Thursday, September 20, 2012

it's a boy!

well, i have 1 week left til my supposed due date, and we got to meet our newest little one a few weeks ago by ultrasound......finally! i was 32ish weeks, but they changed that to 35ish weeks once all the measurements were taken - every woman's dream! so, my due date changed from oct 18th to sept 28th. yay!!! they of course can't tell you what you're having at the radiology place, but our doc called right over and then called us to let us know that it's a BOY :)

not gonna lie, it'd be kinda fun to shop in the pink section and buy bows and headbands and earrings and nail polish, but we are so super duper excited to add another little brother to this family! we might just work on a full starting line-up!

little toesies - love him already! beckam thought it was a girl, so it's taken some getting used to calling this little man a he, not a she. the 1st name he came up with for him was.....get ready for this....penis. yup, penis is what i wrote, and it wasn't a typo! haha i think/hope he was trying to be funny, and even though it's not funny, dust and i both giggled and then threw out some other options! he is now hooked on cooper (not sure where it came from) but likes the ones on our list too.

anyway.....dust won't be here to meet this one fresh from heaven with him being in atlanta, so my mom's gearing up to keep me company in the delivery room (yay for moms!), and i'm working on my ugly cry face so that no one has to see it to the extreme when i'm overly emotional and missing my friend and wishing he could be there. he'll be back soon enough for a visit though, and hopefully little "cooper" has settled in to our little lives by then :) i love my boys so sooooo much and can't wait to add another wrestle partner to this family full of little men!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

missin this guy!

dust left for atlanta yesterday, and we are missing him like CRAZY around here!!!!


he's finishing his last term there and will be home again in december, but it won't be soon enough for these boys and for this girl!

dust is just the kind of guy who makes everything easier. he is the best dad ever, and he always keeps things light with his hilariously funny sense of humor :) 


he's the best dad and supports me so awesomely, especially when i have those moments of impatience and frustration with our little men. he's so patient with both me and them and lightens my load every day.

 i love having the "what's the plan for tomorrow" talks with him in bed every night, and i love waking up to a quiet house cuz he's taken the boys for an early morning walk. i love how he cleans and how he never expects dinner on the table and is always grateful for it when he gets it. i admire his hard work ethic and his dedication to schooling, and as hard as this will be for us to have him gone, i know it's even harder for him to be all by himself in a little hotel room in atlanta studying all day every day. he's doing his for us though, and we're soooo thankful for that!

fingers crossed he makes it back for this big event happening in the next few weeks again! for now though, we miss you friend!!! study hard and yay for skype and love you forever and ever!
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

collages of home!

here are some collages of home from the past few weeks :) it's been a blast being back with family and in southern AB! love this place and love these people!

tennis and bike riding fun :)

who says they're aren't beaches in southern AB! wally's beach made up for our missing our statia beach time so much.....

we loved the park in statia, but it's so nice to have grass and gravel to play on instead of dirt! tire swings too.....a whole new world for these little guys!

the zoo!!!!

beckam got to camp out in the backyard with dad and uncle cars and had so much fun! s'mores by microwave and even a movie in the tent to make the experience complete :)

we LOVE spray parks and cousins!!!!

boys fishing trip!

beckam passed as a sea turtle in his swim lessons, and his teacher (tyler) said he's never seen a kid cry every day but still do what he asked them too! haha beckam loved it but was so freezing cold that he definitely teared up every now and then!

the boys have had lots of "special dates" since being home. beckam got to go golfing and out for pancakes with aunt kait, to waterton with dad and uncle levi, and even had a sleepover at grandma and grandpa moj's! maddie had a sugar cookie date with mom (yay for the bosch!!!!!) and has picked lots of strawberries and raspberries with nana and papa too :)

the last 3 weeks has been sooooo much fun! we missed this place and our families so much while in statia, and we've definitely taken advantage of the end of summer fun around here :) we also get to drink water from a tap and dry our clothes in a dryer, and we're sleeping in a queen sized bed again (hallelujah!). we buy our milk from the fridge section instead of off the shelf, and shopping at superstore, walmart, and costco has been glorious! haha life is good, and there will be plenty more to come from our little life back in canada :)

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

so long statia!

ok...ok...back to blogging. i can't put it off much longer or i'll be sitting in front of the computer for days trying to catch up!


we are home sweet home now, but here are a few pics from aug 15th - our last day on statia :( we spent the morning packing up last minute things and clearing out the house and saying bye to friends. it was so bitter sweet but mostly just hectic and crazy, so that saved the tears from flowing thankfully!

i had a moment a few nights before we flew out and had a little breakdown. as hard as living on that tiny little caribbean island was, it brought our family closer together and made us better people individually too. we LOVED our time there, and it was both hard and exciting to say good-bye and start the next little phase of our medical student life :)

beckam waved to the quill as we took off, and maddox was sooooo excited to finally be on the airplane we'd be talking about for months. it was a pretty exciting day and super surreal, but we were on our way! canada, here we come!!!!!
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