Monday, January 30, 2012

surprises are the best!!!

my little sis surprised me, and it's not always easy to do that, and i LOVED it!!!! she came to visit us a few days before my parents were set to come, and i had no idea! i love surprises soooo much, and it doesn't get much better than family coming to visit your tropical life :)


it was quite the adventure for her to get to us too, and it involved me going to st. maarten to meet her and tipping a certain denzel $40 to get her and her luggage to me in time for our flight back to statia! haha love you denzel!!!



the boys were in love with having their kait around, and we went to the park and the beach and the stores and for walks, and just did what we do here with her. it was awesome!

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she got to crack open a coconut and loved the nightly sunsets of course. doesn't get much more gorgeous than this people! (and i'm not talking about the sunset!)


she got a taste of dust's endonasal drain technique learned in chiro school when her ears got all plugged up, and she only gagged a little. i got to be the nurse and shine the flashlight :)


we had so much fun snorkeling and playing in the waves and building sandcastles and watching movies and killing spiders and eating chocolate chip cookie dough and popcorn and hiking and walking and chatting, and it was just pretty much amazing!!!!

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she wasn't a fan of the hermit crabs that kept us company during our hike up the quill! we got her to pick one up and hold it long enough for a picture though! haha


since my little sis' bday was only a few days after she left, we made her a special pancake breakfast, and beckam was all about making her a 20! hard to believe my little kait is 20 already and soooo excited we got to be a little part of it with her :)

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love this girl and loved every minute of her visit! the surprise awesome, and i was so sad to see her go and am ready for another surprise now any day (hint hint)! love you chickee and thanks for one of the best surprises ever and for being one of my bestest friends :)


Thursday, January 19, 2012


one of my greatest fears in life is having someone close to me pass away, and that fear came true for me last week as my granny hill left this earth and went on to be with her kids and husband again. we knew it was coming. she was going downhill fast and was in so much pain during the last few weeks/months. it was so incredibly hard being so far away and not being there to hold her hand and try to give her some comfort and love.

she's been there my whole life - if not right across the street then just a few blocks away. she's been there every birthday which means every july 1st, every christmas morning, every new years day, every thanksgiving dinner, etc. i remember listening to her stories and playing hide n seek in her basement and helping her pick raspberries and shell peas. i remember playing in her trailer out back and having sleepovers with my cousins and playing connect 4. i remember watching old movies with her and watching her quilt and bake, and i remember countless winters full of chocolate making and song singing :) so many amazing memories with one of the most amazing women i know.


we were blessed to live right across the street from granny the last 10 or so years, and it was so fun. we spent lots of time visiting her, and we all had our assigned seats at her house (i was on the far corner of her couch). i drove her into lethbridge for pineapples and doc appts and peaches. we went on shopping trips to kalispel and always had fun on girls nights out to the movies or for dinner. we were her official hair appt chauffeurs, and she always called when she needed help getting something down off the top shelf. we always looked forward to dinners with gram cuz she always came with something home baked and to die for delicious. some of my favs were orange rolls, butter horns, caramel popcorn, tarts, and macadamia nut cookies - mmmmmmmm!


my boys knew her as grandma GG, and i'm so thankful that they got to know her a little bit. they loved her stories and her fruit snacks and her songs, and it was always a special moment for me to see my boys snuggled up with their great grandma riveted on her song or story. she was the best storyteller. she was also so super duper hip that she left her grand girls wishing they would have the style of granny one day :)

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not only am i full of memories with this cute gal, but i'm also a better person because of her. she was the perfect example of perseverance and happiness and determination and kindness and love and support and friendship. she was someone i looked to for advice, and no matter what she said, i always left our conversations feeling supported, cared about, and loved. i loved her dedication to walking 3 miles every day, rain or shine, until she couldn't walk anymore, and i compared her to dory in my talk at her funeral because i can just see her encouraging those she loves to "just keep swimming" no matter what comes our way just like she did. she was our bestest friend and one of the most inspiring women i've ever known.

thankfully, i made it home for some family time and to attend her funeral. i got to say good-bye as i was blessed enough to be part of dressing her, and i was also blessed enough to spend some time reflecting on my memories with her as i prepared a little tribute for the funeral. my favorite moment of my happy/sad trip home was going to her house with kris, cars, and kait. we walked in and were immediately hit with her smell, and wow......smell is a powerful sense. it brought back every memory in that spic n span house of hers, and we all took our assigned seats and took an hour or so to just remember......remember her and our special relationships with her and how much we'd miss her but also how happy we were thinking of her up with her little keith and marlene and her sweetheart. we talked about what we'd miss most and what we learned from her, and we just sat there......saying good bye in a way but just etching our memories in stone so that we'd never forget and so that we can pass her legacy on to the next generation.

it was the most amazing weekend full of family, tears, laughs, hugs, reminiscing, and love. i'm going to miss my granny so much i can't even put it into words, but i'm just so thankful for the huge part she played in my life, and i'm so proud to be part of her family. i'm so proud to be her son's daughter and so thankful for the way she raised her kids and her faith and testimony that have strengthened and will continue to strengthen me throughout the rest of my life. love you granny, more than i was ever able to express, and every time i watch these beautiful waves rolling in, i'll think of you sitting beside me smiling that beautiful smile smelling all "blue" and know that you'll be there with me every step of the way til we meet again!
love you eleventy four!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


please be warned that if you don't like ginormous hairy disgusting kill me now spiders, you may not want to read any further! kait came to visit us a few weeks ago, and as soon as she got here, she jinxed us. i'd never even seen a spider in our new house and was feeling pretty good about the bug situation around here, but her crazy fear of spiders must have summoned the troops. she saw one in our shower the 1st night and then this guy creeped in with her the 2nd night.......


she screamed one of those blood curdling i think i'm dying screams and yelled that there was a tarantula in our house. the hair on my arms went up right away, and of course.....dust was off night snorkeling, so we were on our own.


he was freakin HUGE! long story short, i killed him. i did it, yes me. of course, it took me 25 mins of freaking out with kait and discussing all of the killing options. it may have included a little mini i know i'm an idiot prayer and lots of pep talking, and i may have yelled at kait to stop freaking out so that i could try to calm myself down enough to figure out what to do. but i did it. i may have left it there for dust to clean up, but i did it.

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this was definitely the biggest spider i've ever seen, and i got him good with my electric fly swatter. it was a life-altering and traumatizing night, and i'm officially scarred for life, and i know i sound like a complete fool but seriously........i don't understand why spiders this big have to exist, especially right outside my house! EWWW!!!!!!
ps - thanks to kait for being here with me even though she was a total freak show! haha love you k :)