Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the zone

so....we moved to arizona. there are palm trees, and it's really hot and awesome, and we are loving it :)

we live in a little community called the gardens in gilbert, and it's pretty great - a covered park down the street and a community pool around the corner, and we love our little house tucked back in the corner of a little cul-de-sac :)

we haven't missed a day at the pool - literally every day but sunday since we moved here - and the boys are loving life! the warmer weather allows for endless hours of pool jumping fun, and the boys haven't tired from pool life yet!

jeter doesn't last quite as long as his big brothers but loves a little snack in the shade while they keep jumping!

haha maddie's face is so funny every time he comes up!

we have had a few rainy days - woohoo!!!

but only in the evenings so thankfully the goggle fun continued the next day!

besides swimming, we've also been trying to get settled and buy everything we sold when we moved from our last house. this means we've had a few trips to IKEA. yay!

my handyman of a husband has also been super busy with his new tool set (thanks dad!) putting things together and hanging pics and fixing things around the house. so proud of his new ratchet set!

never too much work for a trip to the pool though and i have a feeling this place will be our home away from home during the next few months of highs in the 40's almost every day!!! 

missing our families tons but loving the az life so far!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

maddie boy turns 3!

oh my goodness! i can't believe this little man turned 3!!! i had to do a little stroll down memory lane as i was getting ready to do a maddie post, so here are a few back in the day of our little maddie boy :)

this smile and these goofy faces are what this kid is all about! his smile/giggle have always been contagious, and his funny little faces and expressions keep us wondering where this kid comes from sometimes! haha

he loves his mom and his dad and loves snuggling up to watch a show or read a book with either one of us at any given time. love my maddie snugs! oh and he loves water too - such a little fish!

mads has always looked up to his big brother, and beckam truly is his bestest friend. they do everything together, and they have sooooo much fun! i was thinking about what he's into for a theme for his bday party, and he's mostly just into whatever beckam's into! haha oh and all sports of course! he's also become quite fond of being a big brother lately too :) he loves little jeter man and is so good to sit and play with him or to keep him happy and giggling in the car. it's pretty cute!

perhaps even more than his brothers and his parents, maddox LOVES his blanket! he would bring it everywhere with us if we let him, and there is no nap or bedtime happening without his blankie in hand!

july is a great month for a fun summer bday party, and that's just what we did! it was super last minute, but we pulled together some water balloon games and pin the baseball on the glove and some sprinkler fun :)

he was very into addie reading him his sweet bday card :)

baseball cake for his 1st bday and basketball for his 3rd! i got the ball thing down!

maddox - you make us smile every day :) this kid could eat cereal for every meal of every day and is a watermelon addict after my own heart! he loves wrestling with beckam and is into team umizoomi and any other show beckam likes. he is officially antonio off power rangers when they are playing, and he is one tough power ranger! he loves singing and is perfecting twinkle twinkle right now (usually when he's trying to fall asleep at night), and he doesn't say his s's very well and comes up with some pretty funny ways of saying things! (mogobike=motorbike, nuke nacks=fruit snacks, slosted slakes=frosted flakes, etc)

just love this kid more than words!!! happy bday maddie boy!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

the 1st of 1st's!

not sure if i've said this before, but july 1st is freakin awesome! i've missed 2 in my lifetime (that i can remember) and it was torture, and i was soooo happy to be back this year!

not only is the best birthday ever, and not only was it the best day on earth as a kid, but it's soooo fun having young kids on this magical day :)

they were sooooo excited to wear their canada shirts and tattoo themselves up all canadian. the parade was a huge hit with lots of candy and fun as usual, and that was just the start :)

mads wasn't sure to begin with but got right in there in the candy fight near the end :) he was soooo proud with each piece he brought back to us! beckam knew what to do from the start and was pretty excited about his haul too!

from this to the hill house for amazing food (which i never get pictures of for some reason) and fun and games :) then off to the rodeo!

jeter loved playing with the hat while these boys got their cowboy faces on and wanted to know everything about each event and how it worked! haha love beckam's face and loved getting our yee-haw on this year!

the kids carnival was a hit this year too, but there was not way we were making it to the fireworks. july 1st tired these little men right out, so we'll do the fireworks again next year and we are already counting down to another amazing july 1st! love this day :)

summer loving

we are soon moving from this beautiful canadian summer to the winter of summers in az, so we've been trying to live it up while we have the chance! camp outs in the backyard....

lots of family time too! kait thought she could beat cars and she thought she could to a headstand.......NOT! haha soooo much fun watching her try though!

lots of fun at the amazing raymond pool :) the boys have been rediscovering their love of water - just in time for lots of pool time in az too!

sprinkler fun in the backyard :) love love love this face and this kid!!!

lots of cousin fun too and lots of naps, even if they have to be in the high chair! doesn't happen very often with my bed-loving routine children, but jeter must have been pretty tuckered out the other day, and he was so cute!

bring on more summer lovin in az!