Tuesday, March 25, 2014

go A's!!!

our little beckam boo has been dying to play baseball for quite some time now, and he was finally old enough this year to put him in - yay!

he was so excited at his first practice and he got his first real baseball pants and a grass stain to go with them at the next one!

here are some of his little teammates at opening day :) go A's!!!

mads and his little friends built this fort to stay cool :)

beckam got a great hit and had so much fun during his first game, and we had so much fun watching him!

we got lucky and got on to the same team as some of our friends, and beckam was especially exited to be on tyler's team :) love our little baller and so excited for a season to cheer on our A's!

Monday, March 24, 2014

sheeners come

so, after cars and my mom came, kris was next :) the boys and makie were soooo excited to be reunited!

me and kris were pretty excited for some sister time too :)

they got in at the perfect time, and we had the afternoon to settle in, play outside, and watch some shows together - cousins are the best!

ugh! these 2 are so cute together!

we also went to a sweet little spray park, and these 2 little munchkins were loving life!

we swam and went to the park and hit up bounce u and just had so much fun playing together from sunrise to sunset!

we had some sister time too :) hello oreganos!!

goodbye came too fast, but it was so stinkin fun to have these guys! kisses all around!

mak and jeter were so cute playing together - love these 2 little stinkers so much! cousins are really the best, and i'm so excited that kris and dust joined the kid train and gave us some hill cousins to make memories with :)

nothin better than family coming to visit when you live far away, and i love this girl eleventy four and loved every minute of our sister time az style!

Monday, March 17, 2014

good times

starting another random post with popcorn - a whole lot of it!!! haha this bag of popcorn was sent straight from heaven to me (via costco of course). heaven!!!!!

chopped my hair! i was so scared, but it was the after baby blah's that convinced me, and my jenna girl didn't let me down!

missing my easy high bun (every single day), but it was time for a change!

our little jeter man has been into late night snuggles lately, and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever even though i'm over it :) and he also has no portion control (like his mama). see food - eat food!

quinc is gonna far surpass her brothers in the baby movement category - rolling all over the place at 4 months the little stinker!

mads had to see the dentist for our insurance down here, and he was in heaven!!! cool shades and a movie and a free toothbrush - best day ever! i always loved seeing the dentist and thankfully my kids do too so far :)

oh my heck - i am loving this show these days! parenthood - it's a gooder :)

i came down one morning and found these boys stretching it out to one of their favorite shows (bo on the go - so annoying!) haha getting their early morning work out in!

can't do a random post without some sleeping pics! mads is all over the place and beckam sleeps just like this every night with hope in his arms :)

we have the coolest neighbors ever, and one of them is jill mendoza, and she took advantage of spring break with her kids (and ours and lots of others) and did a lemonade stand! so cute and so fun - brought back some good memories of my own lemonade stands :)

we went to this awesome park (riverview) in mesa, and beckam saw this structure, and it was love at first sight :) he is such a monkey and that little man in the green shirt nearing the top is our beckam boo! scary for this mom, uhhhh....yes! but little boys are awesome, and i love my monkey man.

monday night = bachelor night!!!! i love having girls over and making treats and watching this horribly annoying yet addicting show! who's he gonna choose!?!?!? who cares! haha

i took advantage of one beautiful morning and went swimming with these 2 guys! so fun :)

this is every morning at our house! what cereal should we have today?!!

as i've said before, getting mail is the best!!!!

thanks grandma moj!

this is an az girl for sure!

date night with the hartzells - a good little tennis match!

and we are very excited for baseball season to start!!! go A's!!!!