Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tuesy tuesday

1. i had my 1st pack of top ramen (otherwise called noodle soup in our house) the other day, and i think i'm in love! so gross but so satisfying sometimes!

2. july 1st is over 4 months away, and i'm already sad about having to miss it. there's just nothing like july 1st in raymond with the hill family!




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3. the firm is my favorite new show. i loved the movie when i was younger, and i am LOVING the show now even more!

4. this is my new favorite picture. beckam is carrying his little book of mormon around with him constantly and is always asking us to help him find chapter 2 or 6, and he was so excited to give the scripture in primary on sunday. it's pretty much the cutest thing ever, and even though he really has no clue what's going on, i'm so proud of him!


5. i don't miss having a cell phone. i mean, i have one here, but it rings like once/week if i'm lucky, and it's so nice to just be in the moment when i'm playing with the boys at the park or to not be distracted and impatient with the boys when i'm grocery shopping, and i just love that i'm not always checking to see who called or texted. granted.......i know i'll be all over it when i'm back to the "real world" in a few months. sad.

6. i miss home. kris and dust were just here visiting, and i shed a tear or two when they left cuz i pictured them driving into raymond and seeing my amazing family. i want you to know that i'm loving my time here and try my best to never take for granted the amazing sunsets or days at the beach, but if you're blessed and lucky enough to be around your family, don't take that for granted either. there's nothing like being surrounded or at least close to that kind of love and support and comfort.


7. beckam's favorite show is the lion king right now, and i couldn't be happier! talk about great disney movies :)

8. my boys are growing up at the speed of light i swear, and i feel like i need to do better and play with them more and cuddle with them more and read to them more and just be there in their little world with them more. could someone call me every day and remind me of that?!?!

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9. i want to fly to st.maarten with my friend here to have a girls day and go to hunger games in march, and my husband is not having it. it's more than just the movie - it's about us probably never seeing each other again and taking advantage of our awesome little friendship and making some memories before they move in less than 2 months, and i think i'm totally justified!!! he clearly doesn't get it. any support in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated :)

10. i miss fruit. the end.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

love day!

we love pancakes around here, and we especially love when we have a reason to make pink heart pancakes! we had a great heart making, valentine's delivering, cookie making, pancake eating valentine's day, and we hope you did too :)

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happy late love day to all our loved ones!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

another year older and wiser too

this handsome young man is having a little birthday today, and here are some reasons why we love him eleventy four :)

he is such an amazing grandpa - so patient and kind and fun and energetic, and his grandons completely adore him and his moose calls :)

he's a dog loving, outdoors obsessed, hunting fool! he even taught my husband the tricks of the trade, and i can't wait for him to teach my boys and make them feather pens like he did for me :)

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he is FUNNY! haha whether it's telling stories to a captive audience or going snorkeling for golf balls or thinkin he's all cool cruising in downtown raytown in sabre style, he makes me laugh and smile, and i love that about my daddio!

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he's mr. fix it! shoe goop is his favorite fixer upper friend, but i love this shot of his sweet magnifying goggles as he fixed up kait's backpack to ensure that she didn't get a new one for another few years! he's always the one i talk to when i need to fix something :)

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he is the reason that we have a deep love for waterton and a craving for smugglers and that we all have a pair of camo christmas pi's. he appreciates the finer things in life and has passed that appreciation on to us, and i'm so thankful for that!

i was a daddy's girl when i was little. maybe it was our matching hair or his famous feather pens or how i loved watching him bush at home hardware and win us a pop to take home, but i just loved being with him. i pride myself in being like my dad in many ways, and i still am working to be more like him in many others.

he's my hero and my friend.

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he's my handsome studly scuba diving, body surfing, book reading, iPad playing, sports watching, bachelor consulting, ebay bidding, loving daddio, and we're just wishing you the happiest birthday ever from the sweet sunny caribbean :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

marshmallow launchers

we made marshmallow launchers, and they were awesome!!!! beckam was so determined to launch those little marshmallows while maddox was more into snacking on them, but it was a success either way :)

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a balloon, a plastic cup, and 2 happy boys!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

hand foot mouth

hand, foot, mouth - ever heard of it??? well, i hadn't, but this is the result when your little one gets it! maddox had a fever and little blisters on his hands, feet, and one little one on his tongue. it sucked like you imagine it would, but there is nothing like snuggles from my little maddie boy!

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i would never wish or hope for a sick child, but sick snuggles are the best and i try to soak them up while i can! glad he's on the up and up now and knock on wood......but beckam got through untouched!