Sunday, December 29, 2013

christmas day!

christmas day was awesome! it was a little different without all of our amazing family around to share it with, but we had fun just the 6 of us and made some great memories :)

there were lots of happy faces on the present front :) balls and jerseys and bats and hugs thank you's all around!

the main action of the day was spent on our new bball hoop though :) gotta take advantage of christmas in az when you can head out in your new jersey and play ball all the day long!

we had fun with our presents and went to frozen (our new family favorite movie - let it gooooo!!!!!) just the 6 of us, and then we had a yummy turkey dinner (which is a lot easier and yummier when i don't have to do everything myself! haha), and we just enjoyed the day as a family! it was splendid and awesome and will always be a christmas that we will remember!

Friday, December 27, 2013

christmas eve 13'

christmas eve!!! one of the best days of the year :) it started out with opening presents from libby - our mischievous cute little december elf friend!

the boys were so confused and then so excited once they understood that libby got them karate uniforms and lessons to go with them. hi-ya!!!!!

once the karate practice in the living room was over, we bundled up (cuz you can't be all warmth and sunshine on christmas eve!) and went skating!!!!

it was the boys' first time and my first time in like 20 years, and it was AWESOME!!!! they had soooo much fun and so did i! we will have to work on dust's skating skills for next year, but me and these 2 little men had a blast!

beckam got so good with his little pylon and me and mads took a good spill but laughed it off and had a great time!

after a christmas eve dinner with friends (love ya lott's and cooper's!), we headed home to put out the reindeer glitter and cookies to make sure santa didn't miss us!

the boys were soooo excited, and we were sooooo excited to get to bed after some (or lots) of last minute wrapping and putting together! what's christmas eve without a good wrapping paper mess!

christmas is coming tra-la tra-la!

Monday, December 23, 2013

pre christmas fun

christmas is awesome - there is no denying that, but the days leading up to the big day are so full of anticipation and excitement and magic really, and i just can't get enough of the pre-christmas fun! writing letters to santa this year was too cute :)

mads drew pictures of his christmas wishes - a water bottle, baseball glove, basketball hoop, teddy bear, and basketball pretty please! and beckam's letter is pure cuteness! love the backwards "J" and every last cute little letter!

we were late on the actual sending the letters to santa thing, so thankfully libby used her magic to fly them back to santa on the 22nd for us :) the boys had to ask her super nice though!

christmas bags from school and the first little quincy smiles were among our pre-christmas festivities as well :)

dust and i both felt like we wanted to do something for our neighbors this year, and since they seemed to love playing basketball with the boys, we got each of the boys a ball of their own :) the boys were so excited to take over their gifts!

and davonte and javaris were so excited!!!! christmas magic in its purest form

and we can't leave out jeter! our cutest little christmas rascal - loving the tree a little too much like all little toddlers!! haha

Sunday, December 22, 2013

fall has hit

finally - in december - we have been able to enjoy some fall fun!

sweats and hoodies and cooler mornings and evenings but most importantly......the falling leaves! there have been lots of leaf fights, and me and jeter make sure to crunch the piles of leaves on the way to and from the park and preschool every day!

who says arizona doesn't have seasons!!!! we may still be in shorts in december, but there are leaves to crunch :)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

beckam boo turns the big 5!

this little (or not so little sadly) man turned 5!!! he was so excited to wake up to staircase all streamered up by our silly little libby elf :)

he was equally excited for his new lunch box, watch, and "skater" shoes that his brothers gave him :)

you're only in a small preschool class once, so beckam took advantage and invited all 8 classmates along with his church and neighborhood friends too! a grand totally of 15 or so showed up to his sports themed park party :)

we did a few minute to win it style games, and it took all we had to keep all of the kids together much less playing the games together! haha they had fun though!

so many awesome friends and presents and so much fun for our 5 year old beckam boo!

and he's still not a cake/cupcake guy, so sugar cookies it was yet again! the giant one for the birthday boy of course :) he was in heaven!

he had such a great birthday and birthday party, and he deserves it! i can't say enough about how thankful i am for my #1 boy. he is my everything! he is my sanity. he makes me laugh. he is my right-hand man. he teaches me about patience and about honesty and about having fun and about choosing the right and doing your best. he is seriously the best big brother - always looking out for his younger siblings and helping them with whatever they need. whether it be keeping jeter out of the road or holding quincey while i make lunch or teaching maddox how to fold his clothes and clean up properly, he is always on top of things!

he loves sports - all of them! he has so many best friends, we can't keep track of who's at the top of the list, but maddox is up there for sure :) he is so good at telling the truth even when he knows he did something wrong, and he is so quick to help me when things are a little crazy at home. he's so proud that he can pump his own legs on the swings, and he is dying to be a little monkey and skip on the monkey bars. he LOVES his new skateboard and is already cruising down the driveway :) he loves superheros and ninja turtles and sleeps on the top bunk and knows not to leave his room til the time starts with a 6! (we wish it was 7 but 6 is better than 5!) he is so dedicated and never gives up. he sets his mind to conquering something, and he won't give up til he gets it! he loves reading and writing and is getting pretty good at figuring out our crazy language. he is so conscious of choosing the right and making good choices, and he just remembers the lessons we try to teach him and tries to do his best. him and his little maddox buddy are pretty inseparable whether it's cleaning their room, brushing their teeth, wrestling on the tramp, practicing their karate moves, or doing tricks on their scooter, and i LOVE it! brothers are the best, and it doesn't get much better than this kid when it comes to the kind of big brother any kid would be lucky to have. i'm soooo blessed to be his mama, and i don't know what we would do without our beckam boo! happy 5th mister moo - love you more and more every single day!!!!