Sunday, November 25, 2012

snowflakes keep falling on my tongue!

crazy how fast the fun goes from playing baseball in the backyard to catching snowflakes on your tongue, but we are loving the experience of seasons again, and winter is definitely a hit!

we caught snowflakes on our tongues for the 1st snow of the season, and the boys dressed up in what snow gear we had for the 1st dump of the year and dove right in :)


i wasn't sure if my snow hating oldest son would be over his fear of the white stuff, but i had a feeling maddox would love his first souther ab winter. snow pants or not though, i had to drag both of these boys in after their double layered sweats soaked through!

beckam has turned full circle and LOVES playing in the snow, and mads loves it too but kinda reminds me of the little kid off a christmas story when he can't get up cuz his snow suit is too puffy sometimes! haha he's still figuring out all the gear and isn't a fan of snowballs in the face (thanks to beckam), but he loves it too :)


snow fun with aunt kait and warming up with their 1st taste of hot chocolate after :)


uncle dust is the official snowman builder around here, and the boys had so much fun building their 1st frosty with him!

and their 1st sledding experience went swell as well :) they had some serious snow fun with kait and cars, and we can't wait to show dad how we've made the transition from swim suits and beaches to snow gear and the fluffy white stuff!

happy snow day!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

georgia peach

jeter got some seriously cute little outfits and blankets and some super cute and fun presents upon his entry into this world, but i got a little somethin somethin too :) kris and dust bought me a ticket to atlanta to visit this guy!!!

i went last weekend, and it was such an awesome weekend. it started with a little present from home for dust - 1/2 pound reese cup! mmmm!

we also went to the melting pot for our anniversary dinner, and it was amazing!!!! a 3 course fondue dinner, and we were there for over 2 hours just relaxing and eating and visiting, and we LOVED it!

there was no escaping an atlanta falcons game during my visit of course :) dust would go to any live sporting event anytime anywhere, so we couldn't pass it up! our undefeated falcons took down the cowboys, and we had some serious entertainment with falcon/cowboy fan fights, and the noise was crazy, and we just loved every minute of it! RISE UP FALCONS!!!!

red robin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of our favorite restaurants and it had been over 1 year since we'd be there last! those bottomless steak fries did not disappoint!

we stayed up late and slept in and shopped and napped and relaxed and had the best time just the 2 of us :) we lived it up georgia style, and it was so nice for both of us to have a break from studying and from the kiddos. miss this guy like crazy and and can't wait for the next 5 weeks to fly by so he can come home to us :)

i had so much fun on my weekend getaway, but i missed these boys like crazy too, and it was so fun to come home to posters and hugs and kisses from my little guys!

kris and dust not only bought me the ticket but subbed in as mom and dad with the help of the rest of the family for the 5 days i was gone too! i don't know how to express my gratitude enough! i had the bestest time and am so thankful to have such an amazing family! love you guys and thank you again forever and ever!!!!