Tuesday, February 26, 2013

pre-christmas fun

man oh man! i will catch up, i will! here we are super excited about christmas and rocking out to some serious christmas tunes before the big holiday came :)


we decorated the most beautiful christmas tree ever (thanks to grandpa and cars!). mads was all over the candy canes, and beckam loved being lifted up to get the high branches!

santa came to our family reunion (yay! we didn't have to pay for a picture at the mall!), and beckam couldn't wait for his turn while mads wanted nothing to do with the guy in the big red suit and more the thing inside his little red package! haha he did however jump all over a chance to wave good-bye and give him a high five, and poor jeter had to wake up for some santa snuggles this year.

we made christmas tree pancakes......

and elfed on a shelf :)

at least the girls got matching pj's this year!

we had christmas music on all the time - LOVE christmas music!

we pixied and had a blast dropping off our christmas sugar cookies to friends, and......

santa called on christmas eve to let us know he was on his way!!!

dad helped santa put together a toy or two, and we fondued as per christmas eve hill tradition :)

carson lasted the longest around the fondue pot as usual, but us girls had our fair share too! looking at lights was so much fun with the boys. grandpa saw rudolph's red nose as usual, and we had to rush home to put out milk and cookies and carrots for the crew!

soooooo excited for santa to come!!!!

christmas fun to come :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

my big beckam boy!

my big beckam boy turned 4!!!! (over 2 months ago but who's counting)

this sweet little guy is the apple of my eye :) he is the best big brother and is so well-mannered and smart and funny and happy and all of those things you hope you kids will be.

he was sooo excited to blow the candles out and to have a little party, and lucky for him, he only had to come up with 1 present list with his bday being so close to christmas.

at 4 years old, beckam is a boys boy. he loves all sports and was super excited to get out the bat for his very 1st piñata this year. he could play sports with his dad or mom or maddox or whoever downstairs all day every day!

thanks to merida and brave, he's also very into archery (like as in the most popular present he got was this sweet $1.25 bow and arrow from the dollar store). also, thanks to mulan and the "bad guys" on there and jake and the neverland pirates, he loves swords and wrestling/fighting with his bro. it scares me when i actually watch them, but listening to them is pretty darned cute!

beckam loves playing with friends and having plans each day to keep him busy, and he was so excited to make invitations and deliver them for his party. he had his cousins, the poytress boys and emery, and holli and clayton, and they all had a blast playing pin the carrot on the snowman and decorating sugar cookies and hitting the piñata. beckam is kind of (or really a whole lot all the time) particular on what he eats, and he isn't really into cake, so he got a giant 4 sugar cookie for his cake this year (and i didn't get a picture - who does that!), and he was in heaven!

along with sugar cookies, he would eat pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, tater tots/fries, and peanut butter toast (dipped in syrup thanks to grandpa hill) all day long. he loves watching team umizoomi and disney movies (goofy movie, mulan, lion king, tarzan, 101 dalmations, etc), and he loves practicing his writing and coloring (he can stay in the lines now - yay!).

he's a mama's and a daddy's boy and is pretty happy as long as we're around, but he also LOVES his aunts and uncles and grandparents. he loves playing bad guys with mads and they are constantly racing, wrestling, pretending, and sporting together. he also loves holding his baby brother and is soooo good at helping me when things get crazy around here :)

i just love this little man more than life itself, and i'm so blessed and thankful to be his mom. happy bday mister. love you eleventy four!!!!
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

baby sheen

hello again! not sure why i'm so far behind, but i am! here starts my catch up though, and we'll start it off with this cute prego sis of mine :)

i was soooo excited when kris and dust told us they were prego. my boys would finally get a cousin on the hill side. yay!

she was one of the cutest pregnant girls ever, and she had one of the cutest babies ever too!

introducing maklyn serine sheen :)


kris did so awesome, and maklyn came out eyes wide open with a whole ton of hair looking like a sheen! these 2 are exactly 3 months apart :)


the boys were/are in LOVE with this little gal! they were so excited to go see her in the hospital, and they're always asking about how maklyn's doing and when makkie's coming to visit. it's so cute!

proud auntie to our little cutie pie! can't wait to play dress up with this little chickee!

love you makkie!!!!
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