Sunday, March 27, 2011

our littlest magoo!

wow - i've been meaning to talk about my little 6 month old boy for too long cuz he's now almost 9 months! doesn't mean i can skip these cute pics that my friend michelle took of our mad-dog and give you a little update on our scushy smiley rolie polie little man!

here he is around the 6 month mark, and he is one happy little boy :) his smile is so contagious, and it's not hard to make him show you his teeth with that drooly little grin. he weighed in at 19lbs 1oz (87th percentile), but i can't remember his length sadly.

he got his 2 bottom teeth at 4 1/2 months, and he loves using them to gum anything he can get his hands on. he eats pretty much any and everything, and he is a big eater in case you can't tell! he ate 3 1/2 jars of baby food for dinner the other night - rolie polie is right! he was sitting on his own around 5 1/2 months and loved rolling all over the place. he's been a good little sleeper and was going 10ish hours at night by 6 months - not too shabby i'd say. anyway.....he is such a happy boy. he loves his big brother and loves his dad rocking him to sleep, but he leaves the feeding up to mom. he's an on the go kinda kid, and we can't get enough of him and love him forever and ever! happy 6 months magoo :)

awww, brothers. they may have a feature or two in common, but these boys represent different sides of the family for sure!

poor maddox has to have some brother/cousin pictures included in his 6 month post, but how could i not make note of the recent face of beckam. he's a whiny mama's boy through and through but a pretty cute one at least!

show me your muscles!!!

bestest cousins!

we had to bring out some suckers to keep the peace and get a few more shots. miles was in love and i'm in love with this cute little rascal face!

and new favorite picture! it may have something to do with us moving and no more photo shoots with our 4 boys for a long while, but it's also just a great shot of 4 cousins having some good sucker fun. love these boys more than they'll ever know :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

monday nights and sunday dinners




i'm not sure how many of you are into the sleezy sometimes skanky kinda trashy monday night bachelor life, but if not, you missed out this past monday night! brad picked emily, and it was seriously the cutest thing ever! we all loved emily from the beginning, and i'm not going to name names, but some of our monday night girls even teared up when he picked her in the end. it was goosebumpy butterflies in your tummy tears in your eyes kinda cute, and we love those kind of monday nights :)

ever since i moved down to portland, we've had girls night at my place every monday night. we started with bachelor but then kept it going through dancing with the stars or whatever was on tv. i almost always made a treat, and we just got together and chatted and spent some good quality girl time picking apart other girls for "the bachelor" and just hung out. i always looked forward to monday night, and dust was such a good husband and would hunker down in our room and study while we talked girl talk and yelled at the tv in the living room. it was always good times :) here we are on the last monday night at the tolman house!


thanks for putting up with me every week girls! it was soooo fun while it lasted girls, and i'll think of you every monday night over in statia while i help our so called dentist friend, ashley, pick our her man on yet another season of monday night fun!
(oh and thanks to nicole for making it to my last monday night even though she was sick. she even sported a mask for the night to make sure she didn't get anyone else sick! haha love you cole!)
oh and did you know.....the JRH on emily's bracelet are the initials of both her daughter (Josephine Riddick Hendrick, nicknamed Ricki) and her late fiance, Joseph Riddick Hendrick?!? so cute!


another weekly activity that i'll miss ever so much is our sunday dinner tradition with the lujan's and poytress'. every saturday, us girls would put our heads together and come up with some kind of delicious dinner, and we would all pitch in to make it together on sunday. it was so nice to have family dinner even though we were away from family, and i will miss it sooooo much! on our last sunday, dust and i both got to choose our favorite dinner and dessert, and they made them for us. it was the best sunday dinner ever even though the nachos burned to a crisp and we had to break the sabbath to get buns to go with our burgers! haha here's the crew getting ready to feast - mmmmmm! miss you guys!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

lettuce puddle

so, i turned the oven on the other day to preheat it for some fries for beckam. little did i know that he'd already started cooking up his own little fry earlier that morning!

