Thursday, June 28, 2012

bitter sweet

we will be home in the land of the free 7 short weeks from today - crazy!!!! i think the best description for how we feel about the whole move and next step in our lives is bitter sweet. there is a lot about statia that we are going to miss, and there is also A LOT about home that we are so super duper excited about! so……here is a blog with some of the bitter and some of the sweet :)

first……we will miss our little gecko friends. they are everywhere here, in and out of the house, and we love the little ones especially. the one that jumped on my head, not so much, but we love our statia geckos! we also will never be able to get enough of the caribbean sunsets we enjoy right out our back door. so fun to sit out there with our boys and watch the sun go down on another day on statia!

the beach. i might mention that again one day, but we are really really really going to miss this place!

little crabbie friends. the big ones are a little scary, but the little ones are so cute, and we will miss searching for these little guys on our walks at crooks :)

now, onto what we're excited to get home to. FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there are a lot of little things about life back home that we miss here and that we can't wait to get back to, but the first and foremost (besides golfing for dust!) is family. we miss our families so much and can't wait to be back for sunday dinners and birthday celebration and christmas traditions and everyday life with the people we love the most!


and now that i've mentioned family, i can move on to chicken!!!!! i miss chicken sooooo much and can't wait to get back to everything that costco has to offer but especially the chicken!!! haha the things we learn to appreciate :)

so, the first of many bitter sweet posts to come! the next 7 weeks are going to fly by i'm sure, but we are making our countdown chain this weekend - 48 days and counting!!!! love love love this place but CAN'T WAIT to get HOME!!!!
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

beach baptism

this will go down as one of the coolest experiences we've had on statia. we were lucky enough to be there as stuart got baptized a week or so ago, and it was amazing! 

it's not every day that you get to experience a baptism at the beach, and it was so neat to watch stu and his dad enter the ocean together. beckam was especially intrigued, and there was just a special spirit there as our little group gathered together to witness stuart taking this important step in his life.

the beckett family :) congrats stu!!!

our little primary group!

the group there for stu's big day :)

such an awesome thing to be a part of with our little family and something that we'll always remember about our time here on statia :) love this place!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

snorkel steve

beckam has always loved when dad goes out snorkeling and brings back a starfish for him, and he asked for snorkel gear for a long time before nana and papa came through for him. he got really good at it in our little baby pool, but the ocean was a little daunting for him…….until last week that is.

my little snorkel steve asked to bring his snorkel stuff to the beach with us, and then to my surprise, he wanted to go out and give it a try! before i knew it… little 3 year old was snorkeling all over the place telling me all about the sand, rocks, and toes he saw on the ocean floor! it was sooooo fun to see him actually snorkeling, and he was soooo excited! after beckam was done.....maddie asked to try…….

 i wasn't about to say no, but i wasn't even sure he'd get the mask on much less put his face in the water much less get the hang of the breathing thing so fast much less become a snorkeling baby expert all at the same time, but he did! next thing i know, my 1 year old is taking his turn snorkeling around!

it was the cutest thing EVER, and i was the proudest beach mom, but of course, i was the only one there to witness it! thankfully, it wasn't a one day thing, and dad took them both out for a spin the next day :) they were just as excited and just as cute and just as awesome as they were the day before!


they love looking for fish now, and beckam's still searching for his 1st starfish to bring back for mom :) never in my wildest dreams did i imagine going out snorkeling with these 2 little handsome men in the caribbean, and it's pretty stinkin awesome!


oh and one more little diddy for you……this is what you get when dad puts on your diaper while you're standing up after a lovely afternoon at the beach! hahahahaha love it!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


my internet wouldn't let me do my father's day post on father's day, but better late than never for the dads in my life right!


can't get enough of this picture with my daddio! i was such a little daddy's girl, and i got more than my hair from this guy, and i love it!

love you so much dad! thank you for always being there for me and for teaching me about the finer things in life and for helping our family learn and live by "friends come and go but family will always be there." it's something i can't wait to teach my kids, and i also can't wait to get back to you and shoot some more skeets and pick some more strawberries and shoe goop some more stuff and watch some more basketball and cook some more healthy dinners and go for more sunday drives and hikes in waterton! i'm so proud to be your daughter and so thankful that you're my daddio forever!!!!

then…..there's this guy! waffles and ice cream for breakfast…...

pringles, ramen, and popcorn for dinner! that's just how the dad around here rolls :)

i love you so much friend! you are the most amazing father to the most amazing boys i know, and i love watching you with them and learning from you and with you as we try to do our best by these 2 handsome little men!

they love you so much and so do i :) we love our lunch time visits and our baseball practices. they love their wrestle time with dad and reading books and going for walks and snuggling up for yet another bubble guppies with their daddy. i see so much of you in both beckam and maddie, and i love it and am so proud of them and you and hope you had a very merry happy father's day!!!!!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

lace and naters surprise!

so….it's saturday night, and me and dust are just about to sing with the boys and put them to bed when we hear the loudest knock ever at our door - weird. so, i look at dust all confused and go to see what's going on, and i find tiffany saying she stopped by to chat. when i open the door though, i see none other than these two strangers!!!!

i slammed the door in their face of course and continued to freak out for a few minutes as i realized that she got not only me but dust too by complete surprise!!!! my lace who was just talking to me about booking flights to be here at the end of june was at my statia doorstep - CRAZY!!!

little naters was immediately mauled by his loving cousins, and then he met our tile floor with a fall off the bed :( so sad for his little lip but yay for snuggles from our little nate!!!

first day at the beach…nate wasn't so in love, but lace perfected her body surfing form and caught some good waves at zeelandia :)

day 2 went much more smoothly for nate and his friend, the sand :) he loved it and had sand in every crack and crevice. he loved it almost as much as he loved uncle dust while he was here!

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we did lots of walking, and lace got her work outs in for sure! walking up our little rosemary lane is tough enough, but adding a double stroller full of boys will define your calves in no time!

mangos and cousins and fun around these parts for 10 whole days :)

we hit up chicken day and had a little picnic. lace and i hiked the quill and saw 4 snakes, one of which i freakin stepped on!!!! so gross but so fun :)

we had some serious zumba fun with the girls and had to get the timer shot at white wall of course!

brother/sister shell finding and me and my sweaty self making cinnamon buns using my makeshift water bottle rolling pin on my tiny little kitchen table! haha they were just as yummy though!

seriously…..check out that form! beckam loved his diving friend :)


went went to beach EVERY day and loved EVERY minute of it! then, we got this amazing shot of lace and naters on their last night here. sooo precious!


i could not have been more surprised when this girl showed up on my doorstep, and i could't have loved the 10 days we had together any more. living my normal statia life with my lace definitely livened things up a bit, and i loved every minute of it. duggins, the library, cool corner, the beach, zeelandia, white wall, walks, chick flicks, popcorn, treats, girl talk……it was soooo fun!!!!

wish they could have stayed longer but so thankful they came at all and managed to surprise us too :) love ya lace and the boys are still asking about you, little nater pants!!! can't wait to play more in a few months with a few more important boys along for the adventures :)