Saturday, April 27, 2013

1st real hair cut!

i have no clue how to cut hair, but i have still been the hair stylist for the men in my life for quite some time. i mean, it looks ok, but i've always been scared to take my boys to a salon where i would be horribly judged for how bad their hair is! i bit the bullet a while ago though, and beckam got his first real hair cut :)

it looks like he hated it, but he was just so focused on what she was doing in the mirror! haha it was super cute.

we got him to loosen up eventually, and here is the finished product! such a handsome little stud :)
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moonlight run

so, i got talked into running this kinda big half marathon (well big to me at least!) in may, and i figured i'd better run in at least one race before that, so moonlight run it was! 10k at 8pm, freezing cold, chip on my shoe, here we go!


the adrenalin really does kick in just before the race, and the mix of that plus my complete fear of what i'd gotten myself into got me off to a pretty good start :) i stayed within sight of lace til i got the worst cramp of my life, and i was so sad, but i still reached my goal of finishing without dying!!!

just over 1 hour for me and way under an hour for lace :) great 1st experience and can't wait/totally terrified and hope the day never really comes for our half!

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last sledding adventure!

here are some pics from our last winter sledding adventure of the year :) it was my first, and i loved every minute of it with my boys!


it took my like 10 minutes to get up that slippery steep hill, but it was well worth it!


i screamed all the way down, and beckam did great! haha love me some ridge hill sledding :)


cars had some good runs with the boys too but totally shield maddie's little face from some serious snow action on his last run! haha

the big boys thought they'd take a run together for fun - and it was the last run of the day! good-bye sled! hahaha


such a fun afternoon! we miss the beach and statia, but we love winter sometimes too :)
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feelin the love

i kinda love valentine's day :) we don't do much, but i love having a reason to spice up our usual pancake breakfast and being reminded to tell the people i love how much i love them!


the boys loved our heart themed day, and dust and i even managed to get out on a little date!

korean restaurant, the impossible, and some time with my man! loved it and love all of the boys in my life :)
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

girls maggie getaway!

our parents surprised us with a girls weekend getaway in memory of our granny hill (maggie) in february, and we couldn't have been more excited! off to kalispel :)


yummy food and good laughs!
jeter tried real food for the first time (nothing like pizza hut breadsticks to break him in!)


and the babes got their 1st dunk together too :) the pool was too cold and too busy for more than that, so here's a pic from our 5 minute adventure!

jeter didn't love his carseat so much, so i decided to save him after a good 30 minute scream fest and headaches all around.....

kris and i not only bought the same sweater but wore it on the same day - with pride! haha we got a few strange looks and comments, but we didn't care! mom and kait ended up buying the same one too :) like mother, like daughters!

bajio's for lunch - mmmmm!

kris was our baby whisperer on the way home - well our jeter whispered since makie just slept the whole way!

we watched chick flicks and ate yummy food and stayed up late and tried to sleep in, and we shopped and ate more yummy food and just chatted and had the bestest weekend ever!!!! we ate lots of popcorn for granny hill and missed her tons :) can't wait for our next annual maggie weekend :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

sleepovers are the best!

 one of beckam's very most favorite things since coming home is a good sleepover :) he loves packing his bag and planning out which pj's to take and what he'll need while he's gone. it's pretty cute, and he was especially excited for his sleepover with the sheen gang!

a bedroom all to himself and unlimited snuggles with makie - doesn't get much better than that!

he helped make cookies and breakfast, and he got some foosball and ping pong action in at dust's work. he got sprite and popcorn with his movie, and he basically just floated around on cloud 9 for a day or two :)

thanks for the party sheen's! sleepovers are the best :)

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insanity boys

 dust is an insanity lover, and what he loves, the boys love :)

they have to do it just like dad and get their work out clothes on with running shoes and water bottles and towels and everything you need for a good work out! clearly, beckam picked out his own work out clothes, compliments of maddox's side of the closet and some sweet socks too! haha love him!

dust looks at the tv like this sometimes the crap am i supposed to do that?!?!?

tough insanity faces - boo yah!
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