Monday, August 26, 2013

date days

once upon a time, i heard about parents doing date days with their kids on the birth date of every month, and we tried it......for a few months and then it faded out like awesome great ideas often do with young families. we started it up again though, and it was my turn to take maddie out on a little outing :)

we went to the mall and found lots of fun stuff to do :) the candy store was a highlight and so was the......

elevator! haha love what makes kids happy :)

we also found a carousel, and this tiger was zoom fast!

we topped off our morning with an orange julius and a ride down the escalator! mads' favorite part was the escalator of course, and i just loved having some 1:1 time with this little man! love my maddie boy and can't wait for next month!

Friday, August 23, 2013

my little preschooler!

This little stud started preschool a few weeks ago :)

i know it's just preschool, but it was a pretty big deal around here! he went shopping with dad the night before for some new "school clothes," and he got his backpack all ready to go, and he did his own hair, and he was just soooooo excited!!!

 it seriously doesn't get much cuter than this!

i was worried about maddox and how he'd do with his sidekick being gone 3 mornings/week, but he quite enjoys his down time with mom, and he loves our walks to drop him off :)

first day with his little name tag!

we were lucky enough for him to get one of the last spots in miss stacy's preschool. she's the primary president in our ward, and she used to be a teacher, and word on the street is that she's the absolute best! so far, we can't agree more! beckam is loving her and everything about his little preschool :)

lined up all ready to head up to the preschool room and having some "free time" with his friends :)

beckam loves all of his new friends and is always excited to tell us what he learned about that day. he's got his days of the week and months of the year down and is enjoying learning how to write his lower case letters a little better too. he talks about his friends gage, hunter, rylee, lainey, gracie, ian, and emma, and he loves to give me reports on the weather and what instrument he got to play and if he got to be the leader in the line-up. he really just loves every minute of it :) 

so proud of my little preschooler!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

water days

every day is a water day here really, but we do it in different ways :) cliff jumping at friends' pools.....

checking out the water creatures at the aquarium :)

splash pads :) one of our favs!

sprinkler fun in our undies on the front lawn with friends! love it!

and sometimes, we like a little break from the water :) mads swims hard and rests hard complete with floatie, towel, and snack, and jeter loves the water but then loves to explore under the picnic tables and find little treasures to chew on.......yummy!

we love our water life!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

stuck in the garage

we had kind of a rough week around here.......

our van wasn't working right, so dust took it to the hospital so that i wouldn't get stuck if it acted up and having his car kinda threw off my routine, and i kinda locked the keys in the house.......leaving us stranded in the the middle of the arizona.....

me and the boys were majorly unimpressed of course. no way in to the house. no friends who live close were home. dust wasn't answering. ya, not cool :(

thankfully, we made the best of it though! luckily, we were on our way to costco so i had the diaper bag with water and snacks (no costco hot dogs but whatcha gonna do!), and we had our swim towels, so we had a little picnic and colored with chalk and rode bikes til dust got home......1 1/2 hours later.

not the most fun i've had here so far, but i went to bed that night being so thankful for my boys and for the memory we made chillin in our hot garage together in arizona :) the tender mercies were each other in this situation, and at least we had the shade of the garage!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

cockroaches and costco

i knew there would be bugs in the caribbean, but i thought i left the big, creepy, scary, yucky bugs behind in statia! they're not as big and not as scary here in az, but there are definitely cockroaches! we had someone come from a pest control company, and there were dead cockroaches EVERYWHERE the next day! lucky for me, the boys don't hate them as much as me and volunteered to be on clean up duty! yuck!

on the not so yucky side, we love costco here! i mean, we loved it in canada, but we didn't make it there very often with the drive. here though, we hit costco at least once/week and not just for their cheap and yummy fruit :) no fries (sad), but the boys love their hot dogs and lemonade and every once in a while, i splurge on a

churro!!!! oh yumminess!

jeter loves the smoothies and watching the costco chaos, and we will be taking in many more air conditioned hot dog stops during our stay in az!

Monday, August 19, 2013


8am church people.....we have church at 8am in the morning! who does that! haha we thought it was at noon but found out we had the early time slot :)

no problem for these boys who are up at the crack of dawn anyway! such little studs :)

it does make for some long sunday afternoons with no pool and it being too hot for walks, but we did capitalize on a cooler afternoon and visited the mesa temple. it's so beautiful, and the boys loved the awesome visitor's center and got to see the christus and take home some pass along cards, and they were so exctied! mads took in the large statue of Christ and then said "Mom, the giant Jesus is going to come and eat us!" haha the mind of a 3 year old!

kinda funny to see cactuses all over the temple grounds, but they fit right in and were beautiful!

sunday afternoon popcorn and movie for the boys and nap for this mama is one of my new favorite sunday traditions. dad snoozes while they watch - perfect!

and another new favorite tradition is cookie delivering! dust is trying to eat healthy which means he won't eat all the treats i make anymore, so we make cookies every sunday and then deliver most of them to families in the ward :) the boys love helping make them and love being the one to carry the plate up to the door. it's pretty cute and gives me an excuse to bake and helps us get to know people in the ward too! it's a win win for everyone and just one more thing that we love about our sundays in az!

happy sunday :)