Thursday, May 31, 2012

gak face!

we made some more gak/slime this morning and had so much fun making gak faces, gak shirts, sunglasses, hats, etc :)

me and lace even had to get in on the action! haha 



happy gak day!

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

it's popping!!!!

just some random pictures as of late. any time the boys sit beside each other to do something, beckam says "mom, take a picture of us!" i gave in this time and got this gem :) love me my 2 boys!

i love my husband, and he is truly my better half. downpour comes and puddle jumping follows with this daddio :) the boys had a blast, and i had fun taking pictures!
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 our new neighbors, the farrell's :) josh, hannah, eden, and fay - such a cute little family and so much fun to be next door neighbors with!

this blog will never tire of reminders of how much we love popcorn in this family, and maddox is our newest lover! it's POPPING!!!!!

this boy is growing up WAY too fast! he's growing out of clothes and into new sayings such as…..
"you're killin me here smalls!"
"please don't say stupid mom/dad."
"everybody, scoot da doo!"
after being asked why he had to go on time out….."because i did something terrible to maddox - i gave him a bonk."

he's got such a hilarious sense of humor and is so loving and polite and snuggly. love this little man :)

oh and he wrote his name all by himself today!!! please don't burst my bubble by telling me he should have done this a long time ago either cuz this is one proud mama :)

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happy mother's day to me!!! i couldn't have asked for a better statia mother's day :) i slept in and woke up to this amazing banner dust made while he was "studying." the boys made me a coconut blueberry smoothie and these cute little footprint hearts. dust made me a mother's day crown and bought me rainbow sorbet (which i've been craving soooo bad but didn't want to spend the money on!). we had a delicious dinner with friends and had popcorn and watched the survivor finale, and i just soaked up every minute i could with my little men! i feel so incredibly blessed to be their mama, and i love mother's day and how it reminds me of the amazing opportunity i have to wake up to these adorable little boys every day!

on another note - we are now in the 80's in dust's countdown til we come home. less than 3 months and we're getting pretty excited :) oh and i'm somewhere between 18-20 weeks pregnant and can't what to see this little person and find out who we're adding to this amazing family!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

moj's in statia :)

grandpa and grandma moj came to visit a few weeks ago, and we had a blast!!!!

we played at the botanical gardens and had races up and down rosemary lane…..

grandma held her 1st little hermit crab and became fast friends with him, and we had tons of fun dipping our toes in the water and finding shells at crook's…….
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grandma introduced the boys to the world of grape floats - beckam loved the pop and maddie loved the whole thing!

we hiked the quill and made it to the top despite run ins with bird poop and ginormous hermit crabs and a snake and lots of uphill work :) yay!!!
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we had lots of fun at the beach of course too! grandma did some body surfing with beckam and grandpa tried out snorkeling, and we loved every minute of our water fun :)

there wasn't a day that passed in the wonderful week we had with grandma and grandpa moj that beckam didn't stroke grandpa's hair. not sure why, but he loved it! haha

we had so much fun with these amazing grandparents and will forever treasure the memories we made with them and the fun we had! love you grandpa and grandma moj!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012


love this woman!!!!!

she is my bestest friend and the most amazing example of motherhood.

she is beautiful and talented in so many ways, and i hope and pray that i can live up the standard she's set for me. love you soooooo much mama and thank you forever and ever for being my mama and for loving me always :) hope you have the happiest mother's day ever!!!!!

i have felt so inadequate lately as a mother, but i also feel so incredibly blessed to be beckam's and maddox's mommy!

they teach me something new every day, and they make me smile and cry and dance and laugh, and they just make me so proud and so thankful that they ended up with me :) 

i love my little life and my boys and my crazy every day life as mother of these 2 handsome little men. so thankful to be a mom this special mother's day and so thankful for the mother who raised me and who loves me every day no matter what and for amazing mother-in-law's who love me so much and inspire me always! happy mother's day!
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Friday, May 11, 2012

this is what happens when…..

this is what happens when dad oversees the pinterest painting activity for the day :)


it went from nicely painting happy faces on the sidewalk to making footprints, hand prints, tummy prints, and pouring the paint all over each other! sooooo fun :)


thank you yet again pinterest and thank you to a husband who is way more fun than me and probably instigated the paint pouring and giant fun mess that we ended up with :)
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1 cup water + 1 cup cornstarch + food coloring
so fun!
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