Monday, May 30, 2011

the move to statia

i'm finally caught up on my blog enough to talk about our new little life! well, at least our adventure to the island. 7 bags with 2 weighing over 60lbs later, and we had everything ready to go!

my mom took us up to calgary to catch our 12:40am flight, and the boys slept the whole way there. they weren't overly happy to be wakened up by the lights of the airport, but thankfully, there was a little play place where they relaxed and played after we checked our whole life packed up in suitcases. we had the nicest lady helping us, and she marked suitcases as baby seats to save us some moola in the end :) thank you jodene, and thank you mom for seeing us off and holding back your tears so that i could hold back mine!

the boys slept pretty much the whole flight to toronto, and then we had some breakfast, explored around a little, and had some naps while we waited for our next flight to st. maarten. the boys both did so well sleeping on the floor as people hustled and bustled around them, and yes......that is a sound machine between them. i thought it would help, and if that makes me a freak or a nerd, i'm ok with it!

don't mind the double (or yes, maybe triple) chin i have going on here. i wanted a picture of all of us on the flight, but this is the best we could do! mads had a good 1/2 hour spell where absolutely nothing would calm him down, and we had lots of fidgety and cramped moments, but we made it to st. maarten in one piece! holy smokers was it hot getting off that plane! welcome to your new life!

we got all of our bags (or what we thought were all of our bags) and then had to re-check them for our separate flight to st. eustatius (statia). it took F-O-R-E-V-E-R, and mads couldn't take it anymore. they weren't quite as friendly as i thought they'd be, but beckam and maddox gave the locals some long hard looks too! haha they made friends quick though, and everyone's spirits lifted once the bags were checked and when we spotted dominos in the food court! yummm!!!

we had some time before our statia flight, so we explored a little and found lots of mice and lizards and ants and beautiful views outside the airport. the boys loved being outside, and i was just trying to accept the humidty and beauty of where we'd be living for the next 2 years!

the boys did so great on our 20 hour adventure over here. we had our moments, and i will forever dread and avoid security check time. talk about STRESS!!!! a stroller, 2 kids, 4 carry ons, blankets, snacks, juice (that you're "not allowed" to have), not a one friendly or helpful person in sight and ya........stressful times! we loved the dvd player though, and snacks saved us a time or two, and thankfully we have 2 kids and 2 parents cuz i can't imagine how we would have handled more!

from being done and done as seen above in st. maarten, we hopped this tiniest of tiny airplanes to statia. it was 8pm at night, and both boys were spent. we had 4 bags to carry on and a dominos pizza for lunch the next day, and i'm not kidding - you are shoulder to shoulder in this thing! beckam was freaking out, and mads was staring at this large caribbean woman next to us as she was hyperventilating about our flight. they both eventually fell asleep - how i have no idea cuz this was the loudest flight i could ever imagine. haha me and mads were smashed against the wall with this lady next to us, and she kept holding a cloth to her nose that smelled like vicks vapo-rub while praying to her Lord that we wouldn't crash. it was quite the experience to say the least!

i wish i was in a different frame of mind once we landed, but the camera was tucked away, and mads was still sleeping, and we had to get our bags and find our friends and do all of this in the pitch black, so no pics of our 1st steps on statia :( what i remember now though is that it was sooooo good to see friends and that it was sooooo hot and that we were all sooooo ready for food and bed and to be done traveling! we passed cows and goats on our way home, and we were welcomed to our new house by lots of spiders and ants and crickets and a gecko or two as well - yay! haha

it just felt so good to be home especially with our amazingly big and cushy and comfortable couches! haha admittedly, we had a moment or two after the boys were in bed and while we were sitting our new living room where we looked at each other and thought - what have we done!!!! haha what a crazy adventure though, and thankfully we're a month into it now, and we're still here minus a few of those spiders and ants and crickets, and we're loving every minute of it :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

mr. and mrs. hill

my one and only brother got married on april 30th, and i gained a new sister - yay! we all met and got to know shelby over the christmas holidays, and we all had a sneaking suspicion that this day would come :)

they were so cute together and have so much in common, and she just fit in sooooo great with our crazy family! cars and shelbs were nice enough to plan their wedding for the weekend before we moved so that we could be there, and it was an awesome day.

getting married in april in southern AB has certain risks associated with it, and the weather was here, there, and everywhere for cars and shelbs. there may have been an umbrella in a picture or two, but they turned out great, and thank goodness for auntie patti and her tide to go pen. she saved shelby's gorgeous wedding dress!

the family dinner was great complete with the shoe game, yummy food, and some hilarious MC's (dustin and shelby's bro, steve).

there were also hershey kisses scattered on each of the tables - beckam and holly found the jackpot!

beckam sure loves his uncle carson and aunt shelby - racing, "looking for animals," hide and seek, basketball, taking the dogs for a walk - it's always fun with the aunts and uncles!

weddings always take me back to our wedding day, and i love the memories of oct 21st for us. being sealed for eternity is such an amazing blessing and so important, and i just love my forever friend a whole bunch!

next, i would love to post some amazing pics taken by mandy baker of the happy couple, but i can't figure out how to save and then upload them from facebook, so check em out if you want or just imagine the gorgeous couple on the happiest day of their lives! love you cars and shelbs!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


my parents always said over and over and over growing up - friends will come and go, but family will always be there. i'm not sure why it takes so long to come to appreciate and believe that for ourselves, but i'm so glad that all of us hill kids finally caught on. kris, cars, and kait really are my best friends, and i love them more than mosquitoes love beckam boo! (and that's a lot!) we all had a free night while we were all together for carson's wedding week, and we decided to take advantage and go on a huge group date with our sidekicks :)

there is no words for the geek potential that shines through in cars and dust when they get together. haha love it!

i think we both got a strike or something - yay!

funniest moment of the night goes to me and dust :) i got a strike, and we were so excited that we went for a chest bump. little did dust know that i've never really done a legit chest bump before, and i wasn't prepared for how much chest he put into it! haha i tumbled backwards over the bowling ball holder thing and had tears in my eyes cuz i was laughing so hard! oh my! haha

the 4 happy couples!

who knew that after 5 years, it's still exciting to pretend to look down a girl's shirt! haha

even though kait got the highest score for the night, tyson made up the difference and won the title for worst bowler of the night. practice makes perfect tys - maybe a little less time on the court and more on the lane will help!

our married and nearly married team won - yay!

it was such a fun night full of giggles and reminiscing and stories and food and fun, and i can't wait for many more like it! i love you kris, cars, and k, and i'm so proud of you and seriously couldn't ask for better forever friends!

Friday, May 20, 2011

yearly egg toss

there really isn't too much to say with this post which is kinda nice. i know i'm crazy late on this, but here are some pics from our easter celebration :) beckam LOVED finding easter eggs and loved throwing them on the floor to open up the treats inside even more!

we love easter, and our favorite part is not just the decorating eggs but the rolling them. we always go out to the ridge and see who's egg can last the longest as we toss them down a steep hill. it's always windy, and we always have fun :)

along with easter egg rolling, we can be out on the ridge together and not bring a box of skeets and some guns :) we all had tons of fun taking turns trying to kill those clay pigeons dead!

i was a little worried about our little boys' ears with gun shots going off here and there, but dad's collection of ear plugs came in handy! haha too cute :)

if any of you know me, you know i'm not a big fan of risk taking when it comes to driving, but the ridge requires some crazy 4x4 driving, and i can accept that. i accept it with closed eyes and clenched fists though, and i made beckam join me in the fun!

happy easter everyone!