Friday, April 29, 2011

viva las vegas!

ahhh! i'm so behind on my blog, it's not even funny! i feel a tad overwhelmed and un-motivated cuz i have so much to catch up on, but you gotta start somewhere right?!? may as well start with vegas and may as well keep it short and sweet! so....

we went to vegas, and it was windy and cold.


the castle-esque hotels were so ginormous and amazing, and we loved it!


we got free tickets to phantom by going to an RCI presentation - totally worth it!!!


we also got a free gambling card from that presentation, and dust thought he'd use a buck or two. he used $10 and never once had a clue what he was doing!

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we had soooo much fun just the two of us for a few days :)


we ate at this cool brazilian bbq place where they come to your table and cut off the most tender delicious meat and fresh grilled pineapple - so yummy!



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dust planned the trip and surprised me with garth brooks tickets! ahhhhh! i've only wanted to see him for my entire life!



it was him, a stool with 2 water bottles, and his guitar for over 2 hours, and it was awesome! he was absolutely hilarious. he played all of the best songs and took requests, and trisha even came out for a little duet and her "she's in love with the boy."

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it was fabulous and a once in a lifetime experience, and it was just the best concert ever! love you garth :)


on the last day, we walked the entire strip from one end to the other - long and ouchy feet but so fun!


the luxor was pretty cool.

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the new york new york was our favorite - too bad the roller coaster costs an arm and a leg!


the m&m shop was pretty cool too. every possible souvenir you can think of was there decked out in the colors of m&m.


and you could get any color or kind of m&m known to man!

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can't go to vegas without checking out the bellagio water show, and it didn't disappoint!

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a statue of liberty made of jelly bellies - yummy!


we were pooped by the end of the strip, but dust was especially exhausted!



and last but not least, vegas wouldn't be vegas without the guys handing out porn cards at every corner! haha don't look down!

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viva las vegas!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my lacey girl

someone once asked lacey who her best friend was, and she got curious as to my answer to that same question. without any hesitation, we both answered each other of course! i know we're family and everything, but we're also bestest friends, and i would love nothing more than to be in portland making her scones for her birthday breakfast tomorrow morning :)


this gal is amazing, and there will never be anyone who can fill my lacey void. she is not only the bestest friend and sister-in-law but also the bestest mom and aunt (along with all of the other bestest aunts in our lives of course!).

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she has dance parties and makes the best cookies and forts. she is the queen of cuddles and snugs and is the life of the party wherever she goes :)

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we share our love of popcorn and chick flicks and gilmore girls and lost and new recipes and the zoo and our boys and just life, and we were inseperable in portland! we went everywhere together, and i know that i can't remember a once that i wanted it any other way!


sadly, i had to hunt through my thousands of pictures to find these few of me and my lacey girl, but i love her so so much and wish her the happiest bestest birthday in the whole wide world! i'll make a taco for lunch and pretend i'm there with you at bajio's, and i'd make your lasagna for you if i was there! i miss you being just a few steps away. i miss your cookies. i miss your squeaky breaks. i miss your talking phone. i miss our daily errands and our nightly plans. i miss our birthday planning and our monday nights. i miss our tuesday dinners and sunday feasts. i miss our mail runs and our hot tub parties. i just miss you, and i love you, and i'm thinking of you all day today :) happy birthday lacey girl!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

asparagus pee

does your pee stink after you eat asparagus??? cuz mine sure does! dust complains every time he sees me eating this divine vegetable, not only cuz he thinks it looks and smells disgusting but cuz he knows he's got a day or two of asparagus pee coming his way!

it was always so confusing to me, so i've decided to look up the answer to my question of why does asparagus pee stink so bad for all of you devoted tolman blog readers tonight. (if i knew how to spell the sound of a drum, i would!) they say....

Studies conducted on the "asparagus urine" phenomenon (aren't you glad you didn't volunteer!) indicate that roughly 40 to 50 percent of those tested developed the distinctive odor. Surprisingly enough, there is also a segment of the population who cannot smell the sulphurous fumes of asparagus-laced urine. It is believed that both the generation of the odoriferous urine and the ability to smell it are based on genetics. Only those with a certain gene can break down the chemicals inside the asparagus into their smelly components, and only those with the proper gene can smell the results of that chemical breakdown.

so, there you have it! sadly, i've got the stinky asparagus pee gene as well as the gene that allows me to smell it - yay! what about you? does your asparagus pee stink too?!?!

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i had to add a few pics too, so enjoy some more of my little cuties! aren't those blue eyes to die for!


we like to stay clean around here - beckam can't use a dish without putting it straight into the dishwasher when he's done (and yes, i will be reminding him of this when he gets older), and maddox needs daily lint rolls to keep him dog hair free!


no wonder we're constantly rolling the hair off him!

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maddox has also developed a love of pepperoni and ice cream - mmmm!
p.s. i'm aware that he's eating ice cream and isn't 1 yet, and i don't really care!

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happy asparagus everyone!