Saturday, November 30, 2013

turkey trot

i got an email about a neighborhood turkey trot just before thanksgiving, and i thought the 1 mile might be a fun thing to do as a family :) here are the boys on their first practice run and first run ever really!

mads rode his bike for the first run and did great, and beckam ran the whole thing!!! i'm not sure what dust and i were expecting, but we were pretty impressed!

dad took them on run #1, and i went on my first post-pregnancy run with them a few days later! i was nervous that i couldn't finish the 1 mile, but we all did it!

mads ran with us this time and did awesome too :) turkey trot here we come!!!

the run was at 7am, and it seemed like a fun family event but turned into a father/son thing when jeter and quincey were still sleeping and when we realized that it's a tad bit chilly at 7am here sometimes!

both boys did super awesome of course :) beckam stopped a little short of the finish for a quick bathroom break, but both boys sprinted to the finish and were so proud to complete their first "race"

phew! it's hard work running a mile :) thank goodness they had water and muffins at the finish!

such a fun little way to celebrate thanksgiving :) see you next year turkey trot! 

we did a little thanksgiving dinner later that day too - with just us! it was kinda fun to do my first turkey and have just us for a yummy dinner :)

haha we may have had to make a FaceTime call or two to make sure we were doing it right, but our house smelled so good as this thing was roasting up, and it turned out fantastic!!!!

beckam was so excited to help dad carve it up, and he was just as excited to eat it! yay for 1 kid who eats meat :)

we were excited for an excuse to make a yummy meal - yay for american thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

bestest big brother

there was a reason that Heavenly Father blessed us with our little beckam boo first. not only was he a fabulous baby, but he is the bestest big brother :) he was and always will be my #1, and i just don't know where to start on how much i love and adore and appreciate this little munchkin!

he LOVED his little maddie brother even though he was only 19 months. he loved holding him and was always so concerned when he cried and was upset. bff's forever and love at first sight!

then came jeter, and with dust in atlanta, beckam helped his mom A LOT! he held and snuggled jetes when i was busy with maddox, and he got diapers and bottles and blankets and just did whatever he could to help me and love on our newest babe :)

and with his little sister......he's been a rock star! he holds her and feeds her and burps her. he loves when he gets to hold her on his tummy like we do, and he takes such pride in being able to carry her places around the house :)

he even tried to change her diaper once! haha not sure he loved that as much as he thought!

he always talks about how cute his "quinny" girl is and loves to show her off and tell everyone about her. he took her to show and tell at preschool and is my saving grace most days when things are crazy around here and when i can't do everything at once. he's my #1 helper and her #1 fan, and he's just an awesome, patient, responsible, amazing little man! so thankful for my beckam boo and that he came first to be the bestest big brother to our maddie boy, jeter man, and quincey girl :)

i'm sure he will be her number one protector forever and ever - like it or not! and i love it!

Monday, November 25, 2013

early start!

this kid likes to get an early start on christmas every year, and i don't resist! we love the feel of christmas around our house, and i love good justification in getting those festive tunes going :)

dust insisted on lights this year, and it was mid november when he set to work! we were definitely the only house in neighborhood to have lights up before thanksgiving, but we were proud of it!

the boys found libby in our christmas totes - sneaky little elf was hiding there watching the boys to make sure they were being good! luckily, moms and dads are allowed to touch the elves, and dust reviewed the purpose of our friendly mischievous little elf friend!

then came the tree! the boys were so excited with each ornament they found. it seems like there are already memories they have with a lot of them, and it was so fun unpacking our charlie brown decorations again!

i'm the official light putter upper :)

our finished product - not too shabby! beckam was soooo excited to be the one to put the topper on this year :) merry november!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

her hands

there is just something about a baby's hands that i can't get enough of! creepy as it is, i could run those little fingers on my cheek all day, and i would sleep holding these darling little hands all night!!! so soft and so cute and so perfect!

i've felt the same way about all of my baby's hands, but the painted nails just add a whole new dimension! love you and your hands quincey girl!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

life after quinc

life after this little angel has been a little big of everything! amazing, crazy, busy, perfect, get the idea! it's been awesome though, and it just feels like she's always been part of the fam.

she got the laundry basket treatment while nana and kris were in town :) well.....she slept there a little but was mostly on me or dust all snuggled up! 

after so many sleepless nights though, we moved her to her own room and tried her on her tummy, and that was the magic combination!

so fun when they start opening their eyes and take in the world around them :)

my mom and kris were here just a day or two after quincey got here, and it was so nice having the company and help! i have the most amazing mom and sisters!!!!!! nana couldn't get enough quincey snuggles :) but i convinced her to let quinc rest in the carseat while we got some pedis just us girls!

kris and i took one picture of ourselves - epic fail! but at least we got one :) miss you sister!!!

thankfully, we got some of the kiddos! nothing like a cousin bath and some serious toilet paper fun!

oh and dustin was here too! the boys were in heaven with uncle dust, and it was fun to spend some down time together :)

my mom is the bestest grandma! whether it's swimming or reading or snuggling or walking or wrestling or jumping on the tramp, she just lives every moment she has with her grandkids to the fullest! soooo thankful for this amazing woman and that she's my mama :)

quincey has been a great baby! she goes about 4 hours between feedings but has let me sleep almost 8 hours a time or two! she LOVES her baths and so do the boys :) they have so much fun helping get her clean, and i swear she could stay in there all day! she loves her tummy time and her soother (binky for my US friends!), and she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! her hair is definitely red, and it's especially obvious in the sun of course. whether it stays that way....only time will tell! grandma moj is praying for it to stick around though!

sadly, kris and mom could only stay for a week or two, and then it was just us! life is a little crazy, but i love these moments when it's just me and my girl and i realize all over again that it really happened! i really had a baby girl, and she's here in my arms, and i'm the luckiest girl in the world :)