Tuesday, September 27, 2011

life changing teeko

this is teeko.

as named by beckam, and we are in love!!!! this little kia rio has changed our little statia life, and we are loving every minute of it! it reminds us daily that "money is d motive," and on the front window it says "509 BOSS" (509 is the area code), and on the driver's window, it says "hot spitter." we are riding in style with our pimped out window tinted little teeko, and we have been driving wherever whenever we can!

one of our favorite places to drive to is the park. i can't tell you how many times beckam asked if we could go to the park while we've lived here, and we never could (or would) cuz it was such a long hot walk away. now though, we can go whenever we want, and my boys are park-a-holics!

our statia park comes equipped with swings, teeter totters, slides, monkey bars, and a merry-go-round. it's pretty much AMAZING!

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a park trip is always followed by a shower here though, that's for sure! that's the fun of it though right?!?!

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this was our 1st trip to the park, and it was so fun to have some friends to play with :)

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yay for parks and cars!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

may as well!

so.....beckam started waking up around 5am back in january. not cool, but i thought it would be a phase like a lot of the not cool things are with babies/toddlers. sadly, it's just after 5:30 right now, and even though 5:30 is better than 5, this "phase" has lasted long enough! it's so frustrating, and yes, we've tried everything :( it doesn't help that he shares a room with mads or that he wakes up totally happy, and me getting frustrated also doesn't really help. so.....instead of going back to bed frustrated and tired, i decided to blog instead. may as well right! so, here are some of the goings on as of late around here.......


this is what happens when you put the wrong kid down for a nap first! haha too cute! maddie is also learning to feed himself, and i love it!



i love this one of maddie and the little crab. he was so intrigued and even held it for a minute, but once it started crawling on his hand, he threw it on the ground immediately. fun to look at from a distance though! and without carpet here, we spend (or at least the boys would love to spend) a lot of time on the 2 beds in this house wrestling, playing, and reading books. i never realized how much i take carpet for granted and how thankful i am for beds!

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i'm sure i've mentioned this before, but i could eat popcorn for dinner every night of every week of every year. i love it, and i love that my boys love it too! we had a little movie afternoon last sunday, and the boys helped me make and then eat 2 big batches. mmmmmm :)


we get a lot of comments about who these boys look like, but it remains agreed by everyone that they have their differences! i think we've got 1 hill and 1 tolman for sure though :)


both of my boys are pretty good about sleeping when they're tired no matter where they are, and it comes in handy on sunday afternoons when dad needs a nap but there's only 2 beds and when you have to go to the store whether it's nap time or not!



i think most kids go through a shoe obsession stage, and maddie is there right now! he loves shoes and is constantly trying to put on and then walk around in anyone's shoes but his own! it's really cute but boy does he get frustrated when he can't figure it out! haha

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haha they had a big1st term party last weekend, and the kids had so much fun dancing to the loud music. can't you see the excitement in beckam's face! i should say that the other kids had so much fun cuz this is what beckam did in the middle of the dance floor while everyone danced around him. i guess he's kinda shy......or just unimpressed by their dancing skills!


a glimpse into the future perhaps?!?!


it doesn't get much better than brothers! these 2 are pretty inseparable - due to maddie's obsession with his big brother for the most part - and i love it!

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so, a few goings on in our little caribbean life from me to you :) we miss our families every day, but we're slowly but surely getting used to our little statia reality again and trying to love each and every day that we're blessed to be on this adventure together!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the 10 thing

i know it's not tuesday, but i've been meaning to do this 10 random thing for a while, so i'll pretend it's tuesday cuz some of you are still asleep from tuesday night's sleep and give it a go!

1. i eat a treat as soon as i get out of bed almost every morning. if there isn't something homemade, there is usually something boughten and hidden away for my early morning addiction. it's the best way to start a day!

2. i've peed my pants numerous times since getting pregnant the 1st time, and i just can't seem to hold it very good anymore. i know.....do my kegels blah blah blah. who really sits there and thinks to wink 4 times a day though?!?! not me!

3. i'm a pretty lame mom sometimes, and the fact that my boys whine and cry when dust leaves and are the happiest when he gets home only confirms that to me every days. creativity is not me, and i'm jealous of people who are blessed with that talent.

4. i hate ants. i also hate the word hate and hardly ever use it, so i hope you get the passion behind my extreme dislike for these creatures. they are EVERYWHERE at my house, and when i was told that you couldn't leave a scrap of food out or you'd be attacked by ants, they weren't kidding! dust obviously didn't get the memo and left a cheese slice wrapper on the counter the other night. holy army of ants!!!!! thank goodness for BOP (our toxic ant killer). one army down, thousands more to go!

5. i went to my 1st zumba class last night, and i totally got my groove on! haha ya right! i just wish i could shake it like our teacher shakes it. i can get the movement down, but i have zero shaking ability!

6. our teacher told us to just go home and stand in front of a mirror and practice when someone asked her how she was so good. i couldn't bring myself to do it while dust was home last night, but i might have a mirror date while the boys have a nap this afternoon!

7. i loved doing laundry at home, but something about filling a dirty old tub with a hose once to wash and then again to rinse and letting down a dirty gray house down in our "yard" to drown out the tarantulas and snakes and geckos and to drain my dirty old tub and then ringing out towels and blankets and our clothes by hand has turned me against the chore of laundry. it's just not as fun that way.

8. i miss my dvr. there are many a good shows coming on this fall, and some of the ones i want to watch overlap which means.....that i have to choose. boo! the things you learn to appreciate by living on an island are endless!

9. skype is the most amazing thing ever! i can't imagine being on this crazy little adventure without being able to talk to our families, and i'm soooooo thankful for technology and the crazy advances that it makes all the time even though my kids still aren't allowed to have a cell phone til they're 16, and their phone won't have a texting option.

10. time to go fill the washing machine again, but have i mentioned that even though i don't the laundry that comes along with being a mom, i truly feel blessed every day to be a mom and to be blessed with these 2 amazing boys! they're the best, and i love my life!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

grandma gigi

i was feeling strong and committed to catching up on our summer fun, and then i realized that i left all of my summer pics on my mom and dad's computer in canada :( looks like i'll have to catch up another time, and for now - my new favorite picture.

this is my grandma hill with 2 of her biggest fans! becks and mads love their grandma gigi, and i do too. she is the best orange roll maker i know. she is one of the most kind and loving people in the whole wide world, and i've learned so much from her about being a good wife, mom, grandma, and friend. she gives the most perfect advice is sooooo supportive in whatever i do. i know i can count on her for any and everything, and i just love her eleventy four! the boys miss you already grams - your stories, your fruit snacks and M&M's, your songs, and your hugs :) love you!