Sunday, July 31, 2011

cake smashing fun!

this little man turned 1 the other day!

i know i'm a little late, but better late than never with the present opening, cake eating, bike riding, pool splashing pictures from the birthday party for my baby boy right?!?!

beckam "helped" open the presents while....

maddox ate the cards but it didn't matter cuz......

he still got the goods and loved everything he got!

my friend brandy made beckam's 1st birthday cake, but i had no brandy for maddie's 1st :( i had to take it upon myself this time, but considering that i have little to no creative or artistic talent, i was a little nervous to say the least! haha i knew it would be nothing great, and really, i just wanted it to look like what i meant it to look like! so......what do you think???? baseball right?!? success and mads loved it!

he didn't let us down with the cake smashing thing and covered his face and hands in baseball like we hoped! yummmmmmy!

we couldn't forget about dad back in statia, so thanks to skype he got in on some of the action :)

here's cute little emery with her special piece of cake. could she get any cuter?!?!

big brother had to get in on some cake action too, and he did it cake smashing style! love you becks!

we just had family join us for the big p.a.r.t.y, and here's the birthday boy with some of the grandparents. grandpa smith won him over with his funny noises, and he was a wiggly little worm once he got the grandma and grandpa moj! haha love you guys!!!

this happy little 1 year old man makes our family complete (for now at least!), and we just love him so so much! some of the things going on for him now that he's 1 you might wonder (but probably not cuz mostly just parents and grandparents wonder and know about these things. let's be honest, but here they are anyway).........

-started the 3-4 steps wobble walking at 10 months but started the real thing 1 week before his 1st birthday
-LOVES blueberries and watermelon and oatmeal and anything cold but especially freezies (like his dad)
-has recently decided that he's a "blanket" baby and went with the blue and yellow fleece duck one (not my 1st choice but whatever)
-adores his older brother and wants to do everything beckam does already - so cute!
-weighed in at 23.8lbs a few days after his birthday (only 4lbs less than his big brother)
-has the cutest smile EVER!!!!!
-loves peek-a-boo and covers his ears instead of his eyes
-isn't into tv at all.....yet (i'm still working on it though!)
-loves singing time before bed, especially his song
-new favorite toy - stairs
-has a few "words" - ball, bird, mama, dad, baba, cheers, juice
-is a screamer - when he wants something, when he's done eating, when he's tired, when he's getting dressed, when he's happy. you always know where maddox is, that's for sure, and if you don' very very scared.
-loves stuffed animals and snuggling with his blanket and his mom and dad and pretty much whoever is holding him
-is a people person (unlike beckam). he will go to anyone and smile and snuggle and walk and talk and he loves it!
-sleeps through the night unless he poops - can't sleep with a poopy diaper.
-looks like his mama and has a sweet caribbean tan :)

he is so stinkin cute and happy, and he makes us all smile every day. thank you for waking up happy and helping me to wake up happy maddie boy. you are a powerful influence in our family already, and i can't wait to keep getting to know you as you grow up. we love you eleventy four and happy happy birthday mister boy :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

something missing

dust informed me the other day that it's time for a new blog. he's apparently sick of looking at the same picture of us on the curb every time our homepage comes up, and because he's all alone in statia while we're here living up this amazing southern AB summer, i figured i could do him this small favor ;)

there is only 1 thing missing from my new favorite picture friend, and that's you! now, you can look at this picture every time our homepage comes up and imagine you next to mads in the next fort we build when you get here in just 25 more sleeps! we our dad soooo much and can't wait for aug 17th!

ps - i self-timered this picture to prove that i'm there when my kids are being cute and having fun, and i'm even part of the fun sometimes! go figure!