Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sandy faces

i noticed that there were a few pictures that didn't really fit anywhere on the past few posts, so here are a few of my favorite things that haven't made the blog yet......


beach days with my boys and rides to the beach! i love when dust gets to come with us and when we luck out and get a ride to save us the hike - thanks eric and cara :)


MY BOYS!!!!! i've always wanted a little girl, and i still want a pig tailed painted nails sundressed little gal eventually, but i love my boys and boys in general! these 2 little men are my whole life, and i love being their mom so so sooooo much!


we love friends! beckam has so many little friends, and he sleeps with one or two or twenty every night :) i didn't know he strategically lined them up around his face before everyone drifted off to sleep though, and i love it!

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i love our chariot stroller life. i know i may at times complain about how hard it is to push a 75lbs (kids included) stroller all around this hilly little island, but i love it. i love how beckam can jump in and out on our walks. i love the exercise i get. i love how it fits my groceries. i love how comfy it is for the kids too - as shown here by mads! haha


i love our little farm animal life and how beckam named our ROOSTER penny! haha he had fun feeding penny for a little while, but their friendship is over now after penny mistook beckam's finger for a cracker. oops! i also love this cute little truly excited about farm life face :)

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lastly, i love happy sandy beach faces! sometimes, i'm anal and can't stand that maddox eats the sand and that beckam has it in his hair and ears and nose and everywhere else, but how cute are these little faces!



so.....if you're ever having "a day" with your little rascals (love that movie by the way), give them a bucket of sand, and let them go at it :) one of my favorite things!

snorkel date

as many of you know, i'm not home in canada, and me and the boys will be here for about 2 months.....leaving dust in statia all alone :( we are missing him like crazy, but lucky for me, we got a little date in before i left!


dust asked cara (who i love forever and ever for giving us afternoon away - just us) to watch the boys and got our snorkel gear ready, and we had a little statia date for the afternoon! it was so fun! we ate at The Golden Era, and we were pleasantly surprised. we didn't ask about what the burgers were made of, but we knew that no one we knew of had gotten sick by eating there before, so burgers and fries it was! we were right by the ocean, and we watched the crawfish wandering around on the rocks below us. the food was good, and it was just so nice to be just the 2 of us again for a few hours :)

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next, dust re-taught me how to snorkel, and it was AMAZING! i love snorkelling and love that we have the gear and the ocean at our fingertips. the water was perfect and clear and calm, and we had so much fun trying to find cool things to look at. dust dove down and got a starfish, and we saw lots of cool coral and fish on our little adventure. we collected some seashells for beckam's collections and just floated around and relaxed a little before hiking home. it was sooooo what we needed before being apart for so long and just a perfect afternoon on statia :)


p.s. i never thought i would go snorkelling on a date, and i'm just so thankful for and amazed at our little life over here. still hasn't sunken in that we live here and that this really is our little life!
p.p.s. i just realized that this is the 1st picture of just me and dust over here. guess we need more dates so we can take more pics!

movie night!

i can't express the excitement i felt when i heard that the school was putting on a little movie night! 4pm "Rio" for the kids and 6pm "Pirates 18" or whatever for the big kids. movie night in statia includes refreshments in the form of cupcakes, pop, and microwave popcorn, and we weren't complaining at all!


the school also provides the comfiest cushiest most extravagant movie chairs ever ;) seriously......when is the last time you sat in one of these beauts!?!


beckam was so excited for popcorn and lasted about 45 mins before he was done with the pirated fuzzy projected on to dust's classroom wall version of rio, but it was so fun! lianna and pearl made sure to get front row seats :)


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mads made it about 1/2 hour before he was whining enough to interrupt everyone's viewing pleasure, so the tolmans ducked out early for dinner, but we already can't wait for another statia movie night!

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statia church life

church was something we were very curious about moving to a tiny tropical island...how would it work, how many people would come, where would it be...??? what i can tell you now after attending our meetings every sunday with our little LDS group for the past 2 months is that church is one of our favorite things in statia!

here is the view as you walk into the erickson's home where we hold church every week. they turn their living room into our chapel for the day, and i'm always just so thankful that they open their house to us week after week. it's perfect!

it's also hot hot hot as everything else is on statia. here are the jensen's trying to cool off before sacrament starts!

here is the nursery room where we have 4 little ones that play together every week. pretty good considering we only have between 20-24 memebers in total every week!

here is our organist, tiffany, and she's also a primary and sunday school teacher along with the rest of us!

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here is randal, brother cooper, our "group leader" with his cute little alivia :)

our little LDS group family!

we stick with the "pre-assigned seating" rule of thumb even in statia. here is our spot every week! haha

one of beckam's favorite part of church - patches and cocoa, the ward pets! only in statia!

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we have to leave the front door open for air flow, but this requires some security measures to keep mads in the house instead of out playing with the rats and snakes and lizards. love it!

walking home from church like we do every sunday! i love our walks to and from church, and i love church on statia. where else can you wear shorts and flip flops and be done all your meetings after an hour and a half! love you my little LDS statia group :)

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

little nemo!

swimming lessons saturdays are one of our favorite things in statia. beckam asks about the pool every day and has really progressed with his swimming if you can call it that! the school rents out the pool here, and then some of the students volunteer and teach the kids swim lessons. it's awesome :)


mads LOVES the water! he floats around in his floaty and plays with flutter boards and watches the kids swim and spalshes and is just a happy little camper! we still dunk him every once in a while too, and he loves it!



i love the next 3 succession pictures. beckam was so happy with dad carrying him around, totally not ok with being on his own, and completely unimpressed that his dad would ever do that to him. haha love it!

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beckam has actually become quite the little nemo though. he went from keeping his legs around me with a death grip to swimming on his own completely! he started in maddox's baby floaty and now jumps in and swims back to the ladder with his puddle jumper wonder. it's awesome, and we're so proud of him! his favorite thing to do though is to sit on the side and kick and splash whoever is swimming by. thankfully, he can take some of his own medicine!


cara and lianna were practicing their synchronized swimming routine - you go girls! haha

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my happy little swimmers! can't wait for many more swimming saturdays!!!

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ward party - statia style!

here are a few pics from our 1st "ward" (or LDS group as our small clan is called) party. we had it at our beach, and randal arranged to have a BBQ brought down, and it was probably the best meal i've had since we've been here! mmmm......burgers.....


cara and mad dog


me and the boys enjoying the grub!


jeremy bought all the kids popsicles for dessert, and they were in heaven! pearl and beckam were "cheers"ing it up, and the moms were on hand with paper towels trying to keep the stickiness to a minimal - good luck!

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the kids enjoying their popsicles while playing in the ocean! it was a great ward party if you ask me!

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