Sunday, November 27, 2011

ladders, paper, and the real thing

whether it's a ladder or poster board paper or the real cut it down yourself thing, christmas trees are one of my favorite things about this most wonderful time of the year :)

i don't remember decorating that ladder, but i've heard the story many times and love that picture so much! i know that our boys probably won't remember decorating their caribbean poster board christmas tree either, but hopefully it will be one of our fondest christmas memories ever so that we can share our little christmas in statia 2011 story over and over again as well :)

we had so much fun decorating our homemade paper ornaments and decorating our little tree the other day....

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i may shed a tear or two about missing out on picking out a christmas tree with these fabulous amazing and totally tubularly awesome peeps, and i may miss the smell of the real thing, and i know i'll miss being with my family for all the christmas excitement.....

but we love our little tree and are super excited to make our own memories and enjoy our little beachful, sunny, statia christmas here :)

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merry christmas tree decorating everyone!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

quill time!

after 6 months on this island, we finally decided to hike the volcano that sits outside our back door called the quill :)

i always thought of volcanoes as rocky, lava spewing, mountains, but the quill is like a tropical jungle, and we are lucky enough to walk out our front door and be at the start of the trail that takes you up to the top and even inside if you want!

we had lots of fun noticing all the little vines and swinging on the big ones, and the best part of course was taking breaks along the way and snacking with friends :)

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we saw tons of crabs and a few geckos and 2 snakes too! ewww!

maddox is 3 years old in his mind, but sadly he had to be the 16 month old he really is and ride in the carrier, and he wasn't all that happy about it!

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nothing that a little hermit crab to play with won't fix though :)

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the vines were so cool!

oh how we'll miss this face in a few weeks when she heads back to normal life :) love you pearl!

trail markers! they were what kept beckam going and happy near the end......almost there!

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we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place, and we had so much fun exploring more of what our little island has to offer as a little family :) livin the island life!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

BIG waves

our nice usually calm beach looked like this the other day.....

for some reason, it was waverrific for about a week, and we didn't even dare go in the water on a couple of days. dust came this day though, so we braved it and rode with the waves and had tons of fun enjoying the big waves while they lasted. it was hilarious watching people get trashed when the big ones rolled in, but for some reason, i felt a little nervous watching this one form.

maybe it was that my little beckam boo was directly in its path!!! haha i love how you can see dust trying to cover beckam's head and protect him!

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they survived!!!

my waved washed boy:) he recovered pretty fast and it was all about playing in the sand after that!

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it was fun to have a different kind of beach day and big waves or small waves, a day at the beach never disappoints :)

mcqueen beatrix

the queen of the netherlands came for a visit a few weeks ago, and it was a party around these parts as you can imagine. royalty doesn't visit this tiny island of ours every month or every year or even every decade for that matter!

the whole island was encouraged to meet down at the airport to welcome her in the morning, so that's just what we did!

beckam was so excited that "mcqueen" was coming to visit, and he didn't really understand why he (she) arrived in a big orange airplane! haha too cute :)

the boys were just happy to be with the big crowd of people clapping and cheering when the airplane landed and tried to catch a glimpse through the gates while they listened to the local kids sing her a welcoming song. it was really cute :)

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queen beatrix and her son prince willem-alexander and his wife princess máxima came for the day, and we waved to them as they left the airport and when they passed us at the beach, and we enjoyed the flags and decorations for the day, and that was that! pretty cool to be a part of when you think about it though.

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long live the queen!