Saturday, October 27, 2012

this little man is 1 month today!!!

crazy how times flies! i'm just thankful that i remembered he was 1 month today and snapped these pics while he was chillin on the kitchen counter this afternoon.

jeter is such a little stud :) he eats every 3-4 hours and does pretty good sleeping at night. i'm holding out for when those long stretches start, but i'll love my grey's anatomy and my cuddle time with him at 2am while it lasts! he loves tummy time, especially when his brothers join him with some books :) he loves being held and loves his carseat as long as the car is moving too.

beckam is such an awesome big brother and is always rubbing jete's fuzzy hair or asking to hold him or pat him or help feed him. mads isn't into the holding thing so much but loves giving his baby brother kisses and hugs and is always concerned when he hears him crying. it's pretty cute :)

tyson had this little shirt made for jeter! wish you were here to give him some snugs tys, but he'll be sporting the red and white in your honor til you get back :)

we keep trying to guess his hair color, and i've been seeing a tinge of red the last few days, so we'll see if he does the strawberry blonde thing like his dad and big bro :) he's got gunky eyes like mads, and our fingers are crossed that it's just a cold and not clogged tear ducts again! time will tell though and either way, he's pretty cute!

love this little man oh so much and can't wait to keep getting to know him as his personality shows through more and more! happy 1 month baby boy :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

6 years baby!

this happened 6 years ago today :)

i love our story, and it only gets better with time! quick kiss and a phone # exchange within a few weeks home from dust's mish, and we had a great 5 months of dating. we (i) wasn't ready for forever quite yet though, so he dated some of my friends while i regretted the break up and went to korea for a year to teach english. thankfully, it wasn't over though, and we dated again when i got home for another 5 months - yay!

then.....he popped the question the night before my 24th birthday at the raymond baseball diamonds :) it was the perfect proposal besides the fact that i couldn't hug him too tight cuz he was too sunburned from the family softball tourney! haha i don't remember all the details of what happened after he proposed, but i don't think i'd ever been so happy or so excited in my life!!! i wanted to show anyone and everyone the ring, and i couldn't stop holding my fiancee's hand and giggling every time i thought of marrying my best friend!

dust set the bar for me the 1st time we dated, and i only dreamt that we would get a 2nd chance and end up as happy as we are now :) lucky for me, that dream came true!

i have so much fun with this guy! one of my favorite things about him is how he makes me laugh. he not only lightens my load but lightens me (if that's possible!). he helps me see the positive and just inspires me to be happier and better every day!

the last 6 years have taken us from lethbridge to raymond to portland to statia and who knows where we're off to next! we've also added these 3 little studs to our forever tolman family :) 

no matter where we are though, we're happy as long as we're together. i love you soooooo much friend! no doubt in my mind that we were meant to be, and i'm so excited about what the next 6 years have in store for us! as long as i'm with you, i'm good to go :) thank you for living up to your pet name and for being the love of my life too! you are the flip to my flop!


happy 6 years snookums and hey.......wanna go here in a few weeks to celebrate?!?! cuz we have a reservation for 5:30 at the duluth melting pot! LOVE YOU!!!!!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5 days of dad

dust came home last week, and we were in heaven with our 5 days of dad!

he met baby jeter and took advantage of nap time with some cuddles :) doesn't get much better than naps on dad's chest!

it also worked out that he got to be here for 3 thanksgiving feasts! here are the cousins before dessert :)

and here's the tolman family! so much family fun :)

one of dust's favorite fall things to do is carving pumpkins, so we took advantage of a free morning to have some pumpkin fun.

dust is the drawer, and beckam got to help dad this year! i'm in charge of the gutting of the pumpkins, and i got both boys in on the action this year! ewwwww!

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then, the carving and......the finished product!

nothing overly special, but we had lots of fun together, and the boys loved it!

you'd think i would end this post with a cute family picture now that jeter's joined the family, but we didn't get even 1 with all 5 of us in it! so instead, i'll just say that we were all very happy to have dad home for 5 days! wish it could have been longer but so thankful that it worked out at all! now.....2 more months and he'll be home for good! miss you tons friend :) life is just better and way more fun with you in it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

hunting boys

 one of beckam's most favorite things to do since coming back to canada is going hunting with his grandpa and uncles and dad :) they always get their "tough" faces on, and he loves getting his gun ready, and grandpa even got him his own hunting coat!

this little tough face asks me almost every day if maybe he could possibly go hunting. sadly for him, mom's not really the hunting type (except for gophers - those are different!), so he relies on the men in his life to get his gun on!

beckam got his very own gun, and he couldn't be prouder! the boys came home the other night and got 3 partridge, and beckam claimed to have shot all 3 of them himself! no bullets in the gun, but he shot em dead! haha


maddox got to go out for his 1st time the other day too :) he knew beckam went hunting but didn't know what it meant, and he was all over getting his toque on and his cap gun ready!

love these camo boys and the memories they're making together :)

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Monday, October 1, 2012

he's here!

he's here!!! jeter dustin geddy tolman made his entrance on sept 27th at 9:09pm :) 7lbs 8oz and 21 1/8 inches long and pure heaven!!!

i drank this nasty concoction wed morning (castor oil, almond butter, orange get the idea - NASTY!) and had some contractions here and there all day. they got worse that night but then let up in the morning, and i was convinced it didn't work. that afternoon though, they got closer together and more painful, and i knew it was hospital time - yay!!!

so excited to get that little watermelon out of me, not so excited about the tiny box of rice krispies they offered me but better than nothing! haha kait and my mom were my people with dust in atlanta, and they did great! took a few hours to get from a 3 to a 10, but yay for epidurals to save me some pain from 7 to 10. we had a little party in the delivery room too with a nurse, a student nurse, the nursing instructor, my doc, a resident doc, and 2 NICU people there to support me :) the epidural covered my contractions, but i felt everything it took to push this little man out and OUCH!!! so worth it though and sooooo good to meet our newest little man :)

jeter had to spend a couple hours in the NICU because he was so pale and kind of limp and quiet, but he checked out of there quick and was off to reunite with his mommy!!! i just can't get enough of this little face :)


we had lots of visitors in our 20 hour stay, and they all fell in love of course :) none as much as these 2 little men though! beckam was especially excited to meet his little brother, and he was so excited about his name and his fuzzy hair and his little fingers. it was the cutest thing ever! mads gave jetes a kiss and was off to explore, but he loves his little bro too! HUUUUUGEEE thanks to kris and dust who watched our boys too - you guys are the bestest!!!!


jeter is such a good baby so far!!! loves his carseat and his baths and loves his many many snuggles from his brothers. eats, sleeps, and poops like a champ and is just such a little stud! we got some time to ourselves when we came home too - another HUGE thanks to lace who adopted 2 more boys for a night and let me and jeter settle in a bit :) love you lace!!!!!

dust gets here tomorrow night and can't wait to meet this little guy! we are so excited to get dad home, and i'm just the luckiest girl in the world to be part of this little family of men :)

life just feels a little more complete with jeter as part of the family now. it's crazy how much you can love someone so little, but i love him more and more every day and am so thankful that he's finally here! love you little jeter man :)

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