Wednesday, April 30, 2014

pick and mix

the random ones are the best! our a/c went out :( it was a hot HOT wait for the repair man to come, but it made us appreciate it more!

"mom, i am sorry fore being so loud on the stairs. forgive me. love beckam" LOVE!

sand fun never gets old!

all snuggled up in beckams blanket waiting for me to come home from a girls night :)

it takes all 3 brothers to rescue a car from it's doom under the stove!

baby brigs arrived!!!! so excited for another boy cousin and such a handsome little man :)

just like his daddy!

walking back to the car with an amazing az sunset in the background after a hard fought baseball game - love my boys so much!

frost date with my littles!

"brigs and kristen, i hope you get settled in good. love beckam"

oh man new babies are the best!!!!  can't wait to snuggle this little man up!

super hero jumps with our rushy friend!

jacbo and mads are the bestest of friends and i just love how much fun they have together :) 

livin the life :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

easter at last

easter is one of those holidays that is so much more fun with kids, and we had a blast this year decorating and rolling eggs AZ style!

our little artist in the making especially loved decorating his own eggs :)

it was a little trickier to find the perfect egg rolling hill in gilbert, but we found a gooder and had a great time racing them and feeding the birds with our egg explosions!

love this little family of mine and the traditions we're creating :)

oh and the easter bunny brought some treats too - yay!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

water balloons

i have a love/hate relationship with water balloons.....2 hours of work for 3 minutes of fun, but they are a lot of fun!

the boys had fun throwing some little ones, and then i decided to bring out the big guns!

LOVE these candid excited scared little faces! so worth the hours of sitting by the tap :)

not enough water in the balloons to cool down, so we went to the sprinkler/tramp fun again!

love these 3 little boys so much! where one goes, they all go! took all 3 to search for a little toy that fell under the stove :) made for a cute pic though!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

here comes summer!

another catch up session of those random ones and no better place to start it off than a blow out on dad! haha he always seems to catch the short of the stick in this department :)

poor little 4th baby - crying in the living room while i get breakfast for the other 3 turned into nap time! so neglected and so cute!

you know summer's coming when the kiddos ask for the sprinkler/trampoline combination!

the kid loves figuring out how to do things all by himself, and he's got the button one down now!

laundry - i've said it before and i'll say it again - it's my nemesis and i kinda despise it! at least the folding and putting way part ;)

quinny boo is all over the place! i don't know why we put blankets on the ground cuz it's not like she stays on them for more than a minute or two, and she tried out the booster seat for the first time the other day too! a little tipsy but loved sitting up high with the rest of us :)

dust tried to catch a softball with his face - face 1 dust 0

summer lovin with friends - baseball in the garage cuz it was way too hot outside with brady and brett and little sand monsters with bailey and maddi! and some girls night action too of course!

finally broke down and let dust turn on the a/c the other day - i held him off as long as i could!

this stage could last forever for me! i love getting notes from my beckam boo! (mom, i am sorry for being so loud on the stairs - do you forgive me?) of course i do! such a sweetheart :)

rattlers arena football game with dad!

jeter's "i need sleep, i want sleep, sleep wants me, but i refuse to give in" look :)

couldn't find mads the other day and then remembered that he went upstairs to change.....didn't quite make it to the dresser before a quick under the bed catnap though!

a little mesquite groves water action to celebrate summer coming to top things off :) so fun!!!!