the smell of burning plastic took over the whole house, and i soon found the source - a green and yellow puddle in the bottom of the oven. i was so confused until i remembered beckam's toy food collection. haha i guess he wanted fries and lettuce for dinner! yummy!!!

and on that random note, here are a few other random pictures as of late :) beckam loves chillin in his diaper like most kids, but his favorite is some kind of shoes with his diaper and hat. the rain boots are my personal fav!


that's what i call a creative la-z-boy!


i've always wished i had a kid who could fall asleep anywhere, and i totally blame it on myself, but it's true that if they're tired enough, they really will give in to those heavy eyes! too cute :)


i'm excited for the day that i get me some girl time in this house, but for now, i love boy time! i think i'm gonna miss the aj/beckam duo more than aj or beckam!

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woody and buzz playing toy story - to infinity and beyond!


working with dad to take apart the table, but he wasn't overly impressed with his toy hammer. he wanted the real thing!


this was the 1st time i noticed my boys actually playing together, and i had to get it on camera! i can't wait for many more like it!


we are seeing less and less of this face lately as mads is cruising all over the place these days :)


one of beckam's favorite breakfast options is pancakes, and we've started making them different colors upon request. it was blue day today!

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beckam loves talking to his grandparents and aunts and uncles on the phone, and he's got a new phone stance - feet crossed of course!


maddox ate 4 jars of baby food for dinner tonight. he LOVES food, and it kinda shows too!

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look at those blue eyes and chubby legs! love this little man!


life is pretty random and pretty good around these parts. we're packing away and getting ready to move home :) we love having dust around, and i just feel so lucky to be the mama of my 2 handsome little men and to be the wife of my amazing hubby!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


friends are the family we choose for ourselves :) i saw that on a picture frame the other day, and it totally put my feelings into words. i've always felt like the friends you have when you're away from home fill in as your family while you're away, and i've been so blessed here in portland with the bestest friends a girl could ever ask for!

my very most bestest friend, lace, organized a little goodbye weekend away with the girls the other weekend, and it was amazing! dinner at mamma mia's, hot tubbing and treats at the hotel, staying up til all hours of the night chatting, sleeping in, and shopping and lunch the next day :) it was awesome!

haha bex and her faces make me laugh every time, and here's holly painting her toes with our new favorite color, crushed. we all got this new cute island color, and now we can think of each other whenever we pick it out!

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the girls also got me this cute beach bag full of things i might need in statia. first on the list.....a voodoo shirt to remind me of the best donuts on earth!

anti-diarrheal medicine just in case!

goggles cuz statia is known for its snorkeling and please....don't mind that fabulous face that lace caught on camera! haha i promise i won't scare the fish with faces like that while i'm snorkeling!

jerkey cuz we we've heard the meat is kinda iffy on the island. love it!

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hand warmers to keep my hands warm after doing my dishes in cold water as there's often no hot water in the kitchen. good times!

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and what's island life without a cute beach hat and some shades! i also got a beach towel and some sunscreen and some clothes pins to hang our clothes on - no dryer for the next 20 months! it was all perfect and so was the cute portland girls slideshow that lace put together for me. brought a tear or two to my eyes for sure and just made me realize how lucky i've been to be in portland at this time with these girls :)

this girl was the brains behind the whole operation as i understand, and she is just simply amazing! i knew she had something in the works but didn't realize how much time and work she went to to send me off in true portland style. i loved every minute of it and am so excited that we finally got a cute picture together. you'd think with all the time we spend together that we'd have tons of them, but this is a rare occurrence. love this girl!

i love all my girls here in portland, and i won't go into how much i'm gonna miss them cuz i'll be in a puddle of tears, but just know girls that you really are my family, not just my friends and family is forever. cheesy i know, but true! i loved my weekend away and will always treasure my time in portland with my girlies :) now, book your trip and come visit us in statia!