Saturday, December 22, 2012

chocolate season

 it's chocolate season around here!!!!! well, it's over now, and we're enjoying the fruits of our labors, but it was chocolate season not too long ago, and it was another memorable one!

me and kait made ourselves comfortable at the fondant rolling table while kris got the rocker moved in and took care of the little man for me :) she loved the excuse to watch from the sidelines, and her bigger than usual belly got her a comfy chair this year too!

chocolate faces and chocolate fun :)

dustin sheen got in on the fun this year and worked on his form dipping strawberry chocolates and.......

the boys got their first turn at the dipping table too! haha more eating, smearing, and squishing than dipping, and they had a blast!

i love the look on maddie's face here - like "can you believe they're actually letting us do this?!?!?" haha

they took their time easing into the chocolate puddle, but it quickly made its way in their mouth and up their arms and here, there, and everywhere!

beckam actually did pretty good dipping too - he even did the "o" on top for orange!

after the dipping came the licking :) yummy!!!!

not much beats dipping chocolates with your famous chocolate making nana!!!! we love chocolate season around here! so many good memories and so many delicious chocolates :)

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Friday, December 14, 2012

feather pen

one of my most vivid and favorite memories with my dad from when i was younger was going out hunting with him and getting a homemade feather pen as my reward (as if just spending some time with my awesome hunting dad wasn't enough!)

my boys got their 1st feather pens the other day, and i had to document it!  not too many grandpas have the patience to take their crazy 2 & 3 year old grandsons hunting, and i can safely say that i don't know anyone who can make a feather pen like this guy!

love you and your feather pens grandpa hill :)
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

santa clause parade :)

this year marked our 1st annual fort macleod santa clause parade, and it was a hit! yay for relatives who live in fort macleod and give us a reason to go, and yay for a beautiful, fun, awesome 1st annual december fun fest :)

it was mads' 1st parade that he can remember anyway, and he LOVED it! he kept waving both hands at every float and every person who walked by! haha

ugly sweater band and seriously.....doesn't get much more studly than mr. aj poytress!

mads had a hard time collecting candy with his giant mittens, so lace gave him a hand :) santa clause himself rounded up the parade - so exciting!

love these bundled up little men, and we had a such a fun little weekend sleepover christmas party santa clause parade weekend in fort macleod! can't wait to do it again next year!!!!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

modge podge

i'm trying to get ahead of the game here cuz i know that one of my new year's resolutions will be to catch up on my blog, and modge podges are one of the best ways to catch up :) seems like blogging isn't as popular as it used to be, but i'm determined to keep it up and do the blog book thing one day, so here it goes!

3 boys in a bath is so much fun! the boys choose a color for their bath most nights, so don't mind the pink water - it's maddie's favorite color these days :) this baby boy loves his baths!!!

nap with uncle cars :)

snowman fridge - love it!

the boys were watching cars and grandpa do the gross post-hunting stuff with carson's supposedly amazing white tail. they were totally enthralled and not grossed out at all like their mama!

love it when those smirks start to become a regular thing :)

proof that i do spend time with my little jeter man! love this little (big) man :) he weighed in at 12lbs 14oz at 2 months!

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cousin time! our 2 sheriffs on duty and the artsy little brothers getting their coloring on. we love our weekly dates with the poytress boys!

i would like to think that if asked who their favorite person in the whole wide world was, my boys would say their mom :) after all, it's me who feeds them and puts them to bed and gives them baths and reads them books and wrestles with them and goes for walks and library trips, etc. sadly though, i'm not. it's gotta be uncle dust hands down for these 2 little guys. they ask about him constantly, and he doesn't get a minute to himself when he comes to visit. thankfully, he found a cartoon on his phone and got a little down time with his nephews the other day. love you uncle dust!

more catch up to come!

Monday, December 3, 2012

halloween lover

halloween lover?!?! nope, not me. don't really like it at all (except for the candy of course), but it's different with kids. it's kinda fun to think of costumes with them and take them door to door and to experience the true joy of the silly holiday while holding their hands :)

here are our scared and scary faces, and we continued our pumpkin pancakes tradition this year too!

the boys were all over the place with what they wanted to be but eventually settled on a pirate and a cowboy - cute and easy - that's how i like it!

first round of dressing up was for the ward halloween party. beckam and his new sunbeam bestir, clayton, got quite the haul together, and mads got a sucker at the first door and couldn't be bothered with the rest of it!

next halloween fun.....trick or treating at the mall in lethbridge with our cousins :) such a fabulous idea! so nice to be warm and cozy while going door to door.

last but not least, the bundle up and run door to door with mom and kait! beckam ran the whole way and was so excited about every candy he got. mads was over it a few doors in but finished the cul-de-sac with us :) freezing cold but so worth it!

CANDY!!!!! the best part of halloween. can't wait to do it all again next year!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

snowflakes keep falling on my tongue!

crazy how fast the fun goes from playing baseball in the backyard to catching snowflakes on your tongue, but we are loving the experience of seasons again, and winter is definitely a hit!

we caught snowflakes on our tongues for the 1st snow of the season, and the boys dressed up in what snow gear we had for the 1st dump of the year and dove right in :)


i wasn't sure if my snow hating oldest son would be over his fear of the white stuff, but i had a feeling maddox would love his first souther ab winter. snow pants or not though, i had to drag both of these boys in after their double layered sweats soaked through!

beckam has turned full circle and LOVES playing in the snow, and mads loves it too but kinda reminds me of the little kid off a christmas story when he can't get up cuz his snow suit is too puffy sometimes! haha he's still figuring out all the gear and isn't a fan of snowballs in the face (thanks to beckam), but he loves it too :)


snow fun with aunt kait and warming up with their 1st taste of hot chocolate after :)


uncle dust is the official snowman builder around here, and the boys had so much fun building their 1st frosty with him!

and their 1st sledding experience went swell as well :) they had some serious snow fun with kait and cars, and we can't wait to show dad how we've made the transition from swim suits and beaches to snow gear and the fluffy white stuff!

happy snow day!

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