Friday, March 22, 2013

these faces

these faces.......are my life! tears, smirks, tough faces, smiles, giggles.....i love them all!

our little jeter man is such a little stud! everyone thinks his sad face is the cutest, so i had to put one of these up.....

i personally love his little smirks best of all though :)
our "brave" bow and arrow obsessed beckam boo!

hahahahaha his tough face! grrr!

brotherly love!

love my little mini me :)


brothers are the best, and i'm so blessed and thankful for all of the little men in my life :) love these faces!!!!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

lotts in canada!

 these people came for a visit in january, and it was pretty awesome :)

cara and i always talked about hooking up again after statia, but you just never know where life is going to take you next! thankfully, they made the long road trip up for a visit to the great white north :)

we couldn't go without visiting waterton of course, and the coopers joined us with a van full of cute kids and snowshoes for a fun day in the snow!

we stopped at the temple.....

and cara did her typical jumping pose (she really doesn't get as high as it looks as i learned from seeing it action! lol)

then we headed up to cameron lake and took in the sights on the drive up :)

it was soooo beautiful, and we had a blast!


so blessed to live so close to such a beautiful place!

we found a camp kitchen to roast some hot dogs after, and here's eric picking off the burnt part of his while cara showed us all the art of roasting starbursts!

different background than the good old days of statia but still the best of friends and the best of times!

sadly, our boys were super sick while the lott's were here, and even more sadly, they got it too! we had a good couple of days of fun in the sun, but then we just hung around and vegged while watching movies and eating popcorn :) not much has changed!

oh and my mom taught eric and cara the art of making chocolates too :)

love our lotts eleventy four and sooooo thankful for such a fun visit and for the best of friends :) can't wait to do it again soon!!!

a little walk down memory lane while we're at it.......

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maybe we should meet up in statia for our reunion next time!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

sicker than a dog!

this was back in january, but i had to blog about it cuz it seems like my kids are sick a lot, but i've never seen anything like this.

beckam had a sleepover at aj's (who might be his favorite person in the whole wide world) and instead of playing he kept on randomly falling asleep and said he wasn't feeling good. when i picked him up, i knew we were in for something unpleasant. these boys got sick sick sick!!!

they slept off and on (but mostly on) for at least 4 days (and yes, that is maddox asleep on the floor). they had fevers and wouldn't eat and were just soooo out of it! i loved those sick snuggles to start with but then started worrying of course. the flu, ear infections, name it, we had it, and it was no fun!

these sick little faces broke my heart, and we were seriously celebrating when they started feeling hungry and alert and awake again :) yay for feeling better and maybe we should consider the flu shots next year!
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the morning of

the cookies were gone!!! beckam and maddox were so excited to see that santa actually ate their cookies and then they got right in to the present opening action!

beckam's #1 on his christmas list this year was a skateboard - not really the best southern alberta christmas gift, but he'll get to use it eventually, and he was sooooo excited :)

we convinced maddox to want a train set, and it didn't disappoint! santa is so smart!

the crier gift this year was all kait - this beautiful picture of the Savior to our amazing parents! tear jerker!


dust surprised me with an ipod which i loooove, and the boys loved every last minute of giving and opening presents at both grandparents' house! beckam was especially stoked about his new air hockey table :)

jeter slept through most of the action, but he was super duper excited about his new little toy :) mom loved her pot while cars modeled his new coat. dad tried to set up his new clay pigeon launcher while kris held jeter hoping he'd send the message to her baby to get out already! lol

best present of the year - this sweet new hat along with the doctor's new stethoscope! doesn't get much more exciting than that :)

christmas never disappoints, and we already can't wait til next year!!! beckam's been singing christmas songs ever since and asks how many sleeps til santa comes and if we can make a chain! haha love it!

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