kait's always the 1st man down but loves the mushrooms, and cheese, and dust dips everything in ranch and is so thankful he joined the christmas even fondue crazy hill family :) oh and granny hill comes for the dip and used to use annie as a foot warmer while we sat around and ate and ate and ate!

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cars decided to try a deep fried pickle this year....mmmmm i guess?!?!?


christmas morning is the best morning of the whole entire year! beckam couldn't get over the reindeer eating the carrot, and he was so excited to open presents.


dust got an ipod touch - yay!!!

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big ron got one of the most thoughtful gifts ever from dust this year - a potty putter. how amazing is that! that's some father-in-law son-in-law love!


maddox chewed on presents all morning and loved the crazy christmas action!


beckam got like 48 new playdough colors and wanted to open every color to check it out. we now play with playdoh every morning before christmas. thanks santa!


the rest of christmas day was spent over at the peterson's, and we had tons of fun opening presents, eating good food, and hanging out together. sadly, this is the only picture i have to represent that fun :( beckam and aj loved their mini table and even tried some sparkling apple juice like the big kids. mmmmm!

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anyway......i'm ending this post with a sad fact. we have not one christmas family picture. we have tons of the kids but none of us with them :( i promise you though, christmas was amazing! we loved every minute we had with our families, and santa was good to everyone, and i'm already excited for next year! happy new year everyone and dad......leave me alone for a day or two now eh ;)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

whitefish fun!

sorry dad - i have to do whitefish before i do christmas. the blog has to go in order cuz i'm just that anal! anyway.....we went to whitefish for a little christmas getaway 3 years ago, and it was sooo much fun! so much fun in fact that we had to do it again :)


here is us last year and this year - it's the first time i've looked a picture and realized that i'm getting older and that it's showing. i'm ok with it, but it's just so crazy to think what a difference 3 years makes. it was just the 7 of us 3 years ago, and there were 10 of us this year. we slept in til all hours of the morning last time, and the boys had everyone up at the crack of dawn this year. we were attachment free 3 years ago, and thank goodness for kait's bum knee this year cuz she babysat so that we could hit the hills. i think we're all older, wiser, and happier now :)

dust and i got in 2 good days of skiing/snowboarding, and i love hitting the slopes with my hubby. i tried snowboarding this year but had the hardest time standing up as silly as that sounds! thank goodness for cars and his support, or i would have had to walk down the entire bunny hill! here are the 3 snowboarders ready for another run!

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the holidays represent all the pop (soda for my american friends!) you can drink for my dust. dr. pepper for breakfast....nothing better if you ask him!

one of the requirements to marrying me and into my family was always that he had to get along with my bro. as you can see here, they get along just jim dandy! haha they are such nerds together and always provide the family with some serious entertainment. major geek potential here, and i love it!

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whitefish fun isn't whitefish fun unless a dinner at famous dave's is included! dad dared dust to try some salt - yummy! kris and kait got ribs, ribs, and more ribs just like the rest of us, and beckam was just happy that they had fries on the menu! good times :)




maddox went for his 1st swim at meadow lake, and he loved it just like i knew he would. we did the dunk, and he did great, and unlike here in portland, kids were allowed in the hot tub (not cool portland), so we had fun and stayed warm.

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isn't my mom so stinkin cute! whenever anyone tells me i look like her, i get so excited! i only hope that i look as good as her when i'm a grandma. we had tons of fun skiing together and even made the 2 hour long adventure down the back of the mountain fun too ;) love you mama!


we had lots of fun with the princes playing games too. here's daddio telling us how it is during catch phrase. i think the girls kicked butt as usual!

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cute lipstick kait! haha gotta love quelf!

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our little family was only there for 3 days, but it was so super fun. we had fun eating bad food and playing games til late and skiing and just doing what families do over the holidays. it was sooo beautiful, and we can't wait to do it again in another 3 years!