Tuesday, July 31, 2012

statia walks

one of my most favorite things to do with the boys here is go for morning walks. it used to be a lot more work pushing them in the stroller or dragging them along as they complained about being tired, but they love it now, and we're often off to complete our little loop after breakfast :)

first stop - see if sandy's out and about and give her a good morning pet!

next….gecko wall! that's what we call it at least because we ALWAYS see at least 1 gecko on it and usually more like 5 or 6. the boys always try to touch their tails before they scurry away but haven't been successful yet!

they always practice their balance on the curb going up/down rosemary lane, and we don't pass this cobblestone wall without climbing it before…...

stopping at the dutch plumber for a juice box!!! this is what they look forward to most of course, and it's about half way home and before the steep climb back to our house, and there's a/c so the dutch plumber knows us well! the boys pick their juice and pay for it and then settle in on the lawn chairs for sale while i stand in front of the a/c to cool of :) love!!!

beckam's always waving at people, and maddie's started following his lead too. such a friendly place :)

there is flower picking for mom/dad all along the way and….

 we have lots of friends to visit too! sampson always comes to the fence for a little scratch and whines when we leave without taking him with us, and benji's usually hiding in a corner after eating his breakfast but is sometimes out and about for a visit!
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and we always, always end our walks with a freezie of course!!!! gotta cool down somehow!

i love holding the little hands of my boys on our walks, and i love how they stop to notice everything and have to balance on every curb and how they love their juice boxes SO much! we will miss the hills and friends and views of statia on our morning walks :) so thankful for the past 16 months full of amazing, hot, beautiful mornings with my boys though!

Friday, July 27, 2012


i'm totally having a moment here as i scroll through so many of our statia pictures to search out what we'll miss, and i'm overwhelmed!!! as we enter the teens for our countdown, the reality of it all is becoming a little clearer, and i'm having many sad moments as i think of leaving this beautiful place and as i remember the many amazing memories we've created as our little statia family :)

our backyard pool fun and walks so long and hot that mads couldn't help but fall asleep every time!


the beach…..oh the beach how we will miss it! dirty park faces are pretty darned cute too :)


i won't miss the spiders, but i will miss having to get my brave on and bragging to dust that i killed another ginormous spider while he was studying! winter/christmas fun at the beach……yes please!


i can't wait to lay on the beautiful grass in my backyard and feel an ant crawling on my leg and not have to worry about it attacking me! fire ants…..we are not sad to leave you on statia! penny the chicken and all of our other little cow, goat, gecko, chicken, dog, cat pets/friends though…..you will be missed!

don't cry lynz, don't cry! i will miss monday nights and my statia girls so very very much!!! bachelorette finale was one of our highlights :)


family freezie time - almost every day and we LOVE it! not sure how much longer this will last either, but doesn't get much cuter than finding your boys playing snorkeling in their bed!

and i know i've mentioned it before, but we're gonna miss the beach and everything that comes along with it! floaties, toys, sunglasses, noodles, tubes, snacks, and i just can't get enough of these 2 handsome little beach bums!

with 19 days left though, the excitement for home is only growing! dishwashers………YAY!!!!

when asked what beckam wants to do 1st when he gets to canada, he always says ride my bike!!!! so exciting!

we can't wait for love sac throws and fuzzy hair and a soft place to cuddle up - yay for carpet and love sacs and anything but tile floor!!!
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puppy kisses :) we can't wait!!!!!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


i hate taking pregnant pictures of myself, and being pregnant isn't my most favorite thing in the whole wide world i'll admit, but i've decided that baby #3 needs a little blog time too, so here he/she is in all her 6 1/2 month glory :)

i was so shocked when i took the test back in february, not cuz we weren't trying but cuz we didn't have to try long, and dust was super excited with this positive pancake breakfast. so fun!

i felt great to begin with of course, but the sickness started up around 5 weeks. it was ramen (specifically picante beef flavor), saltines, and carrots/cucumbers and ranch that got me through my 4 weeks of torture. nauseous 24/7 - blah!!! i swear there's nothing worse, but i was thankful it was only a month and sooooo thankful for my ramen, which i'd never really eaten before in my life but became my nightly ritual! haha

i've also grown to love fruit loops and goldfish for snacks - which again, i've never really eaten, and watermelon is pure heaven to this pregnant girl! mmmmm!

it's been quite an adventure being pregnant on statia. i'm a hot blooded person in general (thanks for that dad!), but being pregnant and living in the caribbean has made me appreciate cold showers on a whole new level! haha i'm ALWAYS hot, but it makes the beach all the more enjoyable and makes me appreciate a nice little breeze and rain and the cooler early mornings and late nights all the more :) i've been shaking my prego belly at zumba and going on lots of walks and trying to stay busy to keep the lbs off, but i feel like i'm about right on track with my other pregnancies. the comments about my big belly are becoming a daily occurrence here and seriously people……i know my belly's big!!!! haha

we are so excited to welcome another little "monster" to our family. beckam's convinced it's a baby sister and decided to name her eric til we convinced her that eric is a boys name and now, it's cara. ( love you lott's!!!) maddie loves touching my belly and relates it to the word baby although i'm not sure how much he truly understands. we can't wait to get back to canada to see our doctor and perhaps get an ultrasound at 30+ weeks and can't wait to meet this little kicking wonder!

i'm a little nervous about being a mother of 3, but i know we'll muddle our way through and figure it out eventually :) 
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

less than a month

do you ever find that when you look back in time, it seems to have flown by, but when you're looking forward (especially to something exciting - like moving home after being oceans away for over 16 months as an example) time seems to crawl by day by day?!?! that's where we find ourselves right now. crazy to think that it's been 15 months here on statia and that we have less than a month left, but cutting those chains off every day makes it seem like moving home is still a dream! haha

not sure if we'll "miss" cleaning our feet every time we come in from outside and getting baked to a crisp by this hot caribbean sun, but definitely some memories we'll take away from this amazing place :)

hahahahahaha i love this picture! no, we will definitely not miss that tiny little couch, but it's very statia, and we will miss that!

walks to church and the amazing group of people that we got to meet with while we've been here is on our list of things we'll miss for sure! we loved our sunday walks when we didn't have a car, and we love our 1hr 15min meeting time along with the spirit that we felt whether we met in the wonderful erickson household or in the 4th term classroom at the school :)

snorkeling - love it and will miss it!

instead of counting the geckos on gecko wall for our outings though, we can't wait to go and feed the horses again!

seasons! haha we are super excited to go from our shorts and t-shirts to jeans and hoodies while we play in the leaves and…...

give the wonderful beautiful cold and delicious snow another chance! beckam's always hated and been terrified of the snow, and we can't wait to force him to build snowmen and go sledding and learn the true art of being from southern AB!

meat! i know this steak is all cut up and not cooked and it's kristen holding it, but we don't care how it comes, we just can't wait for meat again!!!!

27 days and these boys will be reading this book with their grandmas :)

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