Tuesday, October 29, 2013

swing baby swing!

it might not seem like a big deal, but this kid learned to pump his legs on the swing, and it was a huge day in our house!

love these pictures and love this kid and love that i don't have to push him anymore!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

perfect evenings

we miss our family - don't get me wrong - but you can't beat a fall evening in arizona!!!

bike rides, sitting in the road, playing some ball with the neighbors :)

beckam was so excited to find some friends to play basketball with even if it was just on our dinky little hoop! davonte didn't take it easy on our little man, and beckam was loving it! not easy playing against a tall 12 yr old baller boy, but beckam got up after each fall and tried to shoot over those big tall arms no matter how many times he was blocked :) it was super fun to watch.

can't beat a night like this!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

sleeping angels

i love all of the time that i get to spend with my boys every day :) they make me smile and laugh, and my heart overflows with love for them, but there is just something about them when they're sleeping that makes me love them even more! i love going in to check on each of them before i go to bed, and my heart melts every night as i see their innocent sleepy little faces! i love the crazy positions they end up in and the drool on their pillows and everything little thing about them!

especially fun is when they fall asleep with their book of mormon cuz they love it that much or when they fall asleep like this! how my little jeter man is sleeping like that is beyond me, but i love it!

whether in the car or on the couch or in their beds, i love my sleeping little people, and dad's pretty cute when he sleeps too :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

vertuccio farm

vertuccio farm was our pumpkin patch of sorts for the fall/halloween season, and it was awesome! 

jeter was so curious about the hay and loved just wandering around and taking in the crowds, and the boys loved the duck races and the giant bouncy pillow and the little train ride :)

we went on a perfect arizona fall evening and had so much fun with these little boys!

and of course we had to end the night with some pumpkins :) happy fall!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

superstition farm

we heard about superstition farm from some friends and decided to check it out when we got back, and it was lots of fun :)

there were donkeys to pet and goats and horses to feed

cactuses to pose beside and bean bags to toss

tractors to ride and calves to feed

we went on a hayride too and ate some ice cream, and it was just a perfect fall afternoon for these little boys :) so fun!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

back to life in az

we had so much fun in canada, but we were really excited to get back to our little life in az too :) we came home to the most amazing anniversary present ever!!!!!! dust got me a piano while we were gone, and me and the boys were in heaven!

my toe ring broke :( i've been wearing toe rings since jr high/high school, and it's always a sad day when one breaks cuz that indent on my toe isn't so pretty without a ring covering it!

jeter had some serious moose/elk withdrawals, so we hooked him up with some video action minus grandpa's lap to sit on, and it seemed to suffice :)

a little excited for halloween! we had to hide the costumes so that they were still in good enough shape to wear on halloween day!

one day......one day he will learn that if he sleeps in a little in the morning (like just past 6am would be great) he won't have to crash like this every afternoon!

canadian thanksgiving feast with the wolsey's! not so traditional but sooooo yummy :)

brothers playing at the park together - this sight never gets old for me

we are so thankful to have a park just down the road, but it doesn't have the baby swings :( maybe it's a good thing though cuz this kid could swing all day! and check out that hair! haha

8ish months.......and ready to be done!

my 1st pregnancy food massage from this guy - heaven on earth!!! i think i could have a foot massage every night of the rest of my life!

this kid learned to pump his legs on the swing - yay! now to just teach mads and jeter too :)

happy anniversary to us :) love my hubby more and more every year! hard to believe it's been 7 years together now. i'm so thankful for him and all he does for me and for our family.

we celebrated with dinner and a pizzookie for dessert - so yummy! so in love with my "friend" and so excited to celebrate another year with him :